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Sean Cahill
Staff Writer - Last updated:3/30/2013 5:38 PM

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Systems: Dreamcast, NES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Super NES, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 3
Genres Preferred: Action, Adventure, Fighting, RPG, Sports, Strategy
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I've been writing about games and entertainment since 2006 after starting out at Xbox Ohio.  Since then, I have made the jump to Gaming Nexus and have enjoyed my time here.  I am an avid gamer that has a solid old school game collection that includes the likes of Final Fantasy games, Earthbound, Gitaroo-Man, MvC2, and a whole slew of others.  I have a primary focus on Xbox 360 games and PC peripherals and accessories.  If you ever want to game against me, you can look me up on XBL with the gamertag GN Punk.