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Yeah, sorry, really bad joke. Here's the first trailer and a selection of new sceenshots for Dive: The Medes Island Secret. Cosmonaut Games' platformer has me intrigued for two reasons: it's a scuba diving platformer, and it has an interesting story. You don't see that too often, much less in a WiiWare game.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is a new and unique 2D Action game exclusively for the Wii platform from Cosmonaut Games that challenges players to dive into an undersea world filled with adventures and breathtaking aquatic scenery. Players investigate the ocean’s mysterious landscapes in 2D action. Immersion and expansive real-world environments are captured in exquisite 3D detail. Currently in its final production stage, Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is scheduled to release as a premier Nintendo WiiWare title this summer.

In anticipation of the upcoming launch, we are sharing new screenshots from the game which you are free to share with your readers. Additional information, along with early preview and interview opportunities with the Cosmonaut development team are also available.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret invites players to investigate the mysteries of the deep as adventurer John Sanders, who is on a mission to unearth the long-since buried Temple of the Order of Medes Island. Through 10 levels and exotic real-world locations, including the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Santorini, players utilize the Wii Remote to navigate 2D underwater puzzle landscapes in search of answers to the

ocean’s greatest mystery. As players complete level objectives, they encounter options to upgrade dive equipment including fins, air tanks and spear guns, necessary to reach the farthest depths of the ocean. New equipment grants the player new objectives and an ability to revisit dive locations for new, deeper experiences. Along the way, they will confront dangerous predators including giant octopi, sharks and stingrays. Many treasures, rewards and achievements await those brave enough to Dive into the unknown.

Dive: The Medes Island Secret is rated “E” for Everyone. For more information, please visit the official website at http://divemedes.cosmonautgames.com/
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