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TitlePlatformPost Date
XNA Studio Interview4/4/2005
Xbox 360 Unveiled5/12/2005
What's New at the Nexus? Vol. 25/2/2003
What's New at the Nexus? Vol. 12/27/2003
What we are looking forward to in 20041/26/2004
Velvet Assasin InterviewMultiple3/4/2009
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Interview3/30/2005
Thoughts/expectations from this year's E3Multiple6/10/2013
The Chronciles of Riddick: Assault on Dark AthenaMultiple4/2/2009
Test Drive Unlimited InterviewMultiple8/4/2006
SWAT: Target Liberty InterviewPSP7/20/2007
SuperPower 2 interview10/8/2004
Stubbs the Zombie Interview10/18/2005
Star Trek: Legacy Interview2/24/2006
Space Siege InterviewPC8/15/2008
Road to Sunday Interview6/30/2005
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix InterviewMultiple2/25/2009
Pure InterviewMultiple9/3/2008
Pariah Interview4/18/2005
Our favorite games of 2013Multiple1/10/2014
Nyko Interview2/28/2007
Nokia N-Gage Interview11/15/2006
N-Gage QD Q&A4/16/2004
Most Anticipated Games of 2012Multiple2/8/2012
Massive Incorporated Interview4/11/2005
Madden 2005 Interview8/5/2004
Legendary InterviewMultiple10/21/2008
Killzone: Liberation InterviewPSP9/15/2006
Interview: SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo12/5/2005
Interview with Joe Lieberman4/1/2004
Holiday Guide 2011Multiple12/16/2011
Holiday Guide 200512/13/2005
Holiday GuideMultiple12/12/2006
Havok 4.0 InterviewPC7/10/2006
Godzilla UnleashedWii7/10/2007
GN's Holiday Gift Guide 200412/2/2004
GamingNexus Gaming Memories Part 21/2/2009
GamingNexus Gaming Memories Part 112/31/2008
Gaming Nexus' Picks For Remaking One Game9/27/2006
Gaming Nexus Staff's Best of 20071/16/2008
Gaming Nexus IP Draft Part 2Multiple5/24/2007
Gaming Nexus IP Draft Part 1Multiple5/23/2007
Gaming Nexus Holiday Guide 200712/11/2007
Gaming Nexus Fall Preview 200910/7/2009
Gaming Nexus 2012 Holiday Gift GuideMultiple12/3/2012
Gamer Buy Curious?4/23/2007
Gamefly: One year later3/8/2004
G4 Merger Interview4/9/2004
Fracture InterviewMultiple8/5/2008
Four Directions8/17/2006
Five Games For Life7/15/2004
Felicia Day Interview2/18/2009
Fact or Fiction 11/19/200411/19/2004
Fact or Fiction 10/25/200410/25/2004
Fact or Fiction 1/12/20051/13/2005
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard InterviewMultiple2/27/2009
E3 Wrap up5/26/2005
E3 Day Two5/14/2004
E3 Day Three5/15/2004
E3 Day One5/13/2004
E3 Day 3 Impressions5/24/2005
E3 Day 2 Impressions5/21/2005
E3 Day 25/20/2003
E3 Day 1 Impressions5/20/2005
E3 Day 15/15/2003
E3 2006 Day Two5/12/2006
E3 2006 Day Three5/16/2006
E3 2006 Day One5/11/2006
E3 07: Day TwoMultiple7/14/2007
E3 07: Day ThreeMultiple7/19/2007
E3 07: Day OneMultiple7/12/2007
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 InterviewMultiple11/6/2006
Darkest of Days InterviewPC4/21/2009
Crackdown Interview3601/30/2007
Condemned 2: Bloodshot InterviewMultiple10/30/2007
Cities XL InterviewPC11/5/2008
Champions OnlineMultiple10/16/2008
Call of Duty 3 InterviewMultiple11/7/2006
Best and worst from the first half of the year8/22/2006
Battlefield 2 : Modern CombatMultiple10/25/2005
Attack on Pearl Harbor InterviewPC8/3/2007
Alienware Video Array Technology Interview6/7/2004
Alienware Interview3/18/2004
Ageia Interview8/7/2006
A look at DISCover: Part Two - Alienware6/11/2004
A look at DISCover: Part One6/9/2004
A Look Ahead At 20051/25/2005
2005 in Review1/13/2006
2005 E3 Preview5/12/2005
2003 Year in Review1/19/2004