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Our favorite games of 2013
Article by: The GN Staff
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Review by: Dan Keener
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Razer Hammerhead Pro
Review by: Jennifer Yan
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The Walking Dead is reaching out it's cold, dead hands to more devices.

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Big announcement today in the world of mobile gaming. First and foremost, The Walking Dead Season Two is coming to PlayStation Vita next week. Episodes 1 and 2 will be available for download in the PlayStation Store in North America on April 22, and in Europe on April 23 for $4.99 each, or you can get 20% off by buying the Season Pass. No surprises there- just thought you Vita-users should know.

The BIG news is that the entire first season of The Walking Dead, including the DLC episode 400 Days is now available for Android-based devices through Google Play; as well as the NVIDIA Shield through TegraZone; and Amazon Fire TV and Kindle HDX through Amazon. Not sure if you'll like how it'll work on these new devices? Good news, because on all of them, you can get the first episode fo' free!

The second season isn't currently available for these new platforms, but it will be soon.


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  • Chop, shoot, and burn stuff in Bound by Flame combat video
  • Soda Drinker Pro for the Xbox One announced at PAX East

Soda Drinker Pro for the Xbox One announced at PAX East

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Well, it looks like goat sims aren’t the only weird mainstream simulation games out there, as indie developer Will Bierly has announced that his Soda drinking sim, Soda Drinker Pro, will be making the leap from Mobile and PC to consoles. According to an interview that creator Bierly gave to Joystiq, the game will run at 60 FPS in 1080p on the Xbox One, as well utilize the Kinect camera controller and feature exclusively level. No word on pricing or availability (just "September"), but for those that enjoy the mobile version of the game, this may be the next logical step to chilling on your couch and utilizing your time.  If you aren't familiar with the game, check out the video below....

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Disruptor Beam teases Star Trek Timelines

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Disruptor Beam, developer behind the mobile title Game of Thrones Ascent, has announced they're working on Star Trek Timelines. They've announced the game with probably my least favorite kind of teaser trailer--"here's the game's logo everybody!"

The game itself is a strategy RPG for mobile and web platforms. Supposedly it will allow you to explore the galaxy alongside characters from all four original series: TOS, Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager. The developers are stressing this is a story focused game that will explore important decisions and moral dilemmas, which in my opinion is what Star Trek did at its best. In a lot of ways this sounds like Star Trek Infinite Space, a similar web game that had the legendary Okudas involved but was sadly cancelled in 2012.

I'm a little bummed that it's only for mobile devices, but after the disastrously bad big budget tie-in game for Star Trek Into Darkness, I'm not surprised they're going smaller with this one. I'm cautiously optimistic, as Disruptor Beam seems to get what Star Trek is about--exploring difficult questions by way of science fiction--which is more than I can say for the J.J. Abrams movies, which were a lot of flash, camp and spectacle but ultimately left me cold.

The game is in early development but hopefully we'll hear more about it soon...and get a more substantial trailer! 


News Roundup - 04/08/2014

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Anomaly Defenders: the world's first reverse tower offense game

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Even though I'm pretty sure that "reverse tower offense game" really just means "tower defense game,"  I'll give 11 bit Studios the benefit of the doubt with Anomaly Defenders.

If you've played Anomaly: Warzone Earth or any of its expansions and/or sequels then you have some idea what to expect.  The big difference is that you are in control of the aliens you were fighting against in the earlier games as they defend their homeworld from humanity's counter-attack.

For more details, follow the jump.


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Hellraid: The Escape announced for iOS devices

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Developer Shortbreak Studios has revealed action-adventure game Hellraid: The Escape that's in-development iOS devices. The Escape is set in the same universe as upcoming Hellraid for PC and consoles from developer Techland. The game's setting has players navigating through a magical prison in which their soul has been trapped. The list of features include:

  • Challenging puzzles – each one is a fresh and unique experience
  • Fight demons with your cunning, not weapons
  • Mysterious story set in the dark fantasy universe of Hellraid
  • Graphics quality of PC and console games
  • Free exploration and intuitive controls
  • Game Center achievements and cloud saving
  • Support for TV display via HDMI and AirPlay
  • Universal app – once bought the game can be played on all your iDevices
  • Free updates, no in-app purchases or pay-to-win elements

Hellraid: The Escape will be available through the iTunes App Store on May 15 for $2.99. Visit the official Hellraid: The Escape website for further information.

News Roundup - 03/31/2014

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Noodlecake's Flappy Golf is a new breed of Flappy Clone

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After the success of Dong Nguyen's Flappy Bird indie developers from all over started creating their own versions of the game in what came to be known as FlappyJam. Noodlecake Studios, the creators of the popular mobile golfing game Super Stickman Golf, recently released their FlappyJam game Flappy Golf (known as Golfy Bird on Android) for free on iOS and Android. Rather than being an infinite flyer like the source material Flappy Golf is a golf game of sorts. Each level is a hole from Super Stickman Golf 2, but instead of hitting the ball you flap (left or right) toward the hole, trying to reach it in the fewest number of flaps possible. Every course from Super Stickman Golf 2 has been included in this free game, which means 279 stages in all. Noodlecake said the game was a one day project, but after seeing its popularity they are considering adding a multiplayer mode similar to Stickman Golf's, as well as a in app purchase to remove the ads. 

I have been playing the game over the past few days and it is actually a lot of fun and there is a ton of content. It seems pretty simple at first, but getting par on the later levels can be pretty tough. If you like the idea of Flappy Bird and golf combined be sure to check it out. 

Source: noodlecake.com

News Roundup - 03/27/2014

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Closed beta signups begin for the mobile World of Tanks Blitz

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Developer Wargaming is easing open the gates for the World of Tanks Blitz closed beta. World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile version—for iOS and Android—of the free-to-play multiplayer tank-exploding team combat game on PC and Xbox 360.

WoT Blitz sits on separate servers from its PC and Xbox 360 brothers, so player progression on any one version does not affect progression on any other version. WoT Blitz has been (and is being) optimized for mobile, so the maps are smaller, the tech trees are different, and the controls will, of course, vary greatly from mouse-and-keyboard and gamepad.

Touchscreen controls will use onscreen representations of thumbsticks that you may reposition on the screen. Wargaming promises to continually iterate on the touchscreen controls until they get it right. That's a good thing, because maneuvering a tank can be tricky enough on a gamepad, let alone on a touchsreen. The video below shows off some controlled-looking fighting, but close-quarters combat in World of Tanks can be a small nightmare at times for gamepads, so I can only imagine how much trickier that'll be using touchscreen controls.

Regardless, World of Tanks is still an excellent free-to-play model, one I'd encourage hitting every platform. I wish Wargaming the best of luck, but there's no way I'd personally leave WoT on PC or Xbox 360 to play it on mobile. But everyone has their preference, and, also, circumstances may prevent people from playing at a computer or in front of a TV, so, soon there's this.

Instructions for joining the closed beta are on World of Tanks' official website.

News Roundup - 03/24/2014

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