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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
Review by: Cyril Lachel
Tidus and company's Final Fantasy adventure will make you forget all about Lightning's return. READ FULL REVIEW...
Toukiden: The Age of Demons
Review by: Matt Mirkovich
Matt visits the Age of Demons to see if Toukiden can topple the current champion of hunting monsters. READ FULL REVIEW...
Review by: Matt Mirkovich
Matt's picking up a virtual skateboard again with this indie gem for the PS Vita. READ FULL REVIEW...

Pixel Junk Shooter becomes the Ultimate game... literally

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Double Eleven continues to bring Q Games classic series to life again with updated releases on a variety of Sony’s platforms. This time around, they are taking a crack at the oh-so-awesome Pixel Junk Shooter saga. The developer has announced Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, due later this coming Summer.

PJS Ultimate is a combination of both PJS and PJS2 along with a variety of new and improved features. First off, the campaigns of both games have been combined into one, non-stop adventure, where you can utilize all of the various updated maneuvers and abilities across all chapters. The game is also including Cross-Play and Cross-save capabilities, an improved (balanced0 scoring system, revised HUD, and an improved look for the player’s ship.

Pixel Junk’s shooter games have been amongst my favorite in the PJ saga and even though I have played both countless times before on my PS3, I won’t hesitate to pick the new version up to play on the go on my Vita.

News Roundup - 03/05/2014

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News Roundup - 03/04/2014

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$750 version of Vlambeer's Luftrausers. What?

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Luftrauser, by Vlambeer and Devolver Digital is a dogfighting simulator (please God tell me they mean "aircraft" dogfighting and not that other kind) coming to the PS3, PS Vita, and PC/Mac/Linux via Steam.  It comes out on March 18.  You can download it for $9.99.  You can pre-order it on Steam and Humble for 10% discount right now.


You can also pick up the Luftrauser Air Raid Pack, but I think "pack" is the wrong word.  For $749.99 you can download one utterly DRM-free copy of Luftrauser AND 100 giftable Steam keys.  Of course, with this new found power comes new found responsibilities - namely, the recruitment of other rauser pilots.  If Twitter has a better purpose than facilitating mass Steam key giveaways, then I don't know what it is.  My Twitter feed is choked, CHOKED I TELL YOU, with Steam key and other code giveaways.  

I'm just beyond being surprised by anything Devlolver Digital CFO Fork Parker has his hands in at this point; that dude is simply deranged.

You can learn more www.LUFTRAUSERS.com,  and you can find Vlambeer and Devolver Digital on Twitter at @Vlambeer and @DevolverDigital.

Luftrauser - Gameplay Video from Rami Ismail on Vimeo.

News Roundup - 03/03/2014

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[UPDATE] The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 launches March 4 on PlayStation 3 – Xbox 360 and iOS later

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[UPDATE: According to this tweet from developer Telltale Games, launch dates for The Walking Dead Season Two – Episode Two is as follows: PC/Mac on March 4, Xbox 360 on March 5, and iOS on March 6.]

The Walking Dead Season One put players in binds, episode after episode, for an entire harrowing five-episode run.

Season Two is no joke either, with Episode One not exactly out to get laughs. Now, we've got a launch date for Episode Two: A House Divided — it's tomorrow, March 4 — while we wait for the usual Telltale Games song and dance for release dates on the other platforms.

It should be on Xbox 360 and iOS the following day, March 5, but I'm only guessing. I know Sony probably handed over a bagfull of cash to get a 24-hour jump on the competition, but let's just go ahead and have the release calendar nailed down for the public when there's only 48 hours to go, ok, Telltale Games? It was cute having these at-the-last-minute launch announcements during Season One, but ithis routine's gotten old. Same goes for The Wolf Among Us. You're not in danger of overhyping when you give me a one or two-week launch announcement. I'm capable of managing my own hype levels, thank you.

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Cel Damage getting an HD remake for Sony systems

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Do you remember Cel Damage? It was a Twisted Metal-esque battle racing game that released in 2001 for the GameCube, PS2, and Xbox. The reception for the game wasn't very positive, but I remember having a lot of fun playing splitscreen with friends, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Lucky for me and anyone else who remembers this game, Finish Line Games has announced an HD remake of Cel Damage for Sony systems that will release in April. It be cross buy across all three of Sony's current systems, and will have four player splitscreen on the console versions. No price has been mentioned yet. 

The game's cartoony graphics will likely hold up very well in HD, but I don't know if I feel as confident about the gameplay. I hope it stands the test of time, and I'm looking forward to playing this game with friends again. 

Source: ign.com

The Road to EVO continues with SoCal Regionals this weekend

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As a fan of the fighting game scene (and a player that belongs nowhere near it) it's not often that I forget to watch a major tournament on the Road to EVO.  Thankfully I subscribe to LevelupLive on Twitch.  LevelUpLive is currnetly broadcasting day one of SoCal Regionals and tuning in right now you can check out the pools for Super Street Fighter IV AE, but they will be running multiple streams all weekend and featuring multiple games such as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, and more.

You can check out Shoryuken.com for more info on each of the streams as well as upcoming exhibition matches, and for those with amazing bandwidth capabilities you can check out all six streams at one.  You may laugh at the thought of Smash Bros. at a major tournament, but to be honest it's one of my favorite "fighting games" to watch aside from Street Fighter and Marvel.

News Roundup - 02/27/2014

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News Roundup - 02/26/2014

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Four Persona titles coming to North America

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Late last year Atlus announced four new Persona games all at once during a Persona event in Japan. American Persona fans have had their fingers crossed for a few months now awaiting an announcement for North American, and yesterday we got it. Atlus has officially announced that all four of those Persona titles will be coming West over the next two years. The four games are:

PersonaQ: Shadow of the Labyrinth for Nintendo 3DS (Fall 2014)

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (Fall 2014)

Persona 4: Dancing All Night for PlayStation Vita (2015)

Persona 5 for PlayStation 3 (2015)

As you can see release date details are pretty sparse, especially for the highly anticipated Persona 5, but I'm just glad to know they are coming at some point. Click read more to check out the full press release for more information on all of these games. 

Source: Atlus


News Roundup - 02/25/2014

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News Roundup - 02/24/2014

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Meet the cast of Demon Gaze

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Demon Gaze is a role-playing game for fans of 3D dungeon delving and high-definition 2D Japanese character art. You play as Oz. You'll run amok against monsters, and run into an eclectic cast of characters back at the Dragon Princess Inn. There's the androgenous one, the boy that's a man one, the fawning schoolgirl one, and the oversexed buxom one, etc., etc.

Just kidding. Those are only stereotypes, but these screenshots alone aren't doing anything to shake up those standardized JRPG archetypes. Oh well. We love our western RPG stereotypes, too.

Lezerem can't keep his clothes on when he's drunk. Kukure is picky about women's backsides. Fran is the tightwad manager of the inn. Lancelorna is "mysterious" and looks after Oz, the main character. Prometh is also described as "mysterious," but more in a mortician-with-a-basement-full-of-skulls way.

Demon Gaze is scheduled for an April 22 launch on the PS Vita.


News Roundup - 02/20/2014

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Steamworld Dig heads to PSN

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Rusty has apparently broken through into PSN, as Steamworld Dig is arriving on the PS4 and Vita in March. Originally a 3DS eShop title and later ported to Steam, the steampunk-western robot mining adventure plays like a hybrid of Metroid and Spelunky. The game got rave reviews when it originally came out, so if you've been holding out to get it on a Playstation platform, you won't have to wait much longer.


News Roundup - 02/13/2014

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MLB 14: The Show coming to the PS3 and Vita on April 1 and PS4 in May

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No, it's not an April Fool's joke. Sony has finally announced the release date for MLB 14: The Show and it will be on the PlayStation 3 and Vita on April 1st. For those with a PlayStation 4, Sony has just said it will be released in the month of May.

Miguel Cabrera is the cover athlete, and deservedly so. He's had some monster couple of years lately. 50 new features will be in the game and an all new UI design for the PlayStation 4 version. Those with the PS3 and Vita versions will not get the new UI sadly.

Sony's pretty excited for the game debuting on the PlayStation 4 and who can blame them. The game looks really amazing from the screenshots and video. The Show is certainly one of the best sports games around and Sony's looking to hit it out of the park with the PlayStation 4 version.

There are items that can be picked up by earning Stubs. These Stubs can be purchased or you can play the game to earn them that way. Sony has said that the rate at which you can earn Stubs is generous, so let's hope this is true as I'd hate to see things that are nice to have be hard to get unless you pay money. 

I haven't payed The Show series in a few years, but I loved them when I did. You can bet I'm picking this one up once the PlayStation 4 version is released. 

News Roundup - 02/12/2014

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Ode to the Olympics: Information about the NHL and Olympics.

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Men's Hockey officially gets underway tomorrow at the Sochi Olympics, and while the games as a whole have seen its share of problems, Men's Hockey does not seem to be one of them.  Rosters are absolutely loaded with talent, top to bottom, and this infographic, provided by EA Sports and NHL 14, gives an awesome breakdown of how the NHL factors into the Olympics this year.  Here are some stats to note:

-          Two Canadians – Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby lead the scoring in NHL 14 with 4.3 Million and 3.5 million in-game goalsrespectively

-          Rounding out the top 5 in-game scoring leaders include:

o   Russia’s captain, Pavel Datsyuk - 3.0 million goals

o   United States’ Patrick Kane and Slovakia’s Marian Hossa – 2.7 million goals

o   Russia’s Evgeni Malkin – 2.2 million goals

-          Canada’s Roberto Luongo dominates as the most winning goalie in NHL 14 with 4.1 million wins

-          Another Team Canada goalie Carey Price is the second most winning in-game goalie with 1.5 million wins

-          The Finland team boasts the most players who have won Olympic medals (14)

The full infographic is below.


News Roundup - 02/11/2014

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