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Is GTA: San Andreas being re-released on the Xbox 360?

by: Chapel - - 0 Comments

An achievement list for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has appeared on XboxAchievements.com. While there apparently has been no official word of a SA re-release, I think that this pretty much confirms it. XboxAchievements always gets lists soon before a game comes out, and there are a few other potential reasons for a re-release coming up:

1) The Xbox Originals download has been removed from the Xbox Live store.

2) The 10th anniversary of the San Andreas is October 26, four days from the time of this writing.

3) The next gen GTA V is right around the corner, and since they both take place in San Andreas, perhaps this is meant to be a tie in?

I would be all over a re-release. San Andreas was a game that I missed growing up, and when I tried to revisit it a few years ago, it didn't really hold up very well. All of my complaints could be easily fixed with a little polish though, so if this is a chance for me and many others who hadn't jumped on the GTA bandwagon yet back in 2004, I'm excited. Few games have a legacy as strong as San Andreas.

I'll be keeping an eye out on this one!

Fifa 15 FUT Team of the Week for October 22nd

by: Cody - - 0 Comments

This weeks team is topped with a strong 87 rated Sergio Aguero of Manchester City, due to his breaking of Man City's all time leading scorer in the 1st league, with 4 goals against Spurs.  Luiz Adriano of Shakhtar Donetsk also made the list with a record breaking performance, scoring 4 goals in 17 minutes in a UEFA Champions League match on his way to a 5 goal game overall.  Rounding out are a strong CM Philipp Lahm of Bayern Munich at 88 overall, and LB Leighton Baines of Everton with a 83 rated in-form.

See the whole team and subs below.

Starting XI

  • GK: Alfredo Talavera – Toluca (Mexico)
  • CB (LB): Leighton Baines – Everton (England)
  • CB: Diego Godín – Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
  • CB (LB): Maxwell – Paris Saint-Germain (France)
  • LM (LW): Dušan Tadic – Southampton (England)
  • CM (CAM): Yoann Gourcuff – Olympique Lyonnais (France)
  • CM: Philipp Lahm – Bayern München (Germany)
  • RM (CAM): Luiz Adriano – Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)
  • LW: Wesley Sneijder – Galatasaray SK (Turkey)
  • RW (RM): José Callejón – Napoli (Italy)
  • ST: Sergio Agüero – Manchester City (England)

Substitutes & Reserves

  • GK: Abdoulaye Diallo – Le Havre AC (France)
  • RB: Johan Larsson – IF Elfsborg (Sweden)
  • RB: Benjamin Kessel – Eintracht Braunschweig (Germany)
  • CM: Victor Vazquez – Club Brugge (Belgium)
  • ST: Franck Etoundi – FC Zürich (Switzerland)
  • ST: Garry Thompson – Notts County (England)
  • ST: Pawel Brozek – Wisla Kraków (Poland)

Air Brawl is the dogfighting game that everyone deserves

by: Sean Cahill - - 0 Comments

Air Brawl is a title that just sounds like fun, and after checking out their Kickstarter page and a Reddit thread on /r/pcmasterrace, it looks to be the aerial combat title that we all want and need to play.

Wilhelm Nylund has started this project and included some information regarding the project, which, if funded, is slated for a release next October.  Here's the skinny on what's available now and what to expect:

  • Air Brawl has been in development for roughly six months
  • Currently, the title is slated for PC, MAC, and LINUX.
  • There are six available aircraft to choose from, with two more on the way
  • Before launch, expect to have four full maps to choose from in gameplay

The game is not your standard flight combat sim, however. The game has some fairly crazy weaponry to use, and we're being nice when we say that.  One of the weapons is called a "Batapult" which is exactly what it sounds like:  A pot of bats are fired at an enemy and explodes on impact.  The bats then burst out of the pot and attack any nearby targets.  Outstanding.

For those who are sick and tired of standard flight combat games where the weaponry is simply "fire and forget" missiles, then this is going to be a title that you want to check out.  There is a demo available on the Kickstarter page, which has a final goal of 350,000 SEK (Approx. $48,150), and has plenty of reward levels for donations, including one level allowing a backer to fully design one of the weapons to be used in the game.  Every little bit helps, as Wilhelm says on his page, so check it out and try out the demo!


Dragon Age: Inquisition party trailer

by: Nathaniel - - 0 Comments

Today's Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer features three potential party member drawn from the nine possible party member: one warrior, one rogue, and one mage.

The warrior is the Iron Bull.  He is a Kunari and leader of the Bull's Chargers.  He is huge and powerful as anyone familiar with the Kunari probably already know.  Sarah is an roguish Elven archer and a crime boss.  Her reason for joining up with the Inquisition are her own.  Finally, Dorian is the mage.  From a prominent family native to a corrupt northern nation where mages rules, he seems like he may be the party's default healer so that's cool.

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out on 11/18. 

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Halo: Nightfall steps out of the dark with an official trailer

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

Considering how big the Halo franchise is for Microsoft, I am really surprised that we haven’t seen a bigger push for Halo: Nightfall before now. The live-action series is set to release next month, and we are just now getting an official trailer for its release. I will admit, I was really skeptical about this project but after seeing this footage, I am now excited.

The official trailer for Halo: Nightfall can be found below. Microsoft and Scott Free Productions are doing a smart thing in focusing on unknown characters in the Halo universe rather than trying to bring the video game experiences to the big screen. Using the series to set the stage for upcoming games is a fantastic way to tie the universe together. I was very happy with what they did with Forward Unto Dawn and hope this turns out to be just as enjoyable.



New NVIDIA drivers brings DSR to more chipsets

by: John - - 0 Comments

The GeForce GTX 980 has support for a pretty interesting feature. While I'll go more about it in my review that I'll be posting soon, there's a way to let you run games at up to 4K resolution on displays with lower resolution.

Called Dynamic Super Resolution, a game can be set to 4K and the software will down sample the image to a resolution that your monitor supports. You do get a hit on performance, but picture quality can be improved from this technique.

Up until today, only the new Maxwell desktop cards supported it, but with the release of the 344.48 drivers, Kepler and Fermi desktop GPUs will be able to try this out as well. 

I do suggest testing it on older games so you don't get a slide show when playing, and results will vary on how well it improves the graphics depending on the game. 

Give it a try if you have one of the compatible cards.

Advanced Warfare ready to usher in a new era

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

In about two weeks, all that you are going to hear about is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Not that we don’t hear a lot about the game now, but when it launches things are going to get taken to a new level. Sledgehammer Games has released a new trailer for the game’s multiplayer aspect giving players some insight on the thoughts and impressions of some pro-level players.

Obviously, everyone in the trailer raved about the new, high-speed approach to the game. I can personally attest though that everything that they said is true; this really is a different type of game than Call of Duty fans are used to. The EXO suit really adds a lot to the game and changes its overall feel.

Check it out:

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Killing mutants in style: Sunset Overdrive launch trailer

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

We’re less than a week away from Insomniac Games making their Xbox debut when Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively on the Xbox One. The game is, for lack of a better phrase, absolutely insane. I’ve been playing it all week in preparation for our review next week, and yeah, insane is about all that I can say right now.

Microsoft and Insomniac have released the launch trailer for the game which should give you an indication of just how crazy this adventure can get:

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Papers, Please dev releases a demo for his next project: Return of the Obra Dinn

by: Jeff - - 0 Comments

Lucas Pope, the creator of multiple 'best game' awards for his 2013 hit Papers, Please has been hard at work on his next game for about half a year now. He's been regularly posting his development progress on TIGSource, and yesterday he released a free playable demo on itch.io.

In Return of the Obra Dinn, you are an insurance adjuster for the East India Trading Company that must board the previously lost, currently abandoned, and possibly cursed merchant ship Obra Dinn to find it's manifest and determine the fates of all the crew members.

The demo looks great, and does a really good job of pulling you in and teasing you into wanting more. If you leaf through Pope's devlog you'll see how much work he's put into making a 3D world inspired by old 1-bit adventures like Dark Castle. And when you walk around on the Obra Dinn you'll see how much that work has paid off. Obviously there's still a lot of rough edges, but Return of the Obra Dinn already has a captivating atmostphere, and looks like the story will have a lot to unpack.

News Roundup - 10/21/2014

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

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