Dual-Media ProSIM Products Now Available

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What if when you downloaded a music album onto your hard drive, you also got a retail copy of it in the mail, too?  Or if you download a movie, the DVD shows up (case and everything) in your mailbox later that week?  Well, ProSIM is implementing this Dual-Media philosophy into its line of strategy titles -- bringing this twice-as-good philosophy to the gaming industry.  When you download one of their wargames (Brigade Combat Team, Armored Task Force, and  Raging Tiger, among others) you'll also be receiving the CD, box, and manual in the mail shortly thereafter.  At no extra cost.  You're welcome.  Go to Gamers Front (the e-store for Shrapnel Games)and start getting pissed as to why every company isn't already doing this.
Dual-Media ProSIM Products Now Available!
The Best Of Both Worlds Available At The Gamers Front!

Hampstead, NC, 08 January 2007

Maybe it began years ago with the Polaroid camera.  Perhaps instant coffee.  Or the
diabolical offer of one-hour martinizing.  Regardless of its origins, the fact that
consumers want things fast is here to stay, and now gamers can take advantage of their
speedy 'net connections to download some of ProSIM Company's hottest command-time
simulation titles.

Shrapnel Games has now made available for immediate pay and play BCT: Brigade
Combat Team, ATF: Armored Task Force, and Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War.
Best of all gamers won't have to make a decision between buying a download version or
a physical version, they'll get both!  And for no extra charge!

That's right, whether you're the gamer who worries that their downloads may one day
vanish in a hard drive meltdown, or the gamer who wants to be up and playing within
minutes of purchase, everyone ends up satisfied with the new ProSIM dual-media lineup.
Once purchased users will have access to a link to download the game, allowing
immediate play time while waiting for the physical CD to arrive.  The physical product
includes not only the CD (no need to back up your download!) but also a full printed
manual (no manual is included with the download).

ProSIM titles are some of the most realistic commercially available modern wargames,
used by defense contractors and professional military services on a regular basis.  The
current lineup of dual-media ProSIM products includes:

BCT: Brigade Combat Team: The game that started it all.  Brigade/regimental level, real-
world scenarios, tons of heavy metal destruction.  Includes the original game, the
expansions, and the construction set.

ATF: Armored Task Force: The little engine that could.  ATF is the driving force behind
titles such as The Falklands War: 1982, The Star and the Crescent, and Raging Tiger: The
Second Korean War.  Digital elevation maps, hyperdetailed equipment database,
unforgiving AI, and more make this a must-have title for any modern military fan.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War: Take on one-third of the Axis of Evil in this
hypothetical future simulation using the ATF game engine.  Designed by Curt Pangracs,
who also designed The Star and the Crescent, focusing on several Arab-Israeli conflicts.
With the ATF engine as its core you get all the bells and whistles along with added
enhancements such as refugees and other ongoing military operations in the war zone.

These products may be purchased through the Gamers Front, the Shrapnel Games e-store.
Remember, you'll get both the download and the physical copy for the same great price!
And if you live within the continental United States, Priority Mail service is free!  Head
on over to the Gamers Front now by visiting:


For demos of all these fine ProSIM products, or any of our other award-winning titles
such as Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and Dominions 3: The Awakening, stop
by www.shrapnelgames.com, home of great niche gaming.
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