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The Last of Us might be coming to the PS4 this summer

by: John - - Add a Comment

One of the great games on the PlayStation 3 might be heading to the PlayStation 4 this Summer. Turkish site Multiplayer, a PlayStation exec told them that The Last of Us will be hitting the Sony console with improved graphics and all the DLC on one disc. Also, new content is being worked on for the port.

This is great news for those that might have missed out when it was first released and to have an already great looking game get an HD update is certainly pretty awesome. I hope that Sony is able to give those that already bought the game on the PlayStation 3 a discount for the PlayStation 4.

Now we await official word from Naughty Dog and perhaps some screenshots or video as I'd love to see what they can do with the added horsepower.

Thanks Engadget.

Wolfenstein: The New Order's release date changed for the better

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Normally, games delay their launch dates but this isn't the case for Wolfenstein: The New Order. Bethesda has announced that the game is being released two days earlier and will be globally launched on that day.

Originally launching on May 22nd in the United States and May 23rd in Europe, the game is now set for May 20th. And remember, if you pre-order the game, you get into the beta for the new DOOM game coming out.

So score one for the folks at Bethesda and MachineGames. Everyone will be able to kill Nazis sooner rather than later. The game is set to hit all platforms that are not from Nintendo in two months time. 

News Roundup - 03/25/2014

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Marie Rose now available in Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

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Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate's first DLC character Marie Rose has been released and is currently available to buy on the PS3. She will be available to buy on Xbox 360 tomorrow. 

Marie Rose will cost $5.99 and comes with five costumes including a School Girl, Gym Class, Naughty Nurse, Santa's Helper and Cheerleader outfit. All of the costumes will cost $1.99 or you can buy Marie Rose and all the costumes together for a discounted price of $12.99.

Hatsune Miku makes a PS3 and Vita encore this Fall

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Coming off a surprisingly successful release on PS3 last year, and Vita this month, Sega's bringing the next title in the Project Diva series, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd to the PS3 and Vita later this year. Scheduled for a fall release, Sega has posted an accompanying launch video on their Youtube channel and posted an announcement on their blog. The game will feature 40 songs, with some from previous releases, along with a few new tracks from familiar composers like Livetune and Ryo. Another surprise announcement, the game will feature physical releases for both the PS3 and Vita version. Pretty impressive there Sega, can't wait to see what you guys will be showing off when E3 rolls around.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC delayed on the PC

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I hope you weren't interested in playing the newest Battlefield 4 DLC, Naval Strike on the PC because you're going to have to wait a bit. The DLC has been delayed without word on when it will be released.

Naval Strike introduces four new maps and an emphasis on sea battles. Premium members were suppose to get access to it today. Unless you are playing on the console though, you won't be trying out the new maps, weapons, or vehicles that come with the DLC.

No word on what is causing the delay other than it's an issue they found with the DLC. I'm going to guess that this bug is bigger than the normal ones they let through and try to patch up later on. Because we know, anytime DICE releases an update or a DLC, the inevitable number of bugs comes along with it.

News Roundup - 03/24/2014

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Weekend News Roundup - 03/23/2014

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

High Voltage Software is developing Amazing Spider Man 2 for 3DS

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Well this is interesting. High Voltage Software, of The Conduit fame, is making The Amazing Spider Man 2 for the 3DS. HVS has a long history of doing licensed software and the Conduit series was one of their few original IPs, so it looks like they've gone back to what they know. There isn't much info on the 3DS port of the new Spider Man game yet, although we know for sure that it won't be an open-world sandbox game like the other versions. This is a little disappointing but understandable considering the weaker hardware of the 3DS, although I still would've liked to see HVS try a sandbox game on the portable. They definitely have the technical chops to pull it off.

I was always a little bummed that we never got a third entry in the Conduit series. They weren't the best games and they didn't sell all that well but I really enjoyed the corny, direct-to-dvd scifi feel they had. I wanted a third game just for the you've-got-to-be-kidding-me ending of the second one. Maybe if this new Spider Man game does well, we'll see HVS revisit a few of their older IPs.

New Amazing Spider Man 2 gameplay footage

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Beenox was on hand at GDC last week and apparently the Escapist was there to capture some new gameplay footage of The Amazing Spider Man 2. I really like what I'm seeing here--it looks like Beenox has built upon the foundation they established with the first game (which I really liked) instead of scrapping it all and starting over. There are some new enemy types, the combat looks more involved and supposedly the web-swinging is more realistic--no more swinging above the tallest buildings or central park, with webs apparently sticking to the skybox!

I am curious as to why the Escapist decided to dub the theme music from the Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy over this footage for, you know, the new movie game. Don't get me wrong, Danny Elfman's score for those movies was excellent, but they could've at least used James Horner's soaring theme from The Amazing Spider Man, or Gerard Marino's unique theme from the first game. Maybe somebody at the Escapist is still bitter about the reboot?

Geralt is back in The Witcher: House of Glass

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Exciting news, right?  Geralt of Rivia is one of the most interesting and unique characters in gaming today.  That probably stems from his previous existence as a book character in The Witcher novels that actually existed before the games.  

There's one catch thought, and that is reading.  You see, The Witcher: House of Glass is another entry into Dark Horse Comics's ever-expanding pantheon of graphic novel accompaniments to popular videogame series. You can read about it here.  You can also find it on iTunes and Google Play using their respective apps (iTunes, Google Play).  

The Witcher: House of Glass is out now.  For more details, follow the jump.  Also make sure you check out the first four panels of The Witcher: House of Glass included beneath the trailer. 


News Roundup - 03/20/2014

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New Deception IV: Blood Ties video shows off many sadistic ways to torture your enemies

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Deception IV: Blood Ties is scheduled to be released in North America next week on March 25th and TECMO KOEI America has released some new videos showing off the various ways to torture your enemies.

For those who don't know, in the Deception games, you pretty much set up and lure your foes into a giant Rube Goldberg contraption where they can be destroyed by rolling rocks, spiked walls, iron maidens, human cannons, falling bathtubs, banana peals and much more. Setting traps isn't enough as you will have to strategically place and combo the traps together for a high score. 

Players on the PS3 will be able to upload their combos online and challenge other players to beat their high score as well as the ability to upload your own or download other user-created missions. The PlayStation Vita version will include cross play and saves between the PS3 and Vita versions. 

I have never heard of this series and it makes me sad because this looks like a pretty entertaining game. I will absolutely check this out when it's released next week. 

Sacred 3 gets a trailer and a launch date

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Today, Deep Silver is revealing some details for their upcoming hack 'n' slash game Sacred 3. Below is a gameplay trailer that gives you a glimpse at the character classes in action, as well as a glimpse at the demonic forces you'll have to face. Sacred 3 is set to launch in North America on August 26 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC (Sorry, current-gen gamers) and will include the new Malakhim class as well as the Underworld Story DLC at launch. In Underworld, the players will fight their way through a tower, and at the end confront one of their rivals from Sacred 2, the Black Seraphim.


Take a ride on a train to Berlin in Wolfenstein: The New Order

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Bethesda has just released a new video for Wolfenstein: The New Order. The video shows BJ Blazkowicz on a train undercover and talking with Frau Engel. Frau's the leader of the women's wing of the Nazi party and she is pretty ruthless.

The scene shown was the same one I saw at E3, albeit with some changes to make it less uncomfortable. Not much action goes on, but you can see interaction and some story elements of the game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is due out May 20th on most platforms. Remember, those that get it will also be eligible to beta test the new Doom game.

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News Roundup - 03/19/2014

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Newest Battlefield 4 DLC coming to Premium members on March 25th

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I've still been logging a lot of Battlefield 4 time lately and even though the game still has more than it's share of bugs I have to admit that I'm a bit tempted to pick a premium membership as the new Naval Strike DLC looks pretty cool.

The new goodness will be available on March 25th, two weeks before the plebs without premium get it and it features the new Carrier assault mode to the mix.  If you played Battlefield 2142 this will be familiar to you as it's an "homage" to that game in that each team has a carrier that they must protect while working to destroy the other teams carrier.  The DICE folks have put up a blog post with more details if you want them.

In addition to the new mode you'll get four maps to play it on, five new weapons, two new gadgets, a new vehicle, and at least one or two more annoying bugs that will have to be fixed in an upcoming patch.  

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Call of Duty's first DLC pack, Onslaught, available to play free for the weekend on Xbox Live

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On the fence about buying the Onslaught DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts? Well Activision and Infinity Ward are going to be nice enough to allow you to demo the DLC pack at no cost as it will be available via a free trial this weekend on Xbox Live.

From Friday, March 21st to Monday, March 24th, Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers will be able to play the four new multiplayer maps, the new weapon and the first episode of the Extinction game mode for free. All you have to do is download the Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Pack 1 from the in game store and you are good to go. 

Unfortunately, as with all Call of Duty DLC, PC and PS3/PS4 players will have to wait for the DLC trail as it will arrive at a later date. 


One of Southern California's last great arcades needs your help!

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I've written a few news posts about Super Arcade before, but this one is of utmost importance. Mike Watson, owner and manager of Super Arcade, is in dire straits, and needs the help of the fighting game community along with gamers at large, to help fund some much needed improvements to the twenty year old establishment to keep it relevant against some of the big-box arcades that have popped up recently.

Watson has taken to Kickstarter in an attempt to raise funds that will help improve the venue and make it a relevant location for gamers for years to come. Of the planned improvements, there will be a new stream station that is currently manned by IE Battlegrounds, new console set-ups that gamers can come in and play on. A new front desk and service counter, new floors, and hilariously enough, a new bathroom (if you've been there before you know that this is a huge deal). 

Details on what your donation will get you can be found on the Kickstarter page, along with more information about what is to be done with any funds raised. There's plenty of time left for the Kickstarter, but without donations, not a whole lot of time left for the arcade.

Three new images for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two

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We're just a little less than one week away from Irrational Games' final product, BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two. The story finishes as you play through the eyes of Elizabeth and meet up with old friends of Rapture.

From what I've read, you can finish the DLC without using any deadly force, a challenge that some might want to take up. So, will that crossbow that Elizabeth help? As long as there are some non-lethal darts for it. It is a more stealth-based DLC, so patience will be of the essence when playing as Elizabeth. 

News Roundup - 03/18/2014

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Guitar Hero, Band Hero, and DJ Hero DLC will no longer be purchasable after March 31, 2014

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Are you still playing Guitar HeroBand Hero, or DJ Hero games? Been holding off on buying some DLC? Well, you have until the end of this month to do so.

Guitar Hero's Facebook page has announced that all the DLCs will no longer be available after the end of this month. Servers will still be available and past purchases will still be accessible, but you won't be able to pick up any DLCs come April 1st.

If you are looking to round out your DLC library, some items will be up to 50% off so there's a nice deal to be had there. 

I remember playing the first Guitar Hero on the PlayStation 2 and how captivated I was with the game even though I had no musical ability whatsoever. It was such a nice series early on. It has been a while since any new DLC came out for the these games so it was inevitable that we see things like this start to happen. 

First trailer for FIFA 2014 World Cup is now available for viewing

by: Sean Cahill - - Add a Comment

We're just three months away from Brazil hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the tournament to decide the world champion of association football.  EA Sports, having obtained the license for the World Cup, has released the first trailer for the officially licensed game FIFA 2014 World Cup.  While FIFA 14 actually includes the World Cup as part of both versions of career mode (Manager or Player), this is a standalone game that will feature new animations and build upon the modes that are already included in FIFA 14.  Check out the trailer below, and also be sure to make your way over to the official blog and site for the game, which can be found here.


Devolver Digital celebrates GDC with a huge indie games sale

by: Chuck - - Add a Comment

You have to give credit to the marketing folks at Devolver Digital as their sales page for their GDC sale is a riot as they feature quotes from the developers about their relationship with Devolver.  You'll gain keen insight into how Devolver works while saving a ton of money on games like Broforce, Shadow Warrior, Luftrausers, and Hotline Miami.  

There are lots of good deals to be had, especially on Luftrausers and Shadow Warrior (a game that Sean and I both loved).  Here are a few of the quotes to get you started.  

News Roundup - 03/17/2014

by: Jeremy - - Add a Comment
  • Curious what Metroid on the NES is like with minimal upgrades? I attempted to find out.
  • Garden Warfare getting some free DLC on March 18th
  • Marc Whitten leaves Microsoft for Sonos
  • Adam Isgreen gives us a sneak peak at Sadira's alternate costume in Killer Instinct
  • Smooth McGroove makes Super Mario Bros. 2 even more awesome
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 4...mobile.. *sigh* - UPDATE Yes, there will be a PC Version -
  • Let's kick some balls: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil official gameplay trailer
  • Gauntlet making a comeback on the PC
  • Watch two guys try to create a game in 48 hours