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TitlePlatformPost DateScore
1954 AlcatrazPC3/25/2014B+
Adventure ParkPC12/3/2013B-
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars36011/8/2011B
Alpha PrimePC11/19/2007D
And Then There Were NoneWii7/1/2008D+
Anomaly: Warzone EarthPC5/2/2011A-
Apache: Air Assault36012/8/2010B
ArmA IIPC8/18/2009B-
Band HeroWii11/24/2009B+
Battle of the BandsWii5/5/2008C-
Breeders' Cup 2005 Xbox10/28/2005C+
Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayPC1/6/2009A-
Burnout ParadisePC3/9/2009A-
Bus DriverPC3/20/2008C-
Call of Duty 2: Big Red OneXbox11/29/2005B-
Call of Duty 3Xbox12/7/2006A-
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareDS1/17/2008A-
CH Multi Function PanelPC1/2/2007A-
Close Combat;: First to FightPC6/14/2005C-
Code of Honor 2PC8/26/2008C-
Combat Wings - Battle of BritainPC11/28/2008B
Company of Heroes: Opposing FrontsPC1/28/2008A-
Crazy Machines 2PC9/12/2008B
Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII3608/28/2012C
Darkest of DaysPC9/30/2009C
DCS A-10CPC7/12/2011A
Death RallyPC9/5/2012B-
Death to SpiesPC11/7/2007C-
Death Track: Resurrection5/5/2009C+
Defense TechnicaPC11/4/2013B-
Delta Force: Black Hawk DownXbox8/25/2005C
Democracy 3PC2/25/2014B+
DiRT 33605/24/2011A-
Evochron MercenaryPC3/8/2012B-
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate PC11/21/2007C-
F1 201036010/11/2010B
F1 201136010/18/2011A-
F1 2012Multiple10/10/2012A-
F1 Race Stars36011/23/2012C
Ferrari F1 WheelPC6/13/2012A
FlatOut 3: Chaos & DestructionPC2/21/2012C
Flight Simulator XPC10/10/2006A-
Flight Simulator X: AccelerationPC10/23/2007C-
Formula One Championship EditionPS33/5/2007A-
Forza 5XBO1/9/2014A-
Forza Horizon36010/23/2012B+
Forza MotorsportXbox6/3/2005A-
Full Spectrum WarriorPC12/7/2004A-
Gran Turismo 5 ProloguePS34/28/2008B+
Gran Turismo 6PS312/19/2013B
GRID 23606/28/2013B
GT LegendsPC3/17/2006B-
GTR Evolution PC9/18/2008A-
GTR RacingPC7/1/2005A+
GTR RacingPC10/19/2006A
Help Wanted Wii8/17/2009C
Heroes over Europe36010/8/2009B
Hulk: Ultimate DestructionXbox9/26/2005B
Hydrophobia ProphecyPC5/10/2011B
IndyCar SeriesPC10/16/2003C
Jack Keane 2 - The Fire WithinPC7/15/2013C
Kung Fu PandaMultiple6/27/2008C+
Kung Fu Panda: Legendary WarriorsWii1/9/2009D+
Leisure Suit Larry: ReloadedPC7/19/2013D
Links 2004Xbox12/14/2003A-
Logitech Driving Force GTPS35/27/2008B
Logitech Flight System G940PC10/20/2009A-
Logitech G25 Racing WheelPC3/7/2007A-
Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick36012/20/2010B+
Mad Catz Official Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel3603/7/2012B+
MX vs. ATV: ReflexPS312/15/2009B
MX vs. ATV: Untamed36012/14/2007B+
NASCAR: SimRacingPC3/11/2005A
Need for Speed NITROWii12/1/2009B-
Need for Speed SHIFT 3609/15/2009A
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit36011/24/2010A-
Need for Speed: SHIFT 23604/13/2011A
Need for Speed: The Run36011/14/2011A-
NERF 2 "N-Strike" EliteWii1/8/2010D-
Omerta - City of GangstersPC2/13/2013D
Order Up!Wii9/5/2008B+
Outrun 2Xbox11/18/2004B-
Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital Down UnderPC3/13/2008C
Pro Flight Rudder Pedals PC11/22/2006B
Race 07 -- Official WTCC GamePC10/10/2007B
Race The SunPC9/9/2013A-
Razer Chimaera Wireless HeadsetMultiple5/16/2011C+
Red JetsPC1/24/2007C-
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of StalingradPC10/28/2011B
Saitek Cyborg Evo ForcePC11/30/2004B
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle QuadrantPC8/27/2007A-
SAS Secure TomorrowPC12/1/2008C+
SBK X36012/14/2010B
Shadow Harvest: Phantom OpsPC5/6/2011C-
Ship Simulator ExtremesPC9/17/2010C
Shrek Super SlamPC12/8/2005D+
SpongeBob SquarePants:The MovieXbox4/19/2005C-
SteelSeries 6Gv2PC5/9/2011A
SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Steering WheelPC2/24/2012B+
SX SuperstarXbox9/12/2003D-
Test Drive UnlimitedPC5/8/2007B+
The MoviesPC12/6/2005A-
The Night of the RabbitPC6/12/2013B
Thrustmaster HOTAS WarthogPC6/17/2011A
Thrustmaster T500 RSPS312/16/2011B+
Thunder WolvesPC5/24/2013B
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09Wii5/11/2009A-
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10Wii7/6/2009A
Toca Race Driver 2Xbox12/31/2004C+
Trackmania 2: CanyonPC10/3/2011B+
TrackMania UnitedPC8/3/2007C-
Ultimate Beach SoccerXbox11/23/2003F
Urban Trial FreestylePC10/10/2013C-
Viva PinataPC11/30/2007B
Wings of WarPC9/16/2004C-
World of WarplanesPC12/17/2013B-
X 52 ProPC1/9/2007A
Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered SpeciesPC1/9/2006C