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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
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World of Tanks to add brand new game modes

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World of Tanks just continues to get better and better.  Wargaming has announced the future addition of Fortifications, Historical Battles, and Garage Battles.

Fortifications will allow clans to build structures that offer bonuses like money or XP bonuses.  Clans will be able to fight over these building.

Historical Battles is just what it sounds like.  The new dev diary details just how tough the process of balancing Historical Battles has been.

Further in the future is Garage Battles.  Garage Battles will see two players fighting with several tanks fielded in sequence.  Basically, you will be able to disgorge your garage against your opponent.  It's more complicated than that of course, but the word "disgorge" is funny.

For more details, and links to the sign-up pages, follow the jump.  


Diablo III gets a hotfix for looting

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I'm happy to see Blizzard making these improvements to Diablo III. So far, almost everything they've done has been a vast improvement since the game first came out.

That said, today a hotfix is going out to all the servers today to change up some of the mechanics of looting. Unique monsters are going to drop less loot, but that's OK.  Chests are also going to be less frequent, but again, that's going to be OK.

The chances of finding a legendary item will now double when you are in a rift, making those areas a lot more profitable to farm. Now, folks are going to be more apt at doing rift runs over killing unique monsters when trying to farm for better gear.

Kadala is also getting a change as she's going to be more apt at giving you a legendary when you trade in blood shards. Good, because I've probably gotten one so-so legendary from her after giving her about 500 shards. I'm glad she's getting an increase in chances of giving out a good item.

All servers in all regions should be updated by the end of the day today.

News Roundup - 04/09/2014

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Have you always wanted to go to prison, but didn't want that nasty black mark on your permanent record? Or maybe you just really miss The Wire, and Netflix doesn't have enough episodes of Lock Up: RAW to slate your thirst for crime-based entertainment. Well, good news! You can back Prisonscape on Kickstarter and get that prison life RPG you've always wanted.

Prisonscape promises to be gritty and uncompromising- you'll be able to craft weapons out of everyday items, take on jobs for gangs, and eventually gather your own henchmen to back you up in combat. You'll be able to build your character into a fighter, a manipulator, a craftsman, or just a scummy low-down snake. Gain and lose reputation by doing jobs for different gangs- or by snitching to the guards.

Right now, it's only an $11 pledge to get a DRM-free copy of the game, $15 if you want early access to the Beta. If you're interested in getting access to modding tools, or adding your own content into the game you can always pledge more.

If you want more info, you can check out the Heaviest Matter and Prisonscape websites and Twitter, or just go straight to their Kickstarter page. If you're interested, make sure you at least vote for Prisonscape's Greenlight campaign on Steam. If all goes well, Prisonscape should be out by December 2014.

Broaden your horizons with The Pirate Bay Bundle

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Thankfully, the argument over whether videogames qualify as art seems to be dead; because there are few things more pedantic than a room full of artists arguing over what forms of self-expression qualify as 'art'. The simple truth is, videogames are so much more than a way to stave off the acute boredom that comes with living in the first world.

If you frequent websites like Kongregate, Game Jolt, and Indie Database you've probably come into contact with some of the weird, esoteric games that come from the minds of indie developers. Some of them are pixelated mini-masterpieces that give you insight into the creators mind- others are malformed golems wrought from MS paint files and ideas that were hastily scrawled on beer-soaked napkins.

Thanks to the microgame curator known as Moshboy, there is now The Pirate Bay Bundle. Which is,

"A torrent containing one hundred small, weird, free (mostly ignored) videogames that you probably haven't played made by well over one hundred passionate game makers. Some were made for game jams, others were made just because, some are made by celebrated game makers, many are made by folks that you don't know."

Not all of these games are going to be your cup of tea- but if you're wanting to try something new with as little commitment as possible, there's likely going to be something for you in there somewhere. There's arty games, silly games, games with great ideas behind them, games that seem to require as little thought as possible, games about cats, games about grandmas, games about escaping from an atomic bomb on a rowboat, and so, so, so much more.

You can download and get more info about The Pirate Bay Bundle here, or if you have slow internet/no torrenting software you can take a look at the manual list and play them one at a time.

A new Borderlands is coming this year called the Pre-Sequel

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Want more guns and loot? It's coming with a brand new Borderlands game. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is set in a time before the two Borderlands games. Below we have some alpha footage of what 2K Australia is working on.

Yup, Gearbox isn't doing this one as they've handed development of this one to 2K Australia. The video shows some of the new classes and environments. Claptrap will be playable in the game, so let's hope we hear some nice quips while he's doling out punishment. 

One near feature is a ground pound where you can fly or float above someone in the low gravity environments, press the crouch button, and come down on them to stun or kill them.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is coming for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Yup, no Xbox One or PlayStation 4, which is kind of interesting. I wouldn't be surprised though if it does come out for the two consoles later on down the road.

SW: The Old Republic update 2.7 is live

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So I got burned by that April Fools Day gag involving EA and BioWare "announcing" Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3.  I was burned by it because I heard about it days later on the least fact-checked podcast ever.  

I promise you that none of that residual bitterness will drip onto this news about Star Wars: The Old Republic and the release of its new update 2.7, called Invasion.

In list form, because if Buzzfeed is to be believed, list-form is the only form news can take, here is what you'll get in the Invasion update:

1. New level 55 story called Forged Alliances in which two new Flashpoints reside.

2. Galactic Starfighter's Battle Zone - Denon Exosphere

3. Nightmare Mode Operation.  You'll revisit the Dread Fortress and its five bosses complete with the new Nightmare Power and a new loot tier.

4. Huttball on Quesh with a new vertical layout.

To learn more, follow the jump.  


Disruptor Beam teases Star Trek Timelines

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Disruptor Beam, developer behind the mobile title Game of Thrones Ascent, has announced they're working on Star Trek Timelines. They've announced the game with probably my least favorite kind of teaser trailer--"here's the game's logo everybody!"

The game itself is a strategy RPG for mobile and web platforms. Supposedly it will allow you to explore the galaxy alongside characters from all four original series: TOS, Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager. The developers are stressing this is a story focused game that will explore important decisions and moral dilemmas, which in my opinion is what Star Trek did at its best. In a lot of ways this sounds like Star Trek Infinite Space, a similar web game that had the legendary Okudas involved but was sadly cancelled in 2012.

I'm a little bummed that it's only for mobile devices, but after the disastrously bad big budget tie-in game for Star Trek Into Darkness, I'm not surprised they're going smaller with this one. I'm cautiously optimistic, as Disruptor Beam seems to get what Star Trek is about--exploring difficult questions by way of science fiction--which is more than I can say for the J.J. Abrams movies, which were a lot of flash, camp and spectacle but ultimately left me cold.

The game is in early development but hopefully we'll hear more about it soon...and get a more substantial trailer! 


News Roundup - 04/08/2014

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Arma 2 Free servers shutting down in two weeks, regular Arma 2 on sale

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If you never played Arma 2 Free, it's almost too late. Developer Bohemia Interactive will shut down the servers on April 22, nearly three years after Arma 2 Free was first announced. As a thank you to their supporters, Bohemia Interactive is putting their entire collection of Arma 2 and Arma 2 downloadable content on sale at 75 percent off. That lands the Arma 2: Complete Edition at $9.99, which includes everything you need (and more) to play the DayZ mod. Sale ends May 4.


Awesome new Hotline Miami 2 trailer

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Check out the new Hotline Miami 2 trailer where you can apparently dual wield machine guns and use two special characters at once. Brutal.


Now Loading for the week of April 7, 2014

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This week is all about pressure... on Microsoft that is! It’s a given that the new LEGO The Hobbit game will entertain fans of Tolken’s classic franchise and gamers alike, but how will both a new generation of the Kinect Sports franchise and a last-gen version of Titanfall fare with fans? I can speak from personal experience that Kinect Sports Rivals is an admirable addition to the franchise, despite some speedbumps along the way. AS for Titanfall, we shall have to wait and see...

This week’s lineup:

Marvel heroes coming to Disney Infinity

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Disney Infinity does some cool things with the main thing being having a boatload of Disney characters from different movies interacting with each other. Disney picked up Marvel not too long ago and it looks like those comic book icons going to be coming to the game.

The preview shows Captain America's shield ricocheting around the town around various Disney characters. We'll have to wait to see what heroes the first wave brings us, but I'm guessing the entire Avenger's cast will be available in the first round.

Now with the Marvel heroes in the fold, how long before we see Star Wars characters in the game as well?

Multiple goats coming to Goat Simulator

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Online multiplayer is sort of, well, too much work for Goat Simulator because it would take a rewrite of much of the game to sync correctly over the Internet because of the physics engine being used. But hey, good news is coming to folks that want to play with another goat friend.

Coffee Stain Studios is releasing a patch in May to offer up split screen multiplayer. While it's not online, you and a friend and sit next to each other and cause havoc with a goat of your choice. I'm sure many laughs will come out of this when playing with someone next to you.

That's not all as a new map, new goats, and new achievements will also be in this free patch. Yes, free. 

Goat Simulator's only $10, which you can get on Steam.

Anomaly Defenders: the world's first reverse tower offense game

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Even though I'm pretty sure that "reverse tower offense game" really just means "tower defense game,"  I'll give 11 bit Studios the benefit of the doubt with Anomaly Defenders.

If you've played Anomaly: Warzone Earth or any of its expansions and/or sequels then you have some idea what to expect.  The big difference is that you are in control of the aliens you were fighting against in the earlier games as they defend their homeworld from humanity's counter-attack.

For more details, follow the jump.


News Roundup - 04/07/2014

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Indiecade 2011 Finalist, Hero Generations, is going Kickstarter

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This is a wonderful little game—with a sadly forgettable name. But do try to remember it: Hero Generations. Scott Brodie is the one-man show that put together this "five-minute Civilization roguelike," becoming a finalist in Indiecade 2011. Brodie made the game for his son, but now Brodie's back on this particular track and wants to give Hero Generations extra time and attention. To do so, he's humbly asking for your dollars on Kickstarter.

In Hero Generations you begin the lineage of what is to become your family tree's legacy. You grow up, you adventure, you grow old, you settle down. With the mate you found, you breed your family's next generation, and that little squirt gets to carry on your legacy—for better or worse. The countryside is sprinkled with wonders and dangers, and confronting or fleeing these wonders and dangers brings you money and fame, or the opposite, in some cases. Every step you take ages you one year, so every move you make is vital, especially as you become an elder with your last few years rushing by like the whitewater river gushing in the background.

I've played a slightly updated version of Hero Generations, and I'd spread the link like wildfire if Brodie wasn't keeping it on the D.L. for now. But Hero Generations is stunning and heartfelt and meaningful and asks you to make choices that matter.


Two new characters revealed for Transformers Universe

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Transformers Universe has two new bot trailers showcasing some of the cool moves and abilities these characters will have in the upcoming MOTA.

Check out the Decepticon Shellshock trailer here: 

And the Autobot Catapult trailer here: 


Weekend News Roundup - 04/04/2014

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Alien: Isolation sounds really scary

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If you don't think sound is a major (major!) component to horror games, then you shouldn't (should not!) be making horror games. But thank our lucky stars, The Creative Assembly knows. And they're putting that knowledge into Alien: Isolation. Authenticity is their drive, and access to the original audio recordings from the 1979 movie is a big contributor to that chase.

A full orchestra. Minor key tonalities. Boots stomping fruit husks. Good stuff.

Alien: Isolation will be making people pee their pants on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 7.

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Nash 20 now available from Mionix

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Building upon the news of their new partnership with SK GamingMionix has officially released the Nash 20 gaming headset for purchase worldwide.  Our coverage of the headset at CES 2014 obviously showed our excitement for the product as it was designed not just for sound quality, but for comfort.

The biggest highlight of the Nash 20 is undoubtedly the memory foam earpieces that are designed to ensure that long gaming sessions are never uncomfortable.  My time with this product at CES 2014 left me wanting for more time with it hands-on.

The Nash 20 is available on Mionix.net for $150.25 plus shipping and handling.

SK Gaming and Mionix announce partnership

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Just a couple of months ago, we had full coverage of Mionix at the International CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We showed off the entire line of products that Mionix was bringing to the table.  After two consecutive strong showings at the largest technology show in the world, Mionix now has a partnership with SK Gaming to make two companies even stronger.  In a press release on their website, SK Gaming made the partnership formal.

We at SK Gaming are more than pleased to announce the most recent addition to our lineup of sponsors as Mionix will become the official supplier of mice, mousepads, and keyboards in 2014.

The Swedish manufacturer of gaming peripherals for PC gamers has grown massively in the last year and is one of the favorite companies when it comes to quality, design, and performance.

Congratulations to both companies as this partnership can only mean good things for the industry as a whole.

HI-Rez announces their plans for SMITE eSports for the rest of the year

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The big $200,000 launch tournament for SMITE came to an end last weekend but that doesn't mean that the fun is going to stop anytime soon. Throughout the rest of the year, SMITE will play a big part in eSports and will host a number of tournaments and qualifiers throughout the year. 

Hi-Rez gave us the run down on what is currently planned for the rest of the year in a recent blog post on their website. 

  • April 2014: Partner Tournaments
    One-off, partner sponsored tournaments will be played for the remainder of the month of April.
  • May - July 2014: Qualifiers
    Qualifier weekend tournaments (NA on Saturdays, EU on Sundays) allow teams to earn points toward the invite-only regional LANs
  • August 2014: Regionals
    Regional LAN tournaments with sizeable prize pools will be played - One in North America and one in Europe. Four teams will be invited per region from the qualifier weekly tournaments. The top 2 finishers of each Regional LAN will qualify for the Playoff events in November.
  • Late Fall: Wildcard Qualifiers
    Other teams will still have an opportunity to get to Playoffs through Wildcard Qualifiers in late fall.
  • November: Playoffs
    And Then
    ....Playoffs determine entry for an even larger event, our largest event to date, in early 2015.

Details about Age of Wonders 3's level editor revealed

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Triumph Studios launched the level editor for Age of Wonders III worldwide earlier this week and the launch was pretty successful.  The editor allows players to create their own single player and multi-player scenarios as well as their own heroes and campaigns complete with story cut-scenes using their own art assets and voiceovers.  Pretty powerful stuff.  Imagine something like that in a WWE game, using your own voiceovers to create your own promos...but I'm getting off track.

Triumph Studios has released a video that goes into detail about the video editor and give you an idea about how it works.  If you're into the Age of Wonders series, this definitely looks like it would be fun to play around with.



Moral ambiguity abound in Always Sometimes Monsters

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I first heard about Always Sometimes Monsters through an article on Polygon about it's inception and inspiration. What started as a fun idea for a travel blog about hitchhiking across the U.S. to meet up with game developers turned to a life changing event for Justin Amirkhani. His travel narrative took a dramatic shift from focusing on games to surviving on the road, and the kinds of people you inevitably meet living a transient lifestyle. After talking to Nigel Lowrie of Devolver Digital, Amirkhani distilled his experiences into Always Sometimes Monsters

ASM is a roleplaying game that focuses on interaction, rather than combat. You'll choose your character's race, gender, and sexual preference, which determine how other people perceive and treat you. You'll live through the common denominators and the unique hardships that define us all. Your choices and actions will alter your story. Even with the best intentions, it's difficult to know when you've made the right decision, and who your actions will hurt. You've lost the love of your life, will you be able to win them back? When you look back at everything you've done, will it even matter?

As someone who still tears up at the mere mention of To The Moon, I can't wait to see how badly Always Sometimes Monsters is going to affect me.

Always Sometimes Monsters will be available through Steam and the Humble Store on May 21, and you can currently pre-order it for only $8.99- 10% off the regular price. If you want more info, or just want to be updated on it's progress, you can check out their page on the Devolver Digital website and Twitter @VagabondDog.