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Our favorite games of 2013
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Amphitheater BT2
Review by: Dan Keener
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Razer Hammerhead Pro
Review by: Jennifer Yan
Razer announces a new mobile headset today and John goes ears on with the Hammerhead Pro. READ FULL REVIEW...

News Roundup - 12/10/2013

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Temple Run 2 expands with new gameplay.

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Temple Run 2 has been available on smartphones for quite some time now, but it's always nice when developers do some upgrades and add on content since it is somewhat rare in the mobile gaming world.  Imangi Studios announced today that an expansion of sorts will be available that will allow players to expand the world where you run as fast as you can from a hungry beast and have to explore water worlds or even play as Santa.  If you've never played Temple Run 2, you can pick it up for free to try it out on either iTunes or Google Play, depending on your type of smartphone.  The updates will be very similar in style to the regular game as getting further and earning coins will unlock more special items and features.


News Roundup - 12/09/2013

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News Roundup - 12/05/2013

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News Roundup - 12/04/2013

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News Roundup - 12/03/2013

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News Roundup - 12/02/2013

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News Roundup - 11/26/2013

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News Roundup - 11/25/2013

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My top 10 games of the last generation: 5. The Walking Dead

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This post will contain spoilers. 

When I first heard that a Walking Dead videogame was in development, I had no interest at all. That all stems from the fact that movie / TV show to videogame adaptations are usually terrible, and wouldn’t you know, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is terrible. Thankfully The Walking Dead from TellTale games is not terrible, it’s fantastic. I had never played a Tell Tale game before so I was excited to learn that the game was going to be an interactive videogame like Heavy Rain where your choices drive the narrative.

The best part of The Walking Dead was that I actually felt like I was in the zombie apocalypse. I felt like I was Lee and I based my choices and responses to different characters and events just like I would if the zombie apocalypse were actually happening. I saved Duck, I gave the children the very little food we had left, I tried to save Larry, I showed Lily mercy by allowing her back on the RV, I put Duck out of his misery, I decided taking food from a strangers car was wrong and in the end decided to reveal my zombie bite. These were all incredibly tough decisions that I felt like I had to make for the sake of the group, for the sake of Clem’s safety and because I felt like it was the right thing to do.

There were only a few other games this past generation that made me care about the characters in this game as much as The Walking Dead did. I did everything I could in my power to make sure that I kept Clementine safe because I felt like it was my job. I felt like it my job to protect that little girl from 

The Walking Dead was truly an amazing experience and I absolutely cannot wait to see what Season 2 has to offer next year. 

Sonic CD remix album available on OC Remix

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OverClocked Remix has recently released their 45th remix album, this one based on one of the greatest Sonic games ever made, Sonic CD.  The album, titled Temporal Duality, contains 38 tracks remixed by 39 artists that cover various songs from both the American soundtrack as well as the European/Japanese soundtrack (if you didn't know, the two versions have different soundtracks for most, if not all of the songs).  The album is being offered as a free download over at the OC Remix website, so if you're a fan of Sonic CD, head on over and give it a download.  Just a warning, it is a rather large download at 312MB.

Image courtesy of ocremix.org.

News Roundup - 11/21/2013

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News Roundup - 11/20/2013

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Logitech gives Apple gamers a helping hand with the PowerShell

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If you're one of those folks who enjoy playing games on your iPhone or or 5th generation iPod Touch, Logitech's got something that can make the experience a whole lot better.

Check out their PowerShell Controller + Battery, which gives you a D-Pad, four front facing buttons, and shoulder triggers. Your iPhone or iPod sits in the middle and it can recharge as well with an included 1500mAh battery that can double your phone's battery life expectancy. 

Cut outs are there so you can easily access your volume buttons and a window for your camera on the back. There's even a headphone jack so you can plug in your ear buds to game without disturbing others around you.

Logitech has a list of games that are currently compatible with it right now, and more are sure to follow. It will retail for $100 and you can pre-order it right now.

News Roundup - 11/19/2013

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News Roundup - 11/18/2013

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Apple slips in another iOS update with a big security fix

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After all the issues with the security flaw that highlighted the iOS 7.03 update, Apple slipped a quick update (iOS 7.04) through the five-hole this weekend to fix some bug issues and problems with FaceTime. However, the more interesting piece of this is the security patch for AppStore infrastructure. The security update mentions that it closes an issue where App and AppStore transactions may take place without full authorization. In other words, there were some instances where it was automatically charging accounts without having to sign in with your password. So next time you make a purchase, it looks like Apple added some additional purchase authorization layers, although they do not say what those are.

iOS 7.0.4
Bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail for some users.

iOS 7.0.4 Security Update
App Store

Available for: iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later

Impact: App and In-App purchases may be completed with insufficient authorization

Description: A signed-in user may be able to complete a transaction without providing a password when prompted. This issue was addressed by additional enforcement of purchase authorization.

News Roundup - 11/14/2013

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News Roundup - 11/13/2013

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New Farming Simulator 14 trailer showcases mobile agricultural experience

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Giants Software has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming mobile game, Farming Simulator 14. Improvements from last year's mobile predecessor includes improved visuals and double the amount of agricultural equipment including the brands of Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Kuhn, Amazone, and Krone. Check out the trailer attached below for a sense of the farming gameplay.

Farming Simulator 14 will be available for both smartphones and tablets through the iOS App Store and Google Play on November 18. For further details, visit the Farming Simulator series website.

News Roundup - 11/12/2013

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News Roundup - 11/11/2013

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  • Old-school FPS Wrack is now available on Steam early access 
  • SteelSeries announces the H Wireless Gaming Headset 
  • Day one PS4 title Warframe releases The Profit teaser 
  • Beta registration for Steam's In-Home streaming is now taking applicants 
  • [Need for Speed Rivals ] 9th degree car-fu blackbelt, and Need For Speed Advisor, Ken Block presents ultimate Gymkhana Grid course 

Blizzard's online card game Hearthstone going into open beta, coming to iOS and Android

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More announcements out of BlizzCon 2013, this time pertaining to Blizzard's online card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Even though the game is still in beta Blizzard announced today that Hearthstone will be coming to iOS and Android devices sometime in the second half of 2014. This is Blizzard's first big step into the mobile market, and Hearthstone seems like the perfect game for it.

If you are excited for Hearthstone, but still haven't managed to get into the beta there is good news for you as well. Blizzard also announced that open beta for Hearthstone will begin sometime next month, which will be an early Christmas for me since I still haven't managed to get in. 

BlizzCon will be going all weekend so expect plenty more Blizzard themed announcements in the coming days.

Source: ign.com

News Roundup - 11/07/2013

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Rift launches Update 2.5, Song of Dreams

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Trion Worlds has announced that Rift has recently launched Update 2.5, or known as the Song of Dreams, which introduces a new chapter of underwater gameplay and an assortment of other additions and improvements. The primary update features include:

  • Song of Dreams - A Mini-Saga that includes underwater gameplay.
  • Gifts of the Fae - A new Level-60 version of fan-favorite and reworked Telaran instances every week.
  • Iron Pine Peak revamped - The snowy vistas of Mathosia have now been reworked for levels 27-35.
  • Infinity Gate Dimension - The latest Dimension is inspired by the Infinity Gate, coupled with new items in expert dungeons.
  • Planar Attunement Next - All-new, PVP Tier 3.
  • Store Wish Lists - Bookmark your most wanted items.
  • International Shards - Bringing the EU gamers together and helping with language barriers.

Rift recently launched on Steam and is available now as a free-to-play game.