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Sonic 3 & Knuckles on mobile devices? I could get behind that

by: Russell - - 0 Comments

As much as I'm not a fan of using a cell phone or tablet's touch screen as a controller for platforming games, I occasionally enjoy a round of Sonic CD on my Galaxy S4 as it's one of my favorite games in the series.  Right now we have access to Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic CD, all remastered for mobile devices with HD widescreen support and new features...but something's missing to round out the set.

Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, the producers of the other three remastered Sonic games, have created a prototype version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles for mobile devices that, like the other games, offer new features.  Sonic 3 Remastered will feature an enhanced story, new Blue Sphere stages, and new single player stages based off of the 2-Player competitive stages.  You can find more info over at the Sonic 3 Remastered website.

What We're Playing: Hand of Offworld Trading Fate

by: Randy - - 0 Comments

TwitchCon debuts in San Francisco this September 25 and 26. Music producer/fashionista Kanye West is now also a video game developer. And, at this price for this much product, Microsoft is pretty much giving away Xbox Ones.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey, staff writer, @NeoScyther
With Majora's Mask 3D behind me I'll be finally getting back to Knights of the Old Republic.  I haven't touched it in about a week so I'm still lurking around the Sewers apparently looking for a Rancor. So far I'm having fun with the game...aside from Carth needing a steady supply of medkits.

Sean Colleli, staff writer, @scolleli
It's really crappy, cold and snow-saturated outside. When this happens I play a game in a stiflingly, unbearably hot environment, so this weekend I'll finally get back to the Old West deserts of Red Dead Redemption and hopefully finish it. I will also be starting Republique Remastered for my upcoming review.

Chapel Collins, staff writer, @ChapelCollins
Last weekend, I was playing Battlefront II like a maniac. I just discovered Strike Suit Zero, one of the free games on the Xbox One at some point in the last few months and realized it was a space combat simulator, the great lost genre. I imagine that is where most of time will be sunk this weekend, and I'll probably finally get around to playing the Dark Souls II DLC.

Jeremy Duff, senior staff writer, @Duff3c
This weekend I will continue to test the deck as I see what the Dealer has in store for me in Hand of Fate. This game is truly one of a kind and an incredibly original idea that is very well executed. If I do have some free time on my hands, I will undoubtedly head back into Bayonetta 2 in an attempt to up my mission ranks on some of the earlier stages I sucked at.

Randy Kalista, staff writer, @RandyKalista
I've left my Gaming Nexus Game Club fellows in the lurch for too long, so I'm taking Knights of the Old Republic off the backburner and fending off beasties in the Undercity. I've been having too much fun playing with my still-new-to-me PS4, and I'm understanding why The Last of Us (I'm playing the Remastered version) has been labeled by many critics as the game of the generation. Stellar dramatic pacing, great story beats, and a pseudo father-daughter duo that—we'll see—may win me over even more than The Walking Dead's Lee and Clementine.

Rob Larkin, staff writer, @Rob_GN
I started Dragon Age: Inquisition last weekend and was underwhelmed. I think I made a poor choice of characters and am going to give it a fresh start this weekend. I'm ready for a new challenge in FIFA 15 and am going to take my manager career to a tougher league. And I'm going to start on a preview of Offworld Trading Company. I've only so far watched some developer videos about the game but it looks like it might hit the sweet spot for some shorts bursts of tactical gaming.

Day and night in Dying Light

by: Nathaniel - - 0 Comments

The day/night cycle in Dying Light has been one of its most talked about features.  I know I'm certainly a fan of games with strong day/night cycles, but I don't know how much I'd like a game where night is actually dangerous.  

This new video shows off how the day/night cycle changes the game world in Dying Light.  You can watch a brief teaser below, but to see the whole thing, you're going to have to embrace the link at

Learn more after the jump and visit  

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Fifteen new screenshots for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V

by: John - - 0 Comments

Yes, it's disappointing that Grand Theft Auto V is being delayed on the PC until April 14th. But man, if these screenshots sure make the game look like it's worth the wait.

Rockstar has released 15 new screenshots and they look really, really good. I mean mouthwatering good. I haven't played Grand Theft Auto V yet as I'm waiting on the PC, but man these shots makes me anxious to get my hands on the game.

Dreamfall Chapters Episode 2 arrives March 10th

by: Sean Colleli - - 0 Comments

The critically acclaimed successor to The Longest Journey, Dreamfall Chapters, gets its second episode on March 10th. From the looks of this trailer it will continue the critically-acclaimed story driven gameplay and strong character development that the series is known for, and I'm especially interested in the fusion of Steampunk and Cyberpunk art styles they're using to build their world. Dreamfall Chapters has come a long way from the impressive tech demo I posted almost two years ago to the day. 

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Nintendo is coming PAX East with Splatoon and Code Name S.T.E.A.M. in tow

by: Sean Colleli - - 0 Comments

If you're headed to PAX East next weekend, you'll have the chance to check out some of Nintendo's upcoming titles. They're headed to the show, with headlining Wii U title Splatoon and the bizarre 3DS RTS Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Naturally they'll also have the New 3DS XL on hand for all the demos, including big titles for the handheld including Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Personally I'm most excited for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which is a little over a month away from its April 10th launch. 

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Nintendo is releasing a limited edition gold Mario amiibo

by: Sean Colleli - - 0 Comments

There were previously rumors based on filed safety documentation, but now it looks like the rumors are true: Nintendo is releasing a limited edition gold Mario amiibo in time for the March 20th launch of Mario Party 10. It will only be shipped exclusively to 3000 Walmart stores in America. In my humble opinion, this is beyond a bad idea.

Nintendo is already seriously falling down in supplying the basic assortment of Super Smash Bros amiibo, with innocuous characters like Wii Fit Trailer, Villager, Pit and Captain Falcon selling out and commanding ridiculous prices on Ebay. The Target-exclusive Rosalina debacle, and the scalper horror stories that followed, are plain unacceptable considering these are lumps of painted plastic with RFID chips inside.

If Nintendo can't come even close to meeting demand for their standard line of amiibo, introducing Skylanders-style limited editions is dumping gasoline onto the fire. No doubt the demand for this gold Mario will be insane. And for what? A basic Mario spray-painted gold? The damned thing better not have exclusive functionality in Mario Party 10, because that would be plain unfair to consumers.

Until Nintendo can meet basic demand the way Activision and Disney Infinity have for their regular toys-to-life, they shouldn't temp fate with special amiibo. Consumers are already exasperated. Nintendo shouldn't make it worse.

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The Mortal Kombat X story trailer has been released, and confirmed a whole handful of new characters

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

I was honestly getting a bit worried that we are this close to the release of Mortal Kombat X and a large chunk of the roster still needed to be revealed. Well, a large chunk just got revealed as the official Mortal Kombat X story trailer was released. 

In the trailer we got our first looks at Takeda, Kung Jin, Mileena, Erron Black and Jaqui Briggs. Now there were a couple of other characters in the trailer like Sindel and Rain that made appearances but it seemed like they may only show up in the story mode considering that all of the previously mentioned characters were show performing their special moves or X-Rays in 1 v 1 matches. 

Now, I have a theory. Out of all the characters they have revealed so far, it seems like there has been an elephant in the room. One character that they haven't spoken a word of. Liu Kang. In the trailer it looks like a large could of smoke comes shooting out of the Shaolin Temple. I am really starting to believe that Liu Kang will indeed be the final boss of the game. What a cool twist that would be. Dude spends almost his entire MK career saving Earthrealm. Would be cool if someone he got fed up with it all and turned on him. We will find out soon enough!

Mortal Kombat X launches on April 14. 


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News Roundup - 02/26/2015

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

Vainglory releases new hero, meet Celeste

by: Rob - - 0 Comments

Super Evil Megacorp has brought out their newest hero for their iOS MOBA, Vainglory: Celeste, a mage who commands the power of the stars. Celeste follows Arden, another new character who was released at the beginning of the month, and is the second of the three new characters whose stories are interwoven in the game's lore. 

Celeste is described as a "fragile" character but can lay down some major crystal damage from the furthest edges of combat. Her Solar Storm will travel to the edge of the map and strike any enemy in its path. Basically a ranged mage that is a great support for other characters but will be overmatched if caught in the middle of a brawl. 

Celeste is available now in the latest update on the App Store. The update also brings some other in-game improvements such as communication pings, follower notifications, other matchmaking improvements, and assorted bug fixes.  Full details as well as some backstory is available on the Vainglory website, and the Hero Spotlight for Celeste (which shows her abilities and some strategies) is below.

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