What we're playing this weekend: Skyrim Titanfall Edition

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One mission in Watch Dogs 2 has you going after a parody of real-life pharma bro and self-stylized supervillain, Martin Shkreli. When it comes to video games and violence, DOOM designer John Romero says: "It's not the game, it's the gun. It's not the computer, it's the culture. It's not the player." And Wired explains why video game actors just went on strike.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey, Staff Writer, @NeoScyther

I'm still working through WWE 2K16's Career Mode, as I will be for the foreseeable future, as I'm slowly climbing the ranks for the Intercontinental Championship. I've also increased the difficulty because after a year-and-a-half in-game time, I've only lost 19 matches. So, I figured an increase in difficulty might be in order to help shake things up a bit. I also got a free upgrade to Skyrim–Special Edition on Steam due to owning the original game and all of the DLC, so I might be firing that up.

Sean Colleli, Staff Writer, @scolleli

I keep trying to get into DOOM's Snapmap level builder, especially now that they've added classic '90s DOOM modules and campaign support, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. The interface—clearly designed for consoles—is just too obtuse, and the actual rooms and components just aren't flexible enough. The modules don't have enough connectors and seem to be biased against room-over-room design, so everything I make looks and feels the same. This is frustrating as I spent countless hours in the Timesplitters 3 Mapmaker back in the day, crafting some pretty crazy levels. Even with recent content additions, SnapMap just isn't dynamic enough.

So instead I'll be taking a break with Clockwork Empire. Hopefully some steampunk city building will alleviate the irritation of Snapmap's limitations.

Chapel Collins, Staff Writer, @ChapelCollins

I haven't been playing much of anything lately, but hopefully this weekend will change that due to two key things: Remastered Skyrim and Battlefield 1. I can't wait to try the mods on the Xbox One; I feel personally vindicated for my loyalty to the Xbox through this single game alone. Battlefield 1, as well, is seeming to be nothing short of incredible. It's everything I never knew I wanted in an online shooter.

Randy Kalista, Staff Writer, @randykalista

If the stars align, I'll be in the PlayStation's Skyrim–Special Edition. Which means I won't have access to the unfettered world of crazy-town mods on the Xbox One version. But I'm mostly okay with what'll show up mod-wise on PS4. I've never been big into mods. Sure, implementing a UI tweak here or a sensible gameplay tweak there is fine by me. But since I'm a joyless jerk, I wouldn't get more than five minutes' enjoyment out of Thomas the Tank Engine dragons or whatever. Sure, they're cute. But I like my video games about people with pointy ears and fireball spells to be a little more serious, I mean, c'mon.

Otherwise, I'm playing Abzu with my six-year-old. She likes it. In general, she's pretty good at navigating 3D environments, but adding a y-axis to your movement—it is underwater—takes some getting used to. I've played a few minutes and I have to admit that it moves a little weird. It gets prettier, darker, and stranger than the screenshots led me to believe.

Aidan Kelly, Staff Writer, akelly@gamingnexus.com

Last weekend was a train wreck. Although I picked up Battlefield 1 on release day I'm yet to play anything other than the first story missions; and other than the beta, I'm yet to get into a multiplayer match. Battlefield is my guilty pleasure and it's being withheld from me. I am an unhappy Irishman. I'm off this weekend, so either I play Battlefield 1 or I'll search for relief at the bottom of the pint glass, so help me Gaben. Let's pretend the Dark Souls III DLC is not being released this week.

Dan Keener, Senior A/V Writer, @zoboa

Although gaming time has been at a premium lately, I will be finishing up my review of Mantis Burn Racing (highly recommended) as well as diving back into Skyrim with the Remastered edition. Very eager to see the improved graphics and mod support on the Xbox One version.

Rob Larkin, Staff Writer, @Rob_GN

I'm so close to max light in Destiny I can taste it. Have a Wrath of the Machine raid set up for late Friday on hard mode that will edge me just up against the max. With good drops maybe even hit it. Otherwise I'll be starting over in Dark Souls III. I have the DLC for review but I didn't actually make it far enough to kick it off. So I'll be diving back in, fresh, hoping that a brand new run will get my skills honed for when I hit the wall I ran up against on the first go. Finally, I'll be doing more preview work Divinity: Original Sin II. The game is in early access and it's simply incredible so far. But at what will probably be 80 hours of gameplay, I'm trying to get a decent chunk in before I write anything up.

John Yan, Senior Hardware Editor, @TheJohnYan

Titanfall. 2.

Another new character already being teased for Pokken Tournament

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You know, with these new characters making their way to Japan's arcades for Pokken Tournament, I would love to seem them appear on the Wii U version so we could enjoy them without having to travel across an ocean and learn a new language.  That being said, barely two weeks after the announcement that Scizor would be playable in Pokken Tournament, Shoryuken.com has posted an article that talks about another Pokemon being teased for a November 1st reveal complete with a "Who's That Pokemon?" screenshot.  While the article doesn't give any speculation as to who it could be, the picture is an easy match for Empoleon, the final evolved form of Piplup, the water-type starter for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.  Seeing as how the game already has one evolved grass starter (Sceptile) and three evolved fire starters (Charizard, Blaziken, and Braixen), it's nice to see a water-type starter finally added to the mix.

(Image courtesy of Shoryuken.com)

This weeks Persona 5 character reveal is Ann Takamaki

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Last week Atlus pulled back the curtain on Persona 5's Protagonist, and this week Atlus will be highlighting Ann Takamaki, who is voiced in the English version by Erika Harlacher. You may know Erika from other works such as Sadira from Killer Instinct and Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa.  

Check out the introduction trailer below for Ann Takamaki and an interview with Erika Harlacher about playing the character.

If you missed last weeks reveal, be sure to check out the other spotlight video with Xander Mobus, voice of Persona 5's Protagonist.


Hell Followed DLC now available

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Doom has just dished out its latest DLC pack, Hell Followed. This $14.99 add-on has three new maps, including the Orbital space station which looks like something out of Unreal Tournament. You also get the new Reaper weapon, which is a hellish claw-thingy with a wicked-awesome skull on it that shoots Argent energy, apparently. This pack also gives you a new demon rune that turns you into a Cacodemon, making it one of the more entertaining and unique gameplay additions.

I wasn't terribly impressed with Doom's multiplayer when I reviewed it back in May. I'm glad the team at id is still adding content to balance out what was a pretty confused and lackluster deathmatch mode at launch, but paying 15 bucks for a handful of maps and a new weapon here and there just makes the whole experience feel even more like Halo or Call of Duty. For now, I think I'll tinker around with Snapmap until I come up with something that feels more authentic.

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Dying Light Zombiefest this weekend

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Celebrate Halloween weekend with Dying Light's "Zombiefest" starting October 28th! The kills for Night Hunters and Survivors will be tracked live globally and will reveal once and for all which side is the real predator. New ranks are being introduced for Zombiefest and will be available for three weeks. The new ranks include: Crippled Carnivore, Mutilated Stalker, Superior Challenger, Savage Widow Maker, Hunted Hunter, and Indisputable Apex Predator. Also, those who participates in Zombiefest will be awarded with a Gold-tier weapon. 

Check out the Zombiefest Community Bounty video below!

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More Nintendo Switch news coming in January

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Fans hoping for more concrete details on the Nintendo Switch will have to wait a while. The official Nintendo Twitter page has announced that the next full presentation for the console-portable hybrid will take place in Tokyo on January 12th, 2017. The presentation will also be streamed live, likely as a Nintendo Direct.

This will probably be a little disappointing for fans like me who were pretty intrigued by the announcement trailer. It's also a little weird that Nintendo is cutting it so close to the March release of the console to show off games, specs and I would assume pricing and bundle info. Still, it gives me time to catch up on non-Nintendo gaming and work down that Steam backlog, not to mention spend the holidays with my family and girlfriend. Let us know in the comments how you'll be passing the next couple of months.

Starter Pokemon's final evolutions revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

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A few weeks ago we got a look at the first stage of evolution for the new starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon, but as with all of the past games each starter will have two stages of evolution (not counting any Mega Evolutions) and the final stage has been revealed.

First off is Decidueye, the evolved form of Dartrix and final form of Rowlett.  Decidueye actually ditches it's Flying type and is now a dual Grass/Ghost-type which I believe makes it the first starter Pokemon to be a Ghost-type in any of its evolutions.  Decidueye can learn the physical Ghost-type move Spirit Shackle, a move that only Decidueye can learn that prevents opponents from fleeing battle or switching out to another Pokemon.

Next up is Incineroar, the evolved form of Torracat and the final form of Litten.  Incineroar is a dual Fire/Dark-type Pokemon that also has a move only it can learn: Darkest Lariat.  This physical Dark-type move allows Incineroar to deal damage while ignoring any status changes the opponent might have, such as increases or decreases in attack or defense.  Sounds kind of like a double edged sword as if the opponent's defense has been decreased as well as their attack by whatever means, Darkest Lariat will ignore both of those changes, not just those beneficial to Incineroar.

Finally is Primarina, the evolved form of Brionne and the final form of Popplio.  Primarina is a dual Water/Fairy-type Pokemon that has a special move only it can learn called Sparkling Aria which negates the effects of the burn status on its target.  I'm taking a wild guess that since it's a special move that it's more for two-on-two or three-on-three battles and it kind of useless in one-on-one situations.  Still, give that the other two got physical damaging attacks, a status healing move is a nice change.

The new trailer also shows off a few new Pokemon and Alola Forms, the Alola Island Guardians, as well as the Battle Tree where you can battle and team up with past Pokemon champions such as Cynthia and Wally.  But that's not all as at the end of the video you see a scene in which you can challenge two "legend" trainers: Blue and Red.  Yes, you can fight against the protagonist and rival from the original games.

Earn free gems this weekend in SMITE during The Reaping: Part 3

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Halloween draws near and SMITE will be concluding it's annual Reaping event this weekend with The Reaping: Part 3. So what will we be getting this weekend? Free gems! 

This weekend, From Friday October 28th - Monday November 30th, you can earn 50 free gems by completing three "First win of the day" bonus rewards each day. This means that you can earn up to 200 free gems for the entire weekend. This is a good time to earn gems as there were new skins and Odyssey items that were added in the latest patch as well. You can see a rundown of the latest patch notes in the video below

Sonic Utopia is the fan game Sega should pay attention to

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So far we've heard almost nothing about Sega's mysterious Sonic Project 2017, but if it turns out like any of the other recent blue hedgehog-related releases from the company, it will probably end up on the lower end of "meh, okay I guess."

Conversely we have this indie project called Sonic Utopia, built by dedicated fans The Great Lange and Murasaki Fox, and it looks better than anything Sonic Team has put out in the last fifteen years. Seriously, look at this early alpha demo. This is basically everything I've wanted out of a 3D sonic game since forever. The Sonic Adventure series and Sonic Colors came close but Utopia is worlds ahead and it's barely even begun development.

Hopefully Sega isn't as big a killjoy as Nintendo--a company that actively DMCA's fangames that looks better than the official product (see: AM2R and Metroid Federation Force). The Sonic Utopia dropbox is unsurprisingly down at the moment but hopefully you'll be able to grab the demo soon.

Source: Nintendolife

Nintendo resurrects the Cruis’n franchise for arcades

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No, this is not a joke. Nintendo is teaming up with Raw Thrills to bring the classic racing franchise back to arcades. Nintendo had worked with Midway on a number of entries in the franchise, but this is the first one since Midway went out of business back in 2010. Cruis’n Blast is coming soon to arcades!

You can check out the trailer for the game below and see that this is filling a void that exists in the industry: fast, fun, arcade racers! Too many racing games are focused on the simulation genre; a lot of us miss the classic, over the top, insane racing games that are all about fun. Cruis’n Blast looks insane with racers dodging ferris wheels rolling down cityscapes and flipping over the competition, literally. Hopefully this makes its way to Nintendo’s consoles, even if just as a digital release. I miss games like this!

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