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News Roundup - 03/13/2014

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Nintendo partnering with Unity to court indie developers

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Next week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo will reveal their two pronged approach to expanding their library of indie games. First, they'll be showing off their Nintendo Web Framework development tool, and a new game demo that was made with elements from Mario vs. Donkey KongNWF promises to be a full-featured, user-friendly tool that will make developing games for the Wii U as simple and accessible as possible.

Nintendo is also trying to get rid of financial obstacles for small indie studios, so they've partnered with Unity, one of the most popular tools for indie developers. Authorized Wii U developers will be able to get a license that lets them develop with Unity Pro for the Wii U for free- so they won't have to worry about any license fees or end-user license fees. Steve Singer, the VP of Licensing at Nintendo of America had this to say:

"We want to demonstrate to developers how easy it is for them to bring their creative ideas to Nintendo systems...Nintendo offers wide-ranging support for indie developers, whether they want to use NWF, Unity or their own proprietary code."

If you're going to be at the GDC next week, Dan Adelman the manager of Business Development at Nintendo of America, will be at the Unity booth (No. 1402) on Thursday, March 20 from 10:45- 11:15 AM, showing the entire process of releasing games in the Nintendo eShop.

If you stop by the Nintendo booth at GDC, you'll be able to play these Unity-developed games on the Wii U:

If you want to learn more about Nintendo's efforts to hop on the indie train, you should check out Sean's other articles about Nintendo's indie releases so far, and the indie section of their eShop.


News Roundup - 03/12/2014

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News Roundup - 03/11/2014

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Naughty Dog and Wargaming team-up is decidedly un-naughty

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When was the last time you spent 24 straight hours gaming?  When it was over, did you feel good about yourself?  I've never done it, but I'd imagine that gaming for that long might leave one feeling something akin to one of those mornings where you tell yourself, "I am NEVER doing that again!" right before you projectile vomit near your nearest toilet.'

What Naughty Dog, Wargaming.net, Rooster Teeth, and Astro Gaming are putting together should at least leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling that hugs the pain away.  You see, Operation Supply Drop is holding their third annual fundraising event that raises money to send videogame care packages to our soldiers overseas in combat and in hospitals recovering from combat.

You can follow the jump to learn more.  Visit www.operationsupplydrop.org for details.  The event is being held during the 8-bit Salute on May 17-18, so you have a few months to build up you marathon-gaming skills.


Nintendo opens a website for indie games

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As if it wasn't clear enough already that Nintendo was serious about courting indie developers, the big N has set up a page of their website dedicated to indie titles. The revamped site covers all of the indie games you can get on both the Wii U and 3DS eShop. There are already a lot of great choices on show there, including classics like Cave Story, and newcomers like Steamworld Dig and Moon Chronicles.

Nintendo's mantra for the last few years has been bigger ideas, not bigger budgets, and it's nice to see them put their money where their mouth is. I've been losing interest in the AAA industry for quite a while now as the indie scene is where the really cool stuff is happening, so hopefully we'll see some of that show up on Nintendo platforms. Wouldn't it be wild to get No Man's Sky on the Wii U?


News Roundup - 03/10/2014

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New LEGO The Hobbit Trailer spoofs buddy-up heist flicks

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The latest trailer for LEGO The Hobbit takes a humorous look at the team you'll have assembled to go on your quest. In true LEGO game fashion there are plenty of jokes goofing on each character's adventurer genre tropes as well as some plain old slapstick. Check out the trailer below and wonder with me what the Italian Job or Ocean's 11(or 12 or 13) might look like with Middle Earth casting. 


Mario Kart 8 gets an awesome pre-order bonus in the UK and it's NOT FAIR

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If you're a citizen of the United Kingdom you can pre-order Mario Kart 8 and get a pretty awesome bonus in the retail version. The limited edition boxed set comes with a replica of the infamous blue spiny shell--essentially the BFG 9000 of Mario Kart. Naturally this is frustrating for me, an American gamer, as I'd LOVE a replica blue shell but for now, no dice.

So rejoice, UK gamers. You've won this round. But once I get my copy of Mario Kart 8 and take it online, it's payback time!

We get it, Nintendo. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is freaking hard.

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My main issue with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was that it was just too hard for its own good. Now Nintendo seems to be reveling in this fact, with a new trailer that demonstrates just how unfair their new platformer is.

Curiously, after writing my review I went back and played a few of the older DK Country games from Rare on the SNES, and even DK Land on the Game Boy. They're hard, no doubt about it, but I noticed I was dying a lot less--at least, not for no good reason. The old DK Country was brutal, but fair. Tropical Freeze however seems to delight in throwing dirty tricks and impossible curveballs at the player, requiring that dozens of 1-ups be sacrificed in grinding trial and error. Not the best game design, in my humble opinion.

Watch Dogs comes out May 27th

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Finally, we have a release date for Watch Dogs. The often delayed, highly anticipated title from Ubisoft will be on the store shelves May 27th, 2014. That's about two and a half months away.

Watch Dogs is hitting all of the current and previous gen platforms with the exception of the Wii and the Wii U version is delayed until who knows when. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wii U version gets cancelled outright, but hopefully they do make it for the Nintendo console.

Below is the story trailer for the game. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and as long as there are no more delays, (crosses fingers) we'll all be hacking with our cell phones come May 27th.

News Roundup - 03/05/2014

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News Roundup - 03/04/2014

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News Roundup - 03/03/2014

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[UPDATE] The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 launches March 4 on PlayStation 3 – Xbox 360 and iOS later

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[UPDATE: According to this tweet from developer Telltale Games, launch dates for The Walking Dead Season Two – Episode Two is as follows: PC/Mac on March 4, Xbox 360 on March 5, and iOS on March 6.]

The Walking Dead Season One put players in binds, episode after episode, for an entire harrowing five-episode run.

Season Two is no joke either, with Episode One not exactly out to get laughs. Now, we've got a launch date for Episode Two: A House Divided — it's tomorrow, March 4 — while we wait for the usual Telltale Games song and dance for release dates on the other platforms.

It should be on Xbox 360 and iOS the following day, March 5, but I'm only guessing. I know Sony probably handed over a bagfull of cash to get a 24-hour jump on the competition, but let's just go ahead and have the release calendar nailed down for the public when there's only 48 hours to go, ok, Telltale Games? It was cute having these at-the-last-minute launch announcements during Season One, but ithis routine's gotten old. Same goes for The Wolf Among Us. You're not in danger of overhyping when you give me a one or two-week launch announcement. I'm capable of managing my own hype levels, thank you.

By pressing the button below, you are certifying that you are 18 years old or older and you are of age to view the content.

I've already used "My name is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite news on the Internet"

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It was more than two years ago, but you can't really reuse headlines like that even when it's the BEST HEADLINE EVER given this particular circumstance, right?

What is this circumstance you ask?

Well, apparently there's been some internal discussion over at BioWare regarding the possibility of remastering the Mass Effect trilogy for the Xbox One and PS4.

I'll wait while you pull yourselves back together.......

We cool?  Good.

Anyway, according to geeknewsnetwork.net, a remastered next-gen redo of the ME trilogy is something that may happen.  I don't know about you all out there in reader-land, but I'm still playing the ME trilogy on the reg.  I have a date with Mass Effect 3 set for later today, in fact.  I would LOVE for this to happen.  I would be more graphic than that, but this is a family website.

However, this news leaves one wondering how, if at all, they'll change the fundamental gameplay of the original Mass Effect to better fit the style of the other two . As great as it was, the sequels definitely smoothed out some of the first game's rough patches. I'd love to see a Mass Effect with Mass Effect 3's combat engine. I can't imagine there's a single person out there who is a fan of the series who wouldn't want to see something like that.

However you feel about this news, we here at gamingnexus.com will definitely stay on top of this new because we love the Mass Effect trilogy here.

Amazing Spider Man 2 gets amazing spider-man pre-order bonuses

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What version of Spider Man are we on?  Is this the 249th reboot or the 3rd?  I can't keep track.  Also, has it always been "Spider Man" instead of "Spiderman?"  Did I miss a memo or something?

Anyway, Activision has announced today what gamers will get as their pre-order bonus if they pre-order The Amazing Spider Man 2 for one of the following platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. 

What do you get?  You get skins via the Web Threads Suit pack.  It contains the red and gold Iron Spider Suit, the blue and white Cosmic Spider-Man Suit (Where did that hyphen come from?), the Venom-like Black Suit, and the "pulp-style" Spider-Man (Another hyphen?) Noir Suit.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will swing into stores on April 29th for basically every system under the sun: PS4, PS3, XBO, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, and Window PC (via digital download only in North America).

For more details, check out www.TheAmazingSpiderMan.com and www.facebook.com/TheAmazingSpiderManGame.  

Ronimo is making Swords and Soldiers II

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Ronimo Games is known for their wide range and goofy twist, making waves originally with De Blob, Awesomenauts and then the well received Swords and Soldiers for mobile devices, 3DS, Wii and PS3. Now they're working on Swords and Soldiers II, which so far is a Wii U exclusive. The trailer doesn't reveal much besides that the first game's trademark humor is returning, but considering the original was one of the best indie strategy titles in a crowded market, the sequel is probably worth keeping an eye on. According to Ronimo, we'll see more at GDC, and then the game will be playable at PAX East.


The Road to EVO continues with SoCal Regionals this weekend

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As a fan of the fighting game scene (and a player that belongs nowhere near it) it's not often that I forget to watch a major tournament on the Road to EVO.  Thankfully I subscribe to LevelupLive on Twitch.  LevelUpLive is currnetly broadcasting day one of SoCal Regionals and tuning in right now you can check out the pools for Super Street Fighter IV AE, but they will be running multiple streams all weekend and featuring multiple games such as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, and more.

You can check out Shoryuken.com for more info on each of the streams as well as upcoming exhibition matches, and for those with amazing bandwidth capabilities you can check out all six streams at one.  You may laugh at the thought of Smash Bros. at a major tournament, but to be honest it's one of my favorite "fighting games" to watch aside from Street Fighter and Marvel.

News Roundup - 02/27/2014

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Gotta stream 'em all as Pokemon is about to hit Netflix

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Not too long ago we posted about a deal that Nintendo is doing where if you pick up a 3DS/2DS system and one of a few select games you can get a digital copy of Pokemon X or Y for free.  If you're a huge fan of Pokemon what can be better than that?  How about watching Pokemon while playing Pokemon?  If that's right up your ally, then you'll be happy to know that starting this Saturday you'll be able to stream the Pokemon animated series on Netflix.

According to the Pokemon website you'll be able to stream Pokemon Black and White and the very first season, as well as two movies: Pokemon Black: Victini and Reshiram and Pokemon White: Victini and Zekrom.  As a fan of the animated series I'm pretty happy to see the series finally hit Netflix, especially the Indigo League season as I watched that a lot going through High School.  Hopefully we'll see the other seasons soon.

News Roundup - 02/26/2014

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News Roundup - 02/25/2014

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Name a character in the next Skylanders game

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Activision and Frito-Lay are teaming up once again to hold a massive contest that marks the first time fans will get a chance to add content to the Skylanders franchise. Anyone 18 or older can go to the website and choose one of three potential characters for the next Skylanders game, and submit a name for them as well as a 200-character explanation for that name. Entries will be accepted until March 21, 2014- and then starting in May, there will be three heroes to choose from, each with a fan-created name. Fans will vote for their favorite, and not only will that hero debut in the next Skylanders game, but the contestant that created that name will be awarded a $100,000 scholarship. Frito-Lay is doing their part to promote the contest by putting out specially marked variety packs that include coupons for Skylanders swag, like $5 off a SWAP Force Starter Pack.

We all know what happens when we let the internet decide things; so I'm looking forward to seeing Lord Helix the Catmancer posing next to Spyro on the cover art.

News Roundup - 02/24/2014

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