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SMITE is having tons of sales this weekend and an opportunity to get more free gems

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

Hi Rez continues to show how awesome they are as SMITE will be having more sales this weekend. 

First up, from now until Sunday, July 27th, if you buy gem packs, you will get a free booster to go with it. Boosters will increase the amount of Favor, XP and Worshipers for each match. 

  • God Pack - 30 Day Booster
  • 400 Gems - 1 Day Booster
  • 800 Gems - 3 Day Booster
  • 1500 Gems - 2x3 (6) Day Booster
  • 2500 Gems - 15 Day Booster
  • 3500 Gems - 30 Day Booster
  • 8000 Gems - 2x30 (60) Day Booster

Also, from now until Saturday all voice packs are 50% off. Normally voice packs cost 200 gems so for the next few days they will 100 gems. 

Finally, on Sunday, July 27th, you have the opportunity to win some free gems. Every first win of the day bonus you receive 40 gems meaning you could win up to 320 free gems. 

The Payday 2 Crimefest has begun!

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

The third anniversary of the Payday franchise is fast approaching, and to celebrate, Overkill is hosting an event from now until October 18th where the community can earn free in game items. 

How do you earn these items? Simple. All you have to do is join their official community on Steam. Once certain goals are hit, the team will release new items for free for players including new guns, characters, enemies, and even heists. Think of them as stretch goals from Kickstarter but you don't have to pay anything. 

The group, as of this writing, is up to 991,663 players and the community has unlocked the Brass Knuckles and the Golden AK. 

Here is a rundown of the rest of the rewards. 

  • 1,000,000 members - Judge Gun and Money Bundle Weapon
  • 1,050,000 members - Payday: The Heist. The original game, free during Crimefest. 
  • 1,100,000 members - Mask from Bain
  • 1,150,000 members - Old Hoxton Breakout Heist 
  • 1,200,000 members - Old Hoxton as a playable character
  • 1,250,000 members - The art gallery from Framing Frame as a single day Heist 
  • 1,300,000 members - FBI Files
  • 1,350,000 members - Gun from Gage
  • 1,400,000 members - New enemy type from GenSec
  • 1,450,000 members - The ability for heists to be played either during the day or night
  • 1,500,000 members - Secret reward 

So if you haven't joined the official Payday 2 community on Steam, be sure to do so soon! Even if you don't own the games, be a pal and help the community out! 

The Destiny beta is now open to....everyone!

by: John - - 0 Comments

Didn't get a beta key for Destiny? That's OK because Bungie has gone and opened up the beta to everyone out there.

This should be a nice soak test for the servers with everyone being able to jump in and play. I partook in a few hours of the beta last week when it first started and had a lot of fun being in a three man Fireteam. 

I do wish there was an option for the Fireteams to be larger, but I guess three will have to do for now. So, if you're been itching to get some Destiny action in, now's your chance.

Railway-based tycoon game Train Fever departs on Sept. 4

by: Travis - - 0 Comments

Developer Urban Games has announced that its upcoming railway-based tycoon game Train Fever will be available on September 4 on numerous digital platforms. The game was successfully crowd-funded on gaming-focused Gambitious.

Train Fever has players managing a railroad business in randomly generated environments along with trains ranging from early steam engines to modern electric locomotives. Players will be tasked with establishing a transport company, building infrastructure, and managing various railway lines.

Train Fever will be available on September 4 for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam, GOG.com and the Humble Bundle Store.

Farming Simulator 15 screens showcase graphical overhaul

by: Travis - - 0 Comments

The first screenshots for upcoming Farming Simulator 15 have been released that showcase the game's new graphics engine. The series next iteration is also receiving a new physics engine, interface, gameplay mechanics, and Nordic world setting.

The graphics engine is described as being far more advanced than the previous version with expanded visual effects in addition to physical-based rendering that will ensure vehicles have a photo-realistic feel.

One of my gripes with last year's version was the lack of direction provided to players. Fortunately, this year's version looks to solve those issues with additional activities such as logging.

Returning is the game's popular online mode that allows for 15 players to farm with each other over local network or online. Farming Simulator 15 will be available for PC this October along with consoles in early 2015.

Pre-order from Gamestop and get to play as Red Hood in Batman: Arkham Knight

by: John - - 0 Comments

I'm not liking these exclusives for pre-order places, but what can you do right now? In any case, if you pre-order Batman: Arkham Knight from Gamestop, you'll get to play as Red Hood in a story pack. You'll also get the Harley Quinn challenge pack that was announced a while ago as well.

While I love as much Arkham Knight content as possible, this practice of only making it available from certain retailers isn't really giving me good vibes. I hope that they do release it later on down the road for those that have ordered from some place else to play. I'm guessing that we'll have to wait until the Game of the Year edition for that, but a timed exclusive to Gamestop is what I am hoping for.

GRID Autosport Best of British Car Pack DLC

by: Nathaniel - - 0 Comments

All of my car knowledge is from BBC's Top Gear.  According to them, British automotive history is.....checkered.  

GRID Autosport doesn't care though.  They've just released a DLC pack of 3 British supercars: the 1995 McLaren F1 GTR, the 2011 Aston Martin Zagato V12, and the 2007 McLaren Mercedes SLR 722.

You can download it for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $2.99.

No doubt some of you might question how a Mercedes SLR is "British" since everyone knows Mercedes is German.  I guess all it takes to make a British car is to slap a McLaren badge on it.  

Check out the video to see them in action, then check out the screen shots to see what the cars look like in real life.  

Check out GRID Autosport on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Ultra SFIV prepares a retail fashion show

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

The retail version of Ultra Street Fighter IV launches for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in just a few short weeks. One advantage that the disc version will have over the digital is that it is going to include every costume ever released for all of the characters in the game. That means that all of that costume DLC that you have passed up on over the years will be yours by default. All of the ridiculous favorites are included, including Ken Masters in a cowboy outfit.

If you would like to get a taste of what is in store for you with the retail package, you can check out the two trailers below. Capcom has released a pair of trailers that shows off the variety of choices that you will soon have for dressing up your favorite fighters:

Buy Secret Ponchos, get a free copy for someone who can watch your back.

by: Jeff - - 0 Comments

Switchblade Monkey's new PvP twin-stick shooter Secret Ponchos needs as big of a test group as they can get while they continue polish the game and add more features into the mix. What does this mean for you, the prospective buyer? Only that right now is probably the best possible time to buy into their Early Access game.

Everyone who buys Secret Ponchos before August 5, 2014 will get an additional Steam Key to give to a friend- and both copies will unlock the full version of the game once it's released. Since the main game mode right now is 2v2, it's good to have a reliable partner by your side. The Early Access version of Secret Ponchos is $14.99 right now via Steam, so you can buy it and gift it to a friend, or both of you can go halvsies on it. That's $7.50 for this game, and it's not even the Summer Sale. One caveat to keep in mind- in it's current stage of development, you need either an Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PS4 controller to play.

If you want to see some live gameplay before you buy it, you should check out Switchblade Monkey's Twitch channel every Saturday for the Devs vs. Challenger stream. Every week they do live tournaments, Q&A, and reveal new content.

News Roundup - 07/23/2014

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