Microsoft layoffs swallow up the Gamerscoreblog group

by: Dan -
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 There are times when I wish confirming a rumor as news doesn't turn out to be fact. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of them. We mentioned last week that the Gamerscoreblog website would be shutting down due to what was said to be redundancies in other outlets. Well today, it was confirmed by various members of the team on Twitter that the group was caught up in the layoffs that Microsoft announced today. So folks like Chris Paladino, Nelson Rodriquez and Tony Hynes (have not heard anything on the fate of John Porcaro yet) will be joining many others that have hit the unemployment ranks in the last year. This one was a bit more personal for myself, as I have met these guys on numerous occasions and have grown to know them just as much as friends as I would contacts at Microsoft. So from myself, and the rest of the GamingNexus crew, we wish you good luck in finding new jobs as soon as possible.
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