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Kirby Triple Deluxe gets a launch trailer

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Here's a freshly baked launch trailer for Kirby Triple Deluxe, which is set for a 3DS release May 2nd. The game looks a whole lot like Kirby's Return to Dreamland on the Wii, and that's perfectly fine with me because that game kept me engrossed for hours. It may be cute and cuddly, but retro platforming is retro platforming, and I must admit I have a soft spot for Kirby.

Star Trek Online announces new season coming April 22nd

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It's amazing Star Trek Online is over four years old. When the game started it was pretty shaky and I didn't see it going very far, and I thought the switch to free-to-play spelled certain doom, but like Star Trek itself the game just keeps on going.

Cryptic Studios has a new trailer for the latest update, Season 9: A New Accord. The trailer does a "previously on STO" wrap up to get new players caught up to where the game's story is. I have to say, Cryptic knows their Trek lore and they seem to respect the vast continuity of the franchise. A New Accord will be available on April 22nd. From the 14th to the 21st, they're also doing a bonus XP event for players who want to earn a few levels before tackling the new season.

Source: StarTrek.com

Can't afford a plane ticket for PAX East? Good news! You can watch the whole thing through Twitch!

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Can't afford to go traipsing across the U.S. to attend PAX? Well, you can watch all the nerdy goings-on in the pantsless comfort of you living-and/or-bedroom through the magic Twitch portal!

Go to the Twitch PAX East Event Portal for the full schedule and live streams.

They'll also be live streaming two tournaments live:

On Saturday 4/12 at 3:00pm EST- The TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Open. Which is a lot of words that basically mean four of the top Hearthstone players that go to college will be going head-to-head for $5,000 in scholarships.

On Sunday 4/13 at 1:00pm EST- The CAPCOM PRO TOUR. The year-round tour for the latest iteration of Street Fighter will be holding a raking event at the Twitch booth.

Also on Saturday 4/12 at 11:30am EST, Newegg is hosting a race to see who can be the first to build and boot up a power PC featuring some of the top components available today.

If you're lucky enough to be attending PAX East, if you stop by the Twitch booth, they have a broadcasting stage where they'll be showing off demos, holding interviews and other events hosted by Jon Carnage, djWHEAT, MANvsGAME and Swiftor. They'll also be doing a couple nifty giveaways. 

More details after the jump- or you could just go straight to the live stream.


New mode for NES Remix 2 reminiscent of the Nintendo World Championships

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As if NES Remix 2 wasn't already going to be amazing with such featured games as Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3, Kirby's Adventure, Metroid, and more, but Nintendo has recently announced a new Championship Mode for the game that is inspired by the Nintendo World Championships from 1990.  For those who don't know, the Nintendo World Championships was a tournament that saw players attempting to set the highest cumulative score on three NES games: Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris.  The catch was that they only had six minutes and twenty-one seconds to do so, and once that time was up the game abruptly stopped.

Championship Mode for NES Remix 2 seems to be roughly the same thing, only using Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario.  The mode will feature a revised score multiplier for the games and you can post your high scores to Miiverse.  However, there is one small caveat.  To experience Championship Mode, you must also own the original NES Remix.  I'm guessing it's because the original has Super Mario Bros., but would it have been that difficult to include in NES Remix 2 just for the purpose of Championship Mode?  Anyway, this is making me look forward to this game even more.


BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma gets a Vita release date

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If you're a fan of BlazBlue that's been enjoying BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma on the PS3 and are hoping to take it on the go this summer, a release date has finally been announced.  Releasing on June 24th 2014, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma for the PlayStation Vita will feature all of the playable characters from its PS3 counterpart as well as an additional story, an enhanced Abyss Mode, and a recap of the past installments, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.


What We're Playing: Grim Dawn Diablo Edition

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EA Sports UFC will enter the dragon and resurrect Bruce Lee. Hundreds of people played Tetris on the side of a Philly highrise. And the U.S. Navy is about to deploy its Laser Weapons System—it's a frickin' laser beam that uses a very "video game-like controller" for aiming and firing.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey, staff writer, @NeoScyther
With everything unpacked that's going to be unpacked for now (my room is still surrounded with boxes of miscellaneous stuff), I can actually do some gaming that doesn't involve my PC. I will be playing a bit of Cloudbuilt for my review that actually should have been done by now, but even the earlier levels are giving me a hard time in this game. In terms of non-PC gaming I actually have my Xbox 360 online and did so for two reasons: First, to clear out my download queue of Games with Gold freebies (that took a good couple of hours to download), and second, to get back into Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I played a few matches the other night with Vega and went two-for-four, which for me isn't bad.  I'll likely be getting in more matches this weekend and I'm starting to upload some of the better matches to my YouTube channel, but the quality isn't the greatest right now as I can only record composite input. Hoping that changes soon.

Charles Husemann, editor-in-chief, @chusemann
With spring finally making it's way to central Ohio it's mostly going to be outdoor activities this weekend. This means gardening, bike riding, and a bit of running. Outside of that, I'll probably be grinding in Star Wars: Assault Team, an average but still fun turn-based collectible card game. Time permitting, I might dive into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls to see if what John says about the game matches the actual experience.

Randy Kalista, staff writer, @RandyKalista
Too bad Titanfall and The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3 both came out this week on Xbox 360. Guess that means Titanfall has to wait while I huff and puff my way around Fabletown as Bigby Wolf in A Crooked Mile. I'll also pound out some rounds of World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, of course. Perhaps I'll get into one of those German heavies soon. But I'm just as content scouting for targets in my speedy American-made Chaffee tank, or sitting somewhere in the nosebleed seats, dropping shells on unsuspecting bad guys from a mile away in my artillery. [Update: I've just discovered Threes. This...this is going to be a problem.]

Jeff Kintner, staff writer, @JKTerrezas
I'll actually be switching nerd hats this weekend by going to the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo here in Columbus, Ohio. I've never been to SPACE before, but I have friends that regularly go and know people who are sitting behind booths this weekend, so that'll be cool. If I get a chance to play some games, I'll be getting further into the early access version of Grim Dawn. So far it reminds me a lot of the earlier versions of Diablo, except I can use guns and shields at the same time, which is pretty cool.

John Yan, senior hardware editor, @TheJohnYan
Diablo III. Diablo III. And more Diablo III. I just can't stop playing it. It's to the point where I have it as one of my Steam games and I stream it to my tablet, laptop, or living room PC, playing on whatever's most convenient at the time. It's nice seeing a bunch of my friends getting back in and playing with them all again.

Mercenary Kings coming to PlayStation Vita

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Tribute Games recently released their new sidescrolling action RPG game Mercenary Kings on Steam and PlayStation 4, and now it sounds like the game will be making its way to PlayStation Vita as well. In an interview at PAX East Tribute Games said a Vita version is in the works and will include Cross-Buy with the PS4 version. There was no word on when the Vita version will release, but if you have a PS4 and PS+ you can play the console version for free right now.

I think a Vita port is an obvious choice for Mercenary Kings, and the Cross-Buy makes it even better. I'm hoping for a Cross-Save as well but if the game is as good as I hope it is I won't mind playing again. 

Source: destructoid.com 

Transhumanist space-noir Last Life needs your earth-monies.

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Even though it's Kickstarter page has only been active for a little over 24 hours, Last Life has reached a quarter of it's $75,000 goal. After taking a look at the page, it's easy to see why- not only does it look cool, but it name-drops some pretty heavy-hitters in the indie world. It's got Kickstarter-golden-boy Tim Schafer's seal of approval; its a sci-fi noir that draws inspiration from Kentucky Route Zero and Twin Peaks; it's got a staff with a ton of indie experience- including Glitch City (the people who released/kickstarted games like Hyper Light Drifter, Thirty Flights of Loving and Nidhogg) and it's headed by Sam Fisher, winner of two IGF awards at GDC. Plus, a blurb from AN ACTUAL ROCKET SCIENTIST!

Last Life takes place on MarsTopia eleven years after the Earth was destroyed. Jack Parker is a private investigator that was shot and killed- then 3D-printed back to life. He's got four hours of borrowed time to figure out who killed him and why. And possibly figure out exactly what happened to the Earth eleven years ago.

Go to the Last Life Kickstarter page for more tantalizing blurbs, videos and gifs; and while you're there, make sure to give them some of your money. There isn't a projected release date yet, but Rocket Science is planning on releasing Last Life for PC, Mac and Linux.

Those with loaded guns, and those who dig...

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The Spaghetti Western/arena combat/ shoot'em up Secret Ponchos will not only be released on PS4, but is coming to Steam this summer through Early Access. Secret Ponchos is a multiplayer combat game that promises to blend the fast-paced excitement of arena combat with the finesse of a fighting game.

You'll play as an outlaw with a bounty on your head looking build a legacy for yourself by cashing in on other players' bounties. As you earn more of a reputation, you'll be able to spend it on new gear and clothes. You'll be fighting in one-on-one duels, gang fights, and free-for-all frenzies in local and online multiplayer matches.

For more info on Secret Ponchos, you can visit their website. Or if you're going to be at PAX East you can check it out there.


Nintendo Download for 4/11/14

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There's a lot of classics coming down the pipeline this month on the Nintendo Download.

  • Kirby & the Amazing Mirror on the Wii U Virtual Console
  • WarioWare, INc.: Mega Microgame$ on the Wii U Virtual Console
  • LEGO The Hobbit on the 3DS eShop
  • Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars on the 3DS eShop
  • Mach Rider on the 3DS Virtual Console
  • Atlantic Quest on the 3DS eShop
  • Governor of Poker on the 3DS eShop
  • Boxzle on the 3DS eShop
  • My Exotic Farm on the Wii U eShop

There's a few notable sales going on this week:

  • DuckTales: Remastered will be 50% off on the Wii U eShop until April 17
  • Escape from Zombie City will be 50% off on the 3DS eShop until April 12
  • Select G-Style Co. games, including Crazy Construction, Chain Blaster, Undead Bowling, and Jump Trials Supreme will be on sale on the 3DS eShop until April 27.

Additionally, the price of My Farm on the Wii U eShop is dropping from $7.99 to $4.99

Finally, the long wait for Super Mario Bros. 3 is almost at an end. It will finally be available for both the Wii U and 3DS on April 17- so be prepared to skip your family's Easter plans for some retro gaming goodness. Ahhh, just like old times.


World of Tanks turns three today

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It's hard to believe that World of Tanks is celebrating its three year anniversary today.  Doesn't seem like it's been that long already.  To celebrate, Wargaming America will be offering players in-game specials and discounts, community events, and even hosting an anniversary livestream with various prize giveaways.

Some of the in-game specials include 5x experience for their first win, a 50% discount on equipment, consumables, garage slots, and crew training, 15% discount for 6-month and 12-month premium accounts, 4 all new anniversary missions, and more.  You can check out the World of Tanks website for the full list of in-game specials.  As for the livestream, tune in to www.twitch.tv/Wargaming today from 4-5pm PST where the hosts will be engaging fans with a live Q&A session and will be giving away Logitech gear such as a G430 headset and G602 mouse, J!NX t-shirts, and codes for in game gold.

Screenshots are Hell

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War is Hell, apparently; and if these new screenshots are to be believed, so is the WarGame Red Dragon Early Access now that warships have been added to the beta.

The game is out in a week, so the developer, Eugen, want to make sure everyone knows that players of WarGame AirLand Battle can purchase the game at 25% discount and still get access to the beta.  Find WarGame Red Dragon on Steam and its official site to take full advantage of the special offer.

For more details, follow the jump.  Also check out WarGame Red Dragon on social media, and at http://devblog.wargame-ab.com/, then find Focus-Home Interactive on YouTube.


News Roundup - 04/10/2014

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Supergiant's Transistor's release date is sooner than expected

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Supergiant Games announced today that their new game Transistor will be releasing on May 20th for PC and PlayStation 4. The follow up to Bastion, Transistor debuted at last year's PAX East and will be playable at this years PAX East to prepare for release. The action RPG stars a mysterious protagonist named Red who wields a strange and powerful sword. 

I haven't had a chance to play Transistor yet, but I'm looking forward to picking it up next month. If Bastion is any indication Supergiant knows how to make a good action RPG. 

Source: ign.com

Nintendo Direct gets weird with Tomodachi Life

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Nintendo has always had their own unique way of marketing games, but today's surprise Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct takes unique to a whole new level. The 11 minute presentation focuses completely on the upcoming Mii life simulation game Tomodachi Life, and includes Mii versions of Nintendo's top brass interacting in goofy situations. Bill Trinen and Reggie Fils-Aime fight over a teddie bear, Eiji Aonuma professes his love for Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto dresses up like a cowboy and plays guitar. It honestly needs to be seen to believed, so please check out the video below. 

I had no idea what to expect when I tuned in for this Direct and what I saw was absolutely fantastic. The video reminds me of a family friendly version of an Adult Swim show (I never expected to say that about a Nintendo advert). I didn't know what Tomodachi Life was when I woke up today, but now its near the top of my most anticipated games in the coming months. 

Source: nintendo.com

2K Games is heading to PAX and is bringing Big Guns, Big Monsters and Big News

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PAX East kicks off tomorrow and 2K games will be there giving everyone some hands on time with Evolve and the first look at the newest Borderlands game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. 

Here is a rundown of their events running this weekend. 

  • Firaxis Games Mega Panel announcing next big AAA Firaxis game – Saturday at 11:30am in the DragonFly Theatre
  • Hands-on time with Evolve
  • Hands-off presentation of the just-announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • PAX-exclusive Borderlands Loot Pass Sweepstakes
  • Inside Gearbox Software Panel – Sunday at 10:30am in the Main Theatre

Booth Evolve and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be available to pre-order at the booth and if you do pre-order you will receive a PAX exclusive Evolve Beanie and/or a PAX Borderlands exclusive t-shirt. 

A community party will also be held Saturday night by Gearbox and Firaxis games. It is invitation only and is 21+ only as well. Be sure to head by the 2K games booth to learn how to score an invite to the event. 

Be sure to check out their official blog post for all the details on the fun happenings this weekend. 

The Last of Us Remastered trailer gives a short look at the game on PS4

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The Last of Us Remastered is coming to the PS4 and there's a new trailer with a very short glimpse of what that might look like. If you haven't played the game, though, you may want to avoid this trailer, as the short scene doesn't give anything away, but will dampen one of the best scenes in the game.

Check it out below. 

Hitting your head against bricks isn't really a good idea

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Mario has always bashed bricks with his fist even though it looks like his head, but really neither option is a good idea. As illustrated by the Pete Holmes Show, bad things can happen if you try to break apart floating bricks. 

Dubbed Realistic Mario, we can see what happens when Mario and Luigi try their hand at breaking apart breaks. I'm digging the video game videos that Pete Holmes is doing and I'd love to see more of these little shorts on old Nintendo games.

World of Tanks to add brand new game modes

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World of Tanks just continues to get better and better.  Wargaming has announced the future addition of Fortifications, Historical Battles, and Garage Battles.

Fortifications will allow clans to build structures that offer bonuses like money or XP bonuses.  Clans will be able to fight over these building.

Historical Battles is just what it sounds like.  The new dev diary details just how tough the process of balancing Historical Battles has been.

Further in the future is Garage Battles.  Garage Battles will see two players fighting with several tanks fielded in sequence.  Basically, you will be able to disgorge your garage against your opponent.  It's more complicated than that of course, but the word "disgorge" is funny.

For more details, and links to the sign-up pages, follow the jump.  


Now Loading from CD102.5 in Columbus

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We hit the airwaves this morning with CD102.5 in Columbus and Baltimore, Ohio to talk about both LEGO The Hobbit and Kinect Sports Rivals. In case you missed the segment this morning, you can check it out below:

Diablo III gets a hotfix for looting

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I'm happy to see Blizzard making these improvements to Diablo III. So far, almost everything they've done has been a vast improvement since the game first came out.

That said, today a hotfix is going out to all the servers today to change up some of the mechanics of looting. Unique monsters are going to drop less loot, but that's OK.  Chests are also going to be less frequent, but again, that's going to be OK.

The chances of finding a legendary item will now double when you are in a rift, making those areas a lot more profitable to farm. Now, folks are going to be more apt at doing rift runs over killing unique monsters when trying to farm for better gear.

Kadala is also getting a change as she's going to be more apt at giving you a legendary when you trade in blood shards. Good, because I've probably gotten one so-so legendary from her after giving her about 500 shards. I'm glad she's getting an increase in chances of giving out a good item.

All servers in all regions should be updated by the end of the day today.

News Roundup - 04/09/2014

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Have you always wanted to go to prison, but didn't want that nasty black mark on your permanent record? Or maybe you just really miss The Wire, and Netflix doesn't have enough episodes of Lock Up: RAW to slate your thirst for crime-based entertainment. Well, good news! You can back Prisonscape on Kickstarter and get that prison life RPG you've always wanted.

Prisonscape promises to be gritty and uncompromising- you'll be able to craft weapons out of everyday items, take on jobs for gangs, and eventually gather your own henchmen to back you up in combat. You'll be able to build your character into a fighter, a manipulator, a craftsman, or just a scummy low-down snake. Gain and lose reputation by doing jobs for different gangs- or by snitching to the guards.

Right now, it's only an $11 pledge to get a DRM-free copy of the game, $15 if you want early access to the Beta. If you're interested in getting access to modding tools, or adding your own content into the game you can always pledge more.

If you want more info, you can check out the Heaviest Matter and Prisonscape websites and Twitter, or just go straight to their Kickstarter page. If you're interested, make sure you at least vote for Prisonscape's Greenlight campaign on Steam. If all goes well, Prisonscape should be out by December 2014.

Broaden your horizons with The Pirate Bay Bundle

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Thankfully, the argument over whether videogames qualify as art seems to be dead; because there are few things more pedantic than a room full of artists arguing over what forms of self-expression qualify as 'art'. The simple truth is, videogames are so much more than a way to stave off the acute boredom that comes with living in the first world.

If you frequent websites like Kongregate, Game Jolt, and Indie Database you've probably come into contact with some of the weird, esoteric games that come from the minds of indie developers. Some of them are pixelated mini-masterpieces that give you insight into the creators mind- others are malformed golems wrought from MS paint files and ideas that were hastily scrawled on beer-soaked napkins.

Thanks to the microgame curator known as Moshboy, there is now The Pirate Bay Bundle. Which is,

"A torrent containing one hundred small, weird, free (mostly ignored) videogames that you probably haven't played made by well over one hundred passionate game makers. Some were made for game jams, others were made just because, some are made by celebrated game makers, many are made by folks that you don't know."

Not all of these games are going to be your cup of tea- but if you're wanting to try something new with as little commitment as possible, there's likely going to be something for you in there somewhere. There's arty games, silly games, games with great ideas behind them, games that seem to require as little thought as possible, games about cats, games about grandmas, games about escaping from an atomic bomb on a rowboat, and so, so, so much more.

You can download and get more info about The Pirate Bay Bundle here, or if you have slow internet/no torrenting software you can take a look at the manual list and play them one at a time.

A new Borderlands is coming this year called the Pre-Sequel

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Want more guns and loot? It's coming with a brand new Borderlands game. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is set in a time before the two Borderlands games. Below we have some alpha footage of what 2K Australia is working on.

Yup, Gearbox isn't doing this one as they've handed development of this one to 2K Australia. The video shows some of the new classes and environments. Claptrap will be playable in the game, so let's hope we hear some nice quips while he's doling out punishment. 

One near feature is a ground pound where you can fly or float above someone in the low gravity environments, press the crouch button, and come down on them to stun or kill them.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is coming for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Yup, no Xbox One or PlayStation 4, which is kind of interesting. I wouldn't be surprised though if it does come out for the two consoles later on down the road.