Divinity: Original Sin 2 gets a release date

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Larian Studios have set the date for the release of Divinity: Original Sin 2, September 14th, 2017. This comes nearly a year to the day after it hit early access in 2016. The game is available via Steam for $44.99

To set the stage for the official release, Early Access players are presently getting a patch, opening up two new areas and introducing a new companion relationship system. There have also been changes made to character creation and crafting, and the first look into the story will be revealed by way of opening up the tutorial form the future full release. That story follows a pirate dwarf named Beast.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 plans to expand on the wildly successful original, not just by opening up the world from the first, now set 1000 years in the future, but also by introducing PVP and 4 player co-op, as well as more defined team composition and dynamics and expand the utility of certain roles within those teams.

The full press release is after the Kickstarter update video.

What We're Playing: Akiba's Beat Empathy

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Many players are interested in Overwatch's relationships, but these Reaper and D.Va mains are engaged after having played together. Time magazine is polling readers to know what the best video game of 2017 is so far. While this husband and father of four gave up video games for 90 days so he could reconnect with his family.

What are you playing?

Patrick Aloia, Staff Writer, @PatchesAloha
I have been playing a ton of Strafe and Hollow Knight. I'm getting a bit tired of Roguelikes and Souls clones, but when they're as mechanically and conceptually sound as those two games, it's always fun to dive in for a quick play as a destresser. I've been enjoying Strafe's physics more as I've gotten used to them, but I'm still not that crazy about how floaty it is. Hollow Knight is really...neat. It's neat, it's lines are drawn broadly, clearly, and it's purposefully rather hollow in its soundscape and visuals. There's always a mysterious emptiness that I wish they'd either make more or less mysterious. I'm beginning to think this is a common complaint of mine with these types of games—but so it goes. The combat is fun, and God the sound design is really good. Each drip and drop in this weird wet cave echoes throughout, and each pitter-patter of your little protag's footsteps are delightful and crisp. It's, again, very neat. But I like neat.

Russell Archey, Staff Writer, @NeoScyther
I have a couple of games I'll be playing for upcoming reviews. First off is Rezrog which pretty much looks like a mixture of a tabletop game mixed with traditional RPG dungeon crawling elements. Yes I know, I pretty much just described Dungeons & Dragons, but it'll make more sense when you actually see the game. The other game is called Monster Slayer and is pretty much a mixture of an RPG, a collectible card game, and Vertical Drop Heroes. If you don't remember VDH from when I reviewed it awhile back, it's basically a game where you have to go through several stages while building up your heroes. Each time you die you take everything you've acquired to help buff up your heroes to make it further and further each time. That's kind of the gist here as well, which makes sense, as Monster Slayer was made by the same group who did Vertical Drop Heroes, so it goes without saying that I'm enjoying the game so far.

Dan Colonna, Staff Writer, dcolonna@gamingnexus.com
Do you have a moment to hear about the glorious Magikarp? Continuing with my recent and unnerving obsession with iOS games, I just downloaded Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. Honestly, I'm only in it for the cute music and visuals. This game is hysterical, employing Pokémon puns and addicting minigames that revolve around training your Magikarp to jump better than all the rest. There's no better way to unwind after a lousy day than with some bodacious jumping Magikarp. Aside from this ridiculous Pokémon fishing game (which I love), I've ventured back into space to send Destiny off with a bang. With all this hubbub surrounding Destiny 2, I thought it would be ideal to gather my Fireteam for a few months of Strikes, Nightfalls, and maybe even a Raid or two. Wish us luck as we head into the Wrath of the Machine one last time.

Kinsey Danzis, Staff Writer, kdanzis@gamingnexus.com
Overwatch's anniversary event is upon us, so in between working on my review for Empathy: Path of Whispers, I'm cracking down on that. I am the absolute worst at 1v1 duels, but I'm determined to win one. Maybe. Someday. Eventually. Honestly, I'm spending most of my time looking through the Hero Gallery and giggling at the individual dances, because everyone got one. Let's just say that not all of them equal the others. I've also been playing more Mass Effect: Andromeda and spending an embarrassing amount of time on Elaaden following the Abyssal around. For what reason, you ask? I have no idea.

Randy Kalista, Staff Writer, @randykalista
The Long Journey Home launches next week, so I'm busy roguelike'ing my way through the star clusters, trying to bring my crew back to Earth. So far, I haven't done a good job of actually surviving the trip home. Another spacer, Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge launched this past week, so it's all about the Benjamins on the volcanic surface of Jupiter's moon Io. In my new internal-monologue feature that I'm calling "Coffee is for Closers," I'm attempting to actually finish some games in my library that need finishing. Depending on my mood, it'll either be Life is Strange or Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Nicholas Leon, Staff Writer, nleon@gamingnexus.com
So I beat another full playthrough of The Witcher 3 for what might have been the third time in two years. I'm amazed that that game still carries such emotional power after all this time. I had the snowball fight with Ciri, defeated the Wild Hunt, and the game brought tears of joy to my eyes once again. Sadly, though, I think I've lost some of my patience compared to when I first played it. I frequently changed the difficulty just to get through the game faster (shameful, I know). But I still enjoy the game quite enough. This weekend, I'll be continuing my adventures in the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine DLC packs. I hope to hone my skills in the Blood and Broken Bones! difficulty to see what I and the game are truly made of. I think I'm probably on my last legs with Geralt and his adventures and companions, but I greatly appreciate all the joy that the programmers and creators of this game have brought me. They are all artists, truly.

Matt Mirkovich, Staff Writer, @Stillmywords
I'm going back to Japan! Sort of. I'll be playing Akiba's Beat this weekend, which is the follow up to Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed. So I get to see some of my favorite Akihabara landmarks. I'm still trying to get that platinum trophy for NieR:Automata, and I'm starting my second playthrough of Persona 5. I've also added Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Fire Emblem Echoes to my pile of shame, sitting right up there with Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Kevin O’Connell, Staff Writer, koconnell@gamingnexus.com
I finished Black Ops II for the fourth time since it came out. I'm realizing it is still a very good game. I'm starting Battlefield 1 with much anticipation. Looking to trudge through it this week with nothing else on the menu.

Meet Far Cry 5's violent resistance

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Got a big video dump from Far Cry 5 today. I say "dump" in a good way. These videos look at, let's just say, what the weather has been like in Big Sky Country Montana. "The Last Best Place," as one of the state's unofficial mottos goes, has been invaded by some wing nut religious fanatics. But the locals? The locals ain't havin' it.

The "First Details" video (above) features Dan Hay, the gravely voiced executive producer of Far Cry 5. He talks about his slightly strange vision of having some folks being behind him in some bar somewhere in rural America, the conversation talking about the crazy, local, dangerous rumors going around town, and having those rumors be true. Hay wants to know if those rumors could be true (or something like that), and if Far Cry could make those rumors come to life.


So then we have the Official Announce trailer (above). You can hear Joseph Seed, "The Father," narrating, "Something is coming. You can feel it, can't you?" And this is how all the trouble began for the folks up in Fall's End, Hope County, Montana. There's a religious leader stating that The End Is Nigh, whipping the normally okay folks of Fall's End up into a fervor, baptizing everyone into this new religious order whether they want to or not. That's not exactly what I'd call religious freedom. then you hear the steady plunking of a guitar, starting up a verse of "This Land is Your Land," but with a philosophical bent toward the idea that this is, in fact, my land.


So now, we've got "The Resistance: Mary May" (above). She's the first of three resistance leaders in Far Cry 5. What you'll notice about all three of them is that they've had friends, family, and loved ones taken from them by this invasive religious cult. Mary May took over her dad's bar when he was murdered by the cult. Now she's turning the tavern into a Molotov cocktail manufacturing plant. If the cult wants some baptism by fire, Mary May is gonna bring it.


Then there's Pastor Jerome Jeffries (above), also of the resistance. Like I said, everyone in the resistance has already had a lot—if not everything—taken from them by the cult. Pastor Jerome Jeffries had his own flock scattered. The regular Fall's End church had been targeted by the cult, and now there's only wreckage where folks used to simply come on a Sunday morning to sings some hymns. But the pastor ain't havin' it either. He may still be donning the armor of God, but he's also got a flak jacket and a shotgun. The time for turning the other cheek is over.


Finally, we've got Nick Rye (above). He's got his family on his mind, but he also just became the de facto Air Force of the resistance movement. He didn't ask for this either. But he's not going to raise his unborn child in an oppressive, un-American socio-politico-religio landscape. In fact, he's got a minigun mounted to his pontoonplane that explains at 2,000 rounds per minute how Nick Rye is going to get Hope County back to the way it used to be.

I personally don't know if Far Cry 5 is going to be the best sounding board for these very real issues of extremism in America. In fact, after I saw the key art from Wednesday, I wasn't sure I wanted to have anything further to do with these themes. I happen to live in southern Oregon, just a few hours' drive away from last year's occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by armed militants. Far Cry 5 is casting various shades of that headline. I also happen to serve on the security detail at my local church, ensuring nobody gets weird—and trust me, some people get weird. Plus I grew up in small-town White America, where some people flew full-sized Confederate flags from their pickup trucks with rifles mounted in the rear window. A lot of this imagery is hitting a little too close to home for me. It makes me nervous. Some people turn to Amnesia or P.T. for their horror. Not me. Religious fanatics in a very real Americana-baked countryside is my Resident Evil. So, we'll see where Far Cry 5 takes its very Far Cry formula with this one. I'm already scared.

Rime finally washes ashore today!

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Rime - the much anticipated puzzle platformer by Tequila Works - is out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

First shown off at the indie booth of Gamescom 2013, Rime will challenge your cunning on a quest to escape from a mysterious island and a curse. Utilizing a silent narrative, Rime will tell its story using music and environmental design. There's also going to be a day-night mechanic which will likely effect the way certain areas of the island behave, as well as time-of-day based puzzle elements.

Gameplay footage of Rime inspires comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Journey. Borrowing much from the aesthetic of certain Studio Ghibli films, Rime should be a feast for the eyes and ears the whole way through.

After its long journey from Gamescom 2013, Rime is finally ready to be your next great adventure!

Launch times of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind specified

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We already knew that the long-awaited Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online would finally land in our laps on June 6. If you were looking to plan your Vvardenfell experience right down to the minute, though, then ZeniMax Online Studios just released some information that you might find helpful.

The launch is, as we know, a global event, which means that servers are going live worldwide at the same time. (It's no fun to wait while your overseas friends get to hop on the boat without you.) You'll be able to head to Vvardenfell as soon as the clock strikes 5:00am (US Eastern Time).

Players will of course be able to pick up the game beforehand, whether it's just retrieving a pre-order or purchasing it early. In North America, you can pick up a copy of the game on the evening of June 5 starting at 9:00pm US Eastern Time, and in Europe the game will be available as soon as retail stores open on June 6. However, even if you get the game early, the launch follows a maintenance period during which servers will be down entirely in order to implement necessary updates for Vvardenfell. 

Whether you're in it for the nostalgia or looking to explore a wholly new area, be ready; Morrowind is going to take the world by storm as soon as June 6 hits.

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator to PS4 May 28th, XBOX One early June

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All of the gamers with inept comebacks can rest easy. The game full of different hairy ways to tell somebody what-for is coming to PS4 May 28th (XBOX users have to wait til the beginning of June. Below is a table from Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator that gives an example of how much you can stick-it to your opponent. But beware - you may be called "someone whose mother has the face of spam" for your troubles!

What if Destiny 2 is the friends we make along the way?

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Yes, Destiny 2 has aliens, allies, guns, loot, and science-fantasy. Yes, it has spaceships and superpowers, Ghosts and Goblins, along with dungeons and dragons.

But does Destiny 2 have friends? Or rather, do you have friends in Destiny 2? Because that's what developer Bungie is focusing on. They don't want you to just play this game; they want you to keep playing it. And the single most important lesson MMOs have taught us is that people come for the gameplay, come for the aesthetic—but stay for the community, stay for the friendship.

"Destiny 2 really tries to say, 'You belong,'" says Steve Dolan, senior designer. To be at its best, the game will rely on the camaraderie of its player base. Sort of in a, "What if Destiny 2 is the friends we make along the way?" kind of way. So they're taking the ease of matchmaking and the magic of community building and cultivating that into something people will have a great time doing. And they're doing it with:

Clans. Now, clans have always been in Destiny. They were simply culled from our PlayStation or Xbox friends lists. It was a third-party solution to playing with buddies. But in Destiny 2, clans will be baked into the game's architecture. You'll see a clan's name, its motto, its banner. Here's the write up from the Guns N' Roses-heavy example used in the trailer below:

Every Rose Has Hawthorne [ROSE]

"Every December has its Dawn, just like every space cowboy slings their guns yearlong"

Our goal is to unite players who no longer want to play alone.

We're always looking for players who are seeking help or seek to help others. Our purpose is to guide any player down a path toward their best game. Stand with us and you will never be left behind.

Our members must show maturity and respect to all other players. We are only strong if we play together. To remain in our roster, you must be active in the game and in chat.

So that's basically Bungie's mission statement when it comes to the inclusion of clans in game. But of course there's the gamification of clan-making, too. Clans will have their own progression, their own rewards, and will even, in some cases, serve as guides in the Guided Games.

Guided Games are a way for solo players to seek out clans. If a group is only looking for one or two more players to round out a six-person strike team, they can open up a Guided Game to a solo player. This sounds like it could be a nightmare of yelling and hazing and blamestorming the new player who hasn't ever been on a raid before. There's always an opportunity for multiplayer sessions to go poorly. Chuck Husemann, Editor-in-Chief here at GN, even made a pact with the other players he grouped up with in the Crucible during the Destiny 2 reveal, that they would never, ever play together again. Hey, sometimes alliances are forged in defeat. Sometimes they're broken.

But Guided Games' intentions are good. Since, according to a recent poll, only 50 percent of Destiny players have ever experienced a raid, Guided Games are hoping to get the remaining 50 percent involved in every piece of content Bungie makes for Destiny 2. Because, as is, Bungie worked long and hard on strike content that only half its players ever checked out. I can understand that would be a bummer statistic for a developer that's poured years of their professional life into a thing.

Guided Games are meant to be low commitment, at least on the surface. Play one session with a clan and part ways. That's one possibility. Another possibility is that everyone gels together and now the solo player is taken in as a new clan member. That's the ideal scenario is Bungie's eyes. And as this video makes plain, it's obvious that Bungie knows how to make good gameplay, make good gunfeel, and make good environments and encounters. Now Bungie wants you to make good friends.

Destiny 2 is out on September 8 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC launch is confirmed, but no date is set just yet.

SMITE's newest patch introduces Da Ji, the nine tailed fox

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I first discovered SMITE in 2013 and when I started playing, Chang'E was the newest character added to the game. She was the 39th character added to the game at the time. Skip ahead almost four years later and SMITE is still going, stronger than ever and a new patch was released for the game. With this patch comes Da Ji the 88th character added to the game. We are slowly creeping towards that 100 character milestone and it will be an amazing event when it finally comes. 

Da Ji is an assassin from the Chinese pantheon and this assassin focuses more on damage than burst like some of the other assassins. Her passive applies a bleed which deals dot damage every time she hits an enemy with a basic attack, and she has the ability to teleport to gods and deal damage as well. Good luck trying to run away with low HP.

Her ultimate attack however is amazing. She summons her signature torture device the PaoLao and can target three enemies with it. Targeted enemies take damage and are chained. After a short duration, chained enemies are pulled towards the PaoLao and then take damage three times over two seconds. Get them beads ready because this is like a more frustrating version of an Ares' Ultimate.

Hi-Rez has also graciously sent along some codes to unlock Da Ji and her alternate "Vixen" skin. I have posted the codes in the comments section below. These are one time use codes and are first come first serve. Good luck! :) 


Delayed no more: The Gwent Beta is finally here.

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After months of speculation as to whether or not we'd even see a Beta, the wait is finally over: Gwent is here. Well, at least the open beta is.

It's hard to believe that the closed beta was over seven months ago, and while the feedback that CD Projekt Red received was helpful in pushing forward, delays happen and the men behind the fantastic Witcher series are one step closer to bringing the final product to life. The Beta will be available across major platforms this weekend, so be sure to take some time out of your extended holiday and get into some cards!

New trailer drops for upcoming Castlevania series on Netflix

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When I was younger my favorite TV shows were those based on video games, namely Captain N and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Well let's face it, they're still some of my favorite TV shows all these years later. While quite a few video games did receive their own animated series over the years, for better or for worse, one series that never did was Castlevania. That's about to change as the first season of Castlevania will debut on Netflix on July 7th. Netflix dropped a trailer for the series today and after watching it, July 7th can't come soon enough for me. Plus now I really want Netflix on an NES cart.

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