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Persona 4 coming to PS3 as a PS2 classic

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Rumors that the critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 would be coming to the PlayStation 3 in some form were confirmed yesterday when the game's publisher, Atlus, announced that Persona 4 would be come to the system as a downloadable PS2 Classic. If you are excited to buy the game on PS3 you are in luck; it releases on April 8th with a price tag of $9.99.

When i first heard the news of Persona 4 coming to PS3 I secretly hoped that they were porting the Vita version, Persona 4 Golden, rather than the original PS2 release. While it would have been nice to see the expanded version of the game ported instead, Persona 4 is an amazing game regardless of which version you play. If you haven't given it a shot $9.99 is an incredible price for one of the best RPGs ever made. 

Source: polygon.com

Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC is out today

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation is out today and includes a ton of crazy stuff.  New maps, a new weapon, a new episode of Extinction, and the Predator are all included.

If that's not enough, NFL stars AJ Green and LeSean McCoy will go against one another to commemorate the release of Devastation.  

However, as a Cincinnati native, I think AJ Green should focus on being part of a football team that can win a playoff game before the heat death of the universe rather than publicly gaming, but I digress....

You can pick up Devastation for  $14.99 and it's also available as part of the CoD: Ghosts season pass.

For complete details, follow the jump.  You can learn more at www.activision.com, www.callofduty/ghosts.com, www.facebook.com/callofduty, and @InfinityWard 


We're gonna need a bigger boat in Battlefield 4

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There were rumors that a Megalodon was hiding around in Battlefield 4. Well, it was a rumor til recently. With the release of Naval Strike DLC, the enormous shark is now a reality.

In the video below, you can see the giant shark come out of the water and lay waste to everyone in the water. It looks mighty impressive jumping out of the water. Now, we'll have to see if you can take out the Jaws wannabe.

Thanks Kotaku.

The villains of The Amazing Spider Man 2

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Beenox has a slick new trailer for The Amazing Spider Man 2, this time focusing on the villains you'll face. We've known that the Kingpin was going to be one of the major players, but now we find out that he's hired Black Cat to kill Spidey! Talk about an awkward date. I'm glad they have Black Cat returning as she was pretty memorable in the first game and I enjoyed the flirtatious exchange between her and Spider Man. Of course we're also getting Electro, Kraven and the Goblin too, but the game is supposedly its own story that occasionally overlaps with the plot of the film.

I'm a little iffy on the voice actor they have portraying Kingpin, but then again nobody could do better than the late, great Roscoe Lee Brown from the 90's animated Spider Man series. 

I think it's unfair that a lot of people are writing this game off as "just another licensed game," because the first one was pretty damn good and Beenox has been public about improving everything people complained about last time. Personally I just keep getting more excited for this one.

Source: IGN

News Roundup - 04/03/2014

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Nintendo Download for 4/3/2014: The Advance generation has arrived.

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We've heard about it for a while now, but Game Boy Advance games have started to arrive on the Wii U Virtual Console in this week's Nintendo Download, and we start off with Metroid Fusion, Advance Wars, and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.  If you're a fan of their respective genres/series, definitely pick these up.  Hopefully this trend will continue in the weeks to come.

Also on the Wii U we now have Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition, and you can get $5 off of Dr. Luigi if you own Dr. Mario from the Virtual Console.  For the 3DS we have Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and Super Monkey Ball 3D hitting the eShop.  Super Monkey Ball 3D is a fun game, but kind of annoying if you use the gyroscopic controls to control the ball since it's hard to focus on the screen if you're constantly tilting it all over the place.

GTA V Spring Update details

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Springtime is a time of renewal and rebirth.  Grand Theft Auto V is taking that hoary old idea to heart with a major update coming out this spring.

The update includes the new Capture Creator that will allow gamers to make their own Capture Jobs, Deathmatches, and Races.  It will give you full control over many of the characteristics that define those event.

The High Life Update offers new high-end apartment options, the Bullpup rifle, new clothes, new super luxurious vehicles, and the ability to own multiple properties in GTA Online.  You can also check your mental state with a new stat that tracks just how psycho you are.

That's only a small sampling of the springy goodness coming to GTA V is the near future.  For full details, follow the jump. 


Now Loading from CD102.5

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Thursday means it is time to check in with Joe Jewett down in the Brewery District to run down this week's biggest releases. We had to rush through things a bit today in order to cram in all three games that I wanted to talk about: MLB 14 The show, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Goat Simulator.

News Roundup - 04/02/2014

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Now Loading for the week of March 31, 2014

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This is definitely a week for PC gamers as one of the most anticipated MMORPG games in history is finally launching. No more Oblivion; no more Skyrim; the Elder Scrolls are now online! Alternatively, if questing isn’t your thing, you could always turn to life as a goat in Goat Simulator. Seriously, how do you pick between these two?

This week’s full list includes:

Batman: Arkham Origins - Deluxe Edition available for download

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition ports the handheld title to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. The digital download of the game is available as of yesterday and include improved visuals, a new map system, and different difficulty levels. While I wasn't completely enamored with this installation in the Batman: Arkham franchise, it could be cool to check out the new batsuits and changes to see how it effects gameplay. 


Game of Thrones intro done with Skyrim cities

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Game of Thrones has a really cool intro if you've never seen it. It's also a pretty damn good series to watch.

Well, someone has taken that really great intro and used Skyrim cities instead. It took him about two years to do this and it's really well done for a solo effort. Makes me want to go back into the world of Skyrim, but I know I'd get lost for weeks on end if I do.

News Roundup - 04/01/2014

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News Roundup - 03/31/2014

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Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition is here

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If you missed the handheld spinoff of Arkham Origins (like I did), you now have the opportunity to experience it in HD on the home console of your choice. Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate: Deluxe Edition is now available and translates last year's Batman Metroidvania adventure to consoles with refreshed textures, controls and extra features. I'll be interested to check this out, particularly on Wii U. That said, I wish Warner Bros Interactive would put some money toward patching the game-breaking bugs in Batman Arkham Origins before porting other games.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation Gameplay Trailer

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With the release of the second DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts only days away (April 3rd) on Xbox Live (timed exclusive), here is a little teaser with a new gameplay trailer.  The Devastation DLC introduces a whole slew of new items, weapons and a new episode.  However, there is one surprise, as the DLC will let you play as the Predator (2:20-2:30 of the trailer).

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Alien: Isolation gets a release date

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SEGA has officially announced the release date for their upcoming survival horror shooter Alien: Isolation. The game will be released globally for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 7th. The game's developer Creative Assembly wants the game to feel more like the Alien movies than previous games have, where the player actually fears the Xenomorphs rather than just constantly facing them in head to head combat.  

I avoided Aliens: Colonial Marines after hearing all of the negative press around that game, but I enjoy survival horror games from time to time. If there isn't much else out around the time Isolation releases maybe I will check it out. 

Source: ign.com

Amazing Spider Man 2 gets a developer walkthrough

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We've seen some gameplay footage in the past few weeks for The Amazing Spider Man 2, but now creative director Thomas Wilson does a full developer walkthrough of some NY city web swinging and one of the game's stealth missions. So far I really like what Wilson and his team at Beenox have done to improve the very solid foundation they established with the previous game.

The stealth gameplay and takedowns look much smoother, there seems to be a much greater variety of side missions and the more realistic web swinging should add some strategy to traversing Manhattan. I'm also excited that they have so many different costumes to unlock and upgrade, which was one of my favorite features from the last game. So far this game looks like it could top even Treyarch's original Spider Man 2, which is a fan-favorite. All I know is that the wait until late April when this game comes out will be particularly hard for this true believer.

Watch Mike Tyson knock dudes out to Balrog's Street Fighter sound effects

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I'd forgotten just how lightning fast Mike Tyson used to be. Here's are clips of Tyson in the ring against various opponents, layered with Balrog's sound effects from the Street Fighter series. (You'll also see that the person making the video typed in the name "Mike Bison," which was Balrog's name in Japan before it was changed to Balrog. And before M. Bison took the name. Whatever. Watch Mike Tyson put some people on the ropes.)

PlayStation Plus April rewards include Mercenary Kings and Batman: Arkham City

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For members of the PlayStation Plus service each months reward announcement must be some kind of miniature celebration. Sony proves month after month that they have the best reward service around, and this month is no different. The star of this months line-up is the brand new indie game Mercenary Kings for the PS4, developed by Tribute Games. This game hasn't even released on PS4 yet, meaning that PS4 owners are pretty much getting a brand new game. PS3 owners will be able to download Batman: Arkham City, Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark, and Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Vita owners get Velocity Ultra and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD. If you own all three systems you will be getting six, count em six! games things month. 

I have yet to join the PS+ master race, but that free copy of Mercenary Kings is calling my name. I can't deny how good this service is becoming, so I guess its about time I join up. 

Source: blog.us.playstation.com

Hellraid video and blog posts detail AI animations

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Hellraid, the first-person slasher coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, has a new video showing off some of the enemy AI actions. These include normal attacks, counter-attacks, and even taunts. At the end you'll even catch a glimpse at some of the gameplay you can expect from the upcoming title. 

And if you're looking for even more info on the enemy AI and how it was developed by the team check out the cool and informative two part blog post here and here


News Roundup - 03/27/2014

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Game modes revealed for FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

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The World Cup is right around the corner.  We know the group stage and what countries are paired up, and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 will allow players to enjoy every bit of it in game form.  Ten game modes in total will be available for players to choose from, which are highlighted in the video below.  Included in these game modes will be the enjoyment of playing in all of the stadiums in Brazil, regardless of whether they are actually finished in time for the real tournament.  Take some time out and check out the video to see what this special football title brings to the table!


News Roundup - 03/26/2014

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The Last of Us might be coming to the PS4 this summer

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One of the great games on the PlayStation 3 might be heading to the PlayStation 4 this Summer. Turkish site Multiplayer, a PlayStation exec told them that The Last of Us will be hitting the Sony console with improved graphics and all the DLC on one disc. Also, new content is being worked on for the port.

This is great news for those that might have missed out when it was first released and to have an already great looking game get an HD update is certainly pretty awesome. I hope that Sony is able to give those that already bought the game on the PlayStation 3 a discount for the PlayStation 4.

Now we await official word from Naughty Dog and perhaps some screenshots or video as I'd love to see what they can do with the added horsepower.

Thanks Engadget.