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TitlePlatformPost DateScore
Chuck's Challenge 3DPC3/19/2014B
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeWiiU2/18/2014B-
Pac-Man and the Ghostly AdventuresWiiU12/12/2013D
Wii Party UWiiU11/25/2013C
Super Mario 3D WorldWiiU11/19/2013A
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds3DS11/14/2013A+
Shadow WarriorPC10/24/2013A-
Sonic Lost WorldWiiU10/18/2013D
The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HDWiiU9/18/2013A-
Super SplattersPC8/30/2013B-
Pro Commander and Charge Base ProWiiU8/29/2013B
Pikmin 3WiiU7/31/2013B
Zeno Clash IIPC7/8/2013B-
Game & WarioWiiU6/27/2013C
Uboost and Charge Station UWiiU6/11/2013B-
Resident Evil: RevelationsWiiU5/20/2013B
Resident Evil 6PC5/14/2013F
Strike Suit InfinityPC5/2/2013B-
Monster Hunter 3 UltimateWiiU4/29/2013B
Need for Speed Most Wanted UWiiU3/19/2013B+
LEGO City: UndercoverWiiU3/14/2013A-
Strike Suit ZeroPC2/8/2013B-
Darksiders IIWiiU1/17/2013A-
Skylanders GiantsWiiU12/14/2012C
Doom 3 BFG EditionPC12/5/2012B
A Game of DwarvesPC11/26/2012C-
007 Legends36010/16/2012B
The Amazing Spider-Man3607/25/2012B+
Max Payne 3PC7/6/2012B-
Gas Guzzlers: Combat CarnagePC6/29/2012C
The Splatters3605/3/2012B+
Mad Catz The Primer3604/17/2012B
Alan WakePC3/12/2012B+
Serious Sam 3: BFEPC1/27/2012A-
Razer ImperatorPC12/20/2011A-
Goldeneye: Reloaded36012/5/2011B
SteelSeries SenseiPC11/4/2011B+
Resident Evil 4 HD36010/31/2011A-
Serious Sam Double DPC9/29/2011B
Marvel Pinball:Captain America3609/2/2011A-
SteelSeries 7H and Siberia V2 reviewCell8/17/2011B
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge3607/22/2011C+
Conduit 2Wii5/27/2011A-
Pinball FX2 - Mars Table3605/19/2011B-
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 23601/19/2011B-
Call of Duty: Black OpsWii1/17/2011C
007: Blood StoneDS12/30/2010B+
007: Blood Stone36012/6/2010C+
Goldeneye 007DS11/23/2010B
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightDS11/16/2010B-
Pearl Harbor Trilogy: Red Sun RisingWii11/15/2010C+
Goldeneye 007Wii11/2/2010A-
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's QuestWii10/20/2010B
And Yet it MovesWii10/15/2010B+
Batman: The Brave and the BoldWii10/4/2010B
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days3608/26/2010C
Tournament of LegendsWii8/6/2010B-
DarkStar One – Broken Alliance3607/21/2010B
Iron Man 2Wii7/16/2010C+
Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition3606/11/2010B+
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands3606/4/2010B
Easy PianoDS5/26/2010C+
How to Train Your DragonDS5/11/2010B-
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyDS5/7/2010B+
Trauma TeamWii5/3/2010A-
Perfect Dark3604/22/2010A-
Red Steel 2Wii3/24/2010A+
Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSHWii3/12/2010B+
MX vs. ATV: Reflex3603/6/2010B-
Shiren the WandererWii3/4/2010B
Need for Speed NITRODS1/11/2010B
Might and Magic Clash of HeroesDS12/30/2009A-
Nyko Action PakWii12/23/2009A
DJ HeroWii12/7/2009B
C.O.P. The RecruitDS12/4/2009B
NYKO WandWii12/2/2009A
Space Invaders Extreme 2DS11/18/2009B+
Guitar Hero 5Wii10/6/2009B+
Real Heroes: FirefighterWii10/1/2009C+
Dead Space ExtractionWii9/30/2009B+
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Autobot editionDS9/26/2009C+
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Decepticon editionDS9/26/2009C+
G.I. JoeDS9/3/2009C-
The ConduitWii7/31/2009A-
T-Wireless NWWii5/12/2009A-
Mad WorldWii5/6/2009A-
Nyko WingWii4/28/2009A
TrackMania DSDS3/11/2009C
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009DS2/12/2009C+
A Kingdom for Keflings3602/3/2009B
Mushroom Men: Rise of the FungiDS1/26/2009D+
Mushroom MenMultiple1/15/2009B
Rubik's WorldDS1/13/2009C
Rubik's WorldWii1/12/2009C+
Zenses RainforestDS12/23/2008C+
Zenses OceanDS12/22/2008C+
Gears of War 236012/8/2008B+
Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals11/11/2008B
De BlobWii10/22/2008B
Arkanoid DSDS8/8/2008C
Space Invaders ExtremeMultiple8/4/2008A-
Kung Fu PandaMultiple7/30/2008C-
Super Smash BrawlWii5/13/2008B+
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy UnleashedWii4/24/2008F
Twisted Metal : Head OnPS24/7/2008C
The Spiderwick Chronicles3603/17/2008D
MX vs. ATV: UntamedPS23/5/2008F
MX vs. ATV: UntamedDS3/4/2008C-
Painkiller: Overdose1/29/2008C-
Cooking Mama 2DS1/23/2008C-
Godzilla UnleashedMultiple1/3/2008F
Trauma Center: New BloodWii1/2/2008B
Build a Bear WorkshopDS12/21/2007D-
Code Lyoko: Quest for InfinityWii12/18/2007D+
Strawberry Shortcake - The Four Seasons CakeDS12/17/2007D
Medal of Honor Heroes 2Wii12/14/2007B
Spiderman Friend or FoePC11/29/2007F
Spiderman Friend or FoeWii11/29/2007D-
Enemy Territory: Quake WarsPC11/28/2007B
You Are EmptyPC11/20/2007C
Garfield’s NightmareDS11/6/2007B-
Metroid Prime 3:CorruptionWii10/31/2007A
Freedom V Wireless GuitarPS210/25/2007F
Shrek the ThirdDS8/14/2007C
Pet AlienDS7/31/2007B-
Resident Evil 4Wii7/25/2007A
Code LyokoDS7/11/2007C-
Legend of the DragonWii6/20/2007F
Spider-Man 3: The GameWii6/13/2007F
Medal of Honor: VanguardWii5/1/2007C
Maze of FatesGBA4/12/2007C-
Back to the StoneGBA4/11/2007F
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessMultiple2/28/2007A
Cartoon Network RacingDS1/30/2007D-
3D MousePC1/26/2007B-
Marvel: Ultimate AlliancePC1/25/2007C
Spiderman: Battle for New YorkDS1/24/2007D
Trauma Center: Second Opinion Wii1/10/2007B
Red SteelWii1/2/2007D
Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland GamesDS12/18/2006F
Justice League HeroesDS12/15/2006F
Justice League Heroes: The FlashGBA12/7/2006C-
Garfield 2DS10/26/2006C-
City LifePC10/25/2006B-
Garfield and his Nine LivesGBA10/2/2006C-
Star Fox: CommandDS9/20/2006B
Dragons Lair HDPC9/6/2006D-
Nintendo DS LiteDS7/28/2006A
X-Men: The Official Movie GameDS7/5/2006F
X-Men: The Official Movie GameGC7/4/2006D
Over the HedgeDS6/13/2006C+
Metroid Prime HuntersDS5/4/2006A
Sonic RushDS4/17/2006B
The Rub Rabbits!DS4/12/2006B
Tony Hawk's American Sk8landDS2/8/2006A-
True Crime: New York CityGC2/7/2006C
Metroid Prime PinballDS1/13/2006B
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeDS1/5/2006C+
Shrek Super SlamDS1/2/2006F
Shrek Super SlamGC12/19/2005D
X-Men Legends II - Rise of ApocalypsePC12/9/2005A-
Quake 4PC11/30/2005B
Law and Order: Criminal IntentPC11/7/2005B-
Animaniacs: The Great Edgar HuntGC11/4/2005C
Ultimate Spider-ManGC10/26/2005B
Ultimate Spider-ManDS10/21/2005B-
Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action!DS9/15/2005F
Feel the Magic: XY/XX DS9/1/2005B
TimeSplitters: Future PerfectGC7/20/2005A-
Fantastic FourPC7/19/2005C
Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryPC7/8/2005A