Check out this Falls Count Anywhere match between Sasha Banks and Bayley in WWE 2K17

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WWE 2K17 is a few shorts weeks away and Russell Archey's hands on preview of the game went up today. It seems like the curtain has fully gone up as tons of other videos and previews have been posted as well and one of those would be from Youtuber Smacktalks, who does an amazing job each year with his coverage of WWE 2K games.

Smacktalks has uploaded a full 16 minute match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. This match was also a Falls Count Anywhere match so we are able to see tons of mechanics including break outs, crowd fighting and backstage brawls in action. Man, I was happy that crowd fighting was back but I didn't realize just how large the areas are where you can fight in the crowd. The backstage brawls looks great as well.

Amazon Game Studios to debut first game tomorrow on Twitch

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Amazon's getting into more content creation. After having success in the television industry with a few choice Amazon Prime exclusive programs, the retail giant is dipping into the gaming space. Well dipping in might be an understatement, according to their job board they're "all in on games." But what are they doing? Well tomorrow's our first real chance to get a good look at that. At 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern), Amazon will be broadcasting Breakaway, their first game offering on twitch. The stream should include more than just the first look at the new title, but answer a little bit about what Amazon Game Studios is really shaping into and maybe even hint at the future direction it might be heading. So, tune in tomorrow and see what an exciting new player in the gamingshpere is going to bring to the table.

That link for the stream one more time: 

Titanfall 2 in 4K

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Have GTX 1080, will travel. My experience playing Titanfall on the PC seemed like I was very much suffering the effects of diving into an unwanted afterthought of a console port, tacked on to ship a few more units when Xbox was getting all the love. The 60 GB download was a slap in the face and the joy I got from a game I really did enjoy playing was dampened between every match as I would regularly hit 20 and 30 minute matchmaking times. 

This time around, things look to be a bit brighter. There's no way Titanfall 2 is going to hit 60 fps in 4K unless the PC version is getting some major attention, and ReSpawn and NVIDIA have announced just that, Titanfall 2 in 4K/60 fps for PC. Now the video below was captured on an NVIDIA Titan X card, but they're claiming that a GTX 1080 will be sufficient for the 4K Titanfall 2 experience. You can find more technical details and recommended specs for all the levels of video output at the links above.

Free PS Plus games for October 2016

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October is just a few, short days away and next week’s PlayStation Store update will be the first of the new month. This means that a new lineup of free games will be available through the PlayStation Plus service. Sony has revealed the new lineup on their blog.

The games that will be available next week are:

  • Actual Sunlight for Vita
  • Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ for Vita
  • From Dust for PS3
  • Mad Riders for PS3
  • Resident Evil for PS4
  • Transformers: Devastation for PS4

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Perfect pixelation in these Game Boy Camera photos

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About five months ago, Jean-Jacques Calbayrac of London, England, started posting heavily pixelated photographs to his Instagram account. There are indeed filters to acccomplish this effect, with varying degrees of success. The difference with Calbayrac's photos, however, is that he's using a Game Boy Camera.

The Nintendo Game Boy Camera came out in 1998. It looks like a white eyeball sitting on top of your Game Boy, and it'll slot itself into any Game Boy you have lying around (except the Game Boy Micro). We're talking 18-year-old technology. But in a day and age of 4K TVs and 5K monitors, Calbayrac ratchets things down to 128 pixels. Sixteen million colors? Nah, how about a four-color pallet, fam.

According to Calbayrac, every single detail is lost, which is in contrast to today’s standards where details matter the most. He says: "We need to let go of the details and get back to the shape. The functions of this camera are so limited that it is like a journey in time in the history of photography. We are going back to the birth of digital photography."

So, back in May, Calbayrac walked the streets of London, snapping black and white photos of people and places. They were neat! But about a week ago, the gamer in Calbayrac came out. He started posting Game Boy Camera photographs of his time in No Man's Sky.

Don't run away. Regardless of whether or not No Man's Sky (GN score 7) is a magnum opus or a Steam refund, and whether or not those pre-launch videos line up with post-launch gameplay, these Game Boy Camera photos of in-game pics are lovely. It takes a game of 18 bajillion whatevers and simmers them down to small, delicately cut, entirely humble frames.

You can see Jean-Jacques "gameboycameraman" Calbayrac's small but growing body of work at @gameboycameraman on Instagram.


Amazon UK is completely wiped out of NES Classic Mini

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Nintendolife is reporting that Amazon UK has completely sold through its stock of the NES Classic Mini, Nintendo's answer to the burgeoning cottage industry of retro consoles and classic clones. The console launches November 11th but unless you already have a preorder down you probably aren't getting one from Amazon UK. Amazon says they expect to fill all pre-orders by mid December.

This is about the 80th time Nintendo has done this--utterly lowball demand for a product--and I'm still not sure why. Just because the Wii U is a dead man walking doesn't mean millennials don't have that nostalgia hook lodged firmly in their lower lips. It also can't be too difficult to manufacture as it's probably an NES system-on-a-chip with the Virtual Console emulator loaded onto it.

That said I'm not too annoyed as I wasn't particularly interested in the NES Classic to begin with. It's cute and all but with its utter lack of internet connectivity and hard lock of 30 games, it only does maybe half of what I want it to do. I'm more interested in more versatile retro consoles like the Retro-Bit Generations. Heck, give me a Raspberry Pi 3 and some time on a 3D printer and I could make a classic console that would knock your socks off.

I'm glad the NES Classic Mini is selling out--Nintendo could definitely use the cash--but the insufficient stock confuses me. If the thing prints money among the nostalgia generation you would think they would crank this thing out in numbers to rival the 3DS. Let's just hope the NX is more robust.

Source: Nintendolife

Lego Dimensions gets invaded by Ghostbusters, Adventure Time and the A-Team

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Lego is probably the all time champion when it comes to licensing. They've accumulated a dizzying array of IP over the years and as a result their toys-to-life game, Lego Dimensions, offers far more content pound-for-pound than any of the competition. The latest expansion packs for Year Two include Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, Mission Impossible and the A-Team. Yes, that A-Team. I pity the fool who thinks Skylanders and Amiibo have a chance!

New screenshots feature The Surge's exo-armor

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The scifi RPG scene isn't doing too hot lately. Mass Effect Andromeda has yet to really show any significant gameplay and smaller efforts like The Technomancer underwhelmed. Hopefully developer Deck 13's upcoming RPG The Surge will turn things around. As a memner of the CREO corporation in a dystopian future, you'll strap on a combat exoskeleton and explore wasteland suburbs overrun with rogue robots. Check out the screenshots below for a glimpse of the game's new exo-armor.

Kill the Servers stress test complete for Gwent Online

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Recently CD Projekt Red opened up a stress test event for the upcoming Gwent Online card game. The delayed Beta will be available from October 25th and will see new and returning players explore fresh and nostalgic narratives. Indeed, I am pleasantly surprised that the game will feature a set of standalone narratives set in the Witcher universe featuring current and returning characters. Players can still submit their application to join the upcoming Beta, here.

Call of Duty: World at War is now backwards compatible on the Xbox One

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Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty 3 were both made backwards compatible on the Xbox One this week, making a total of four from the Call of Duty backlog. Call of Duty 2 and Black Ops have been backwards compatible for a while.

Hopefully, this will renew World at War's online community, which has long since devolved into hackers and people flying around the maps. Regardless, World at War is, in my opinion, one of the best in the series, and is certainly worth revisiting, especially in light of what the series has become.

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