Retro-Bit Generations looks to challenge NES Classic and other retro consoles

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We've seen a proliferation of retro clone consoles over the last few years. It was a cottage industry for a while, with third party companies making hardware clones, some of them even licensed like the AtGames Sega and Atari clones of dubious quality. More recently we've seen consoles that use software emulation to play classic games, from Hyperkin's oft-delayed and rather suspect Retron 5, to Nintendo's official NES Classic Edition.

Retro-Bit has been quiet since the release of their Super Retro Trio a couple years back, which used hardware emulation to play a variety of old cartridges, but only output in composite/s-video. Now they're jumping into the software side of things with the Retro-Bit Generations. This new console is planned for a fall release at $59.99, the same price as the NES Classic.

The kicker is that while the NES Classic is a one-and-done deal, with 30 baked in games and no ability to add more digitally or otherwise, the Retro-Bit Generations console has an SD card slot, so more games can be added later. Retro-Bit also worked with renowned publishers like Data-East, Capcom, Jaleco and IREM to include 100 games on the console out of the box. The Retro-Bit Generations comes loaded with classics like Ghosts'N Goblins, Gun.Smoke, Kid Niki Radical Ninja, Kung-Fu, Captain Commando, Kickle Cubicle, Rival Turf, Super R-Type, The Super Bases Loaded Series, Knights of the Round, Brawl Brothers, and Ring King.

The console itself is quite small and looks suitably 90s, with a red-and-black design that recalls the Super Retro Trio. It comes with two Sega Genesis 6-button style controllers that connect via USB, which means that the console can hypothetically use any controller with a USB connector. Best of all, the Retro-Bit Generations outputs in 720p HD.

I bought a Super Retro Trio about a year ago and it's a quality product, so I'm excited to play Retro-Bit's next generation of retro console. I'll miss the multiple cartridge ports--I have a rather extensive collection of old carts--but the ability to add more games is a fair tradeoff. Stay tuned for more info on the Retro-Bit Generations.

We Happy Few arrives on Steam Early Access

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I'm sure everyone at one point in time has wondered what the world would be like if everyone was happy.  Well this might be one possibility.  Welcome to We Happy Few, a game set in the dystopian 1960s English city of Wellington Wells where "a group of slightly terrible people are trying to escape a lifetime of cheerful denial".  To escape the city you'll have to blend in with the citizens and take your "Joy", a pill that apparently makes everything and everyone seem cheerful.  You'll also have to try to abide by their not-so-normal rules.

Players who purchase the game at this point can travel around Wellington Wells and check out some key mechanics such as social conformity and suspicion, crafting, combat, and survival.  As the game continues through Early Access, the city will expand and improve and full storylines will be added once the final release is ready for launch.

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Titanfall 2, all about the servers

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A key component to an online multiplayer experience is how the game is hosted. Some publishers go all out and provide dedicated servers, server hosting or rental, and the like. Others choose to host the matches on the local machines running them with varying degrees of success. Anyone who played Iron Banner on Destiny last week, for example, will surely have experienced poor connections due to this local hosting, players skipping around the map, hits failing to register, and disconnecting players entirely. Titanfall 2, is taking the more secure route, by not only providing dedicated servers, but balancing that load between Microsoft's Azure, Google, and Amazon's cloud services, as well as dedicated boxes. 

And coming soon will be the big test of all these toys, when the Multiplayer Technical Test goes live. Still no word on a date for that but Respawn are suggesting you sign up for the newsletter to keep up with the latest. With a late October release date and time needed not just to run the technical test but sift through the data and make the necessary adjustments, I would think it will come some time in August or early September, but that's pure speculation.

If you have more questions about Titanfall 2 servers or how the game will be hosted, Jon "Slothy" Shiring, Lead Engineer from the video below, will be taking over the Titanfall Twitter today at 2:30pm PST (5:30 EST). Use the hashtag #TF2ServerQA for server Q's or any other during topics. I never had a problem with Titanfall 1's server connections, but there were huge issues with matchmaking and matchmaking times, so there abouts went my query...

Titanfall 2 launches October 28th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

The four pillars of No Man's Sky: Survive

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Extreme heat. Extreme cold. Toxic air. Radiation levels. Survival is the final pillar of the four pillars that make up No Man's Sky gameplay. Hostile environments are your first adversary. Since air, land, and sea surrounds you, it's an even more immediate concern than, perhaps, deadly lifeforms. On the surface, underwater, flying through the sky—no part of the natural world wants you to live, let alone thrive, in No Man's Sky. The neutral universe is a cruel mistress.

Survival is no joke. It may very well be what keeps you moving through the universe. It may even be a better motivator than the stated goal of reaching the center of the galaxy, the center of that 14-quintillion-planet Tootsie Pop. Whelp, this planet wants me dead; better keep moving.

There will be the occassional Garden of Eden planet, but those are much rarer than previous videos might lead you to believe. The average planet is going to be unfriendly, maybe even ugly, and mostly unconcerned whether you live or die. You will be the only thing in the universe responsible for your survival. Can't wait.

Along with Survival, you can watch the other three pillars of No Man's SkyExplore, Fight, and Trade—to get a fuller picture of what makes up this most enigmatic title.

No Man's Sky launches on PlayStation 4 on August 9, and PC August 12.

Playstation Plus games for August 2016

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Playstation have released details on next months Playstation Plus games. PS4 owners can get their hands on Tricky Towers, and Rebel Galaxy. The former being a physics based puzzler while the latter tries to coax out our inner space pirate. PS3 owners can choose either Yakuza 5 or Retro/Gade. PS Vita players will be offered Papton 3 and Ultratron. Ultratron will be available on all Sony gaming systems.

Make sure to add them to your library, even if you don't download them immediately. At least you'll have them on retainer if you ever feel the need. 


  • Tricky Towers: A physics based puzzler game.
  • Rebel Galaxy: Space combat RPG


  • Yakuza 5 -Open world action adventure
  • Retro/Grade - An indie music shoot-em up 

PS Vita

  • Patapon 3 - A 2D scrolling rhythm game?
  • UltratronAn arcade action twin-stick shooter

Sony's letting you signup to beta test the 4.0 update for the PlayStation 4

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Sony's got a new 4.0 update coming to the PlayStation 4 and you can sign up to beta test it. What does the update have? We don't know as there aren't any details. But, if you feel adventurous and would like to try out what they have, just head on over and sign up.

There's no risk in testing out the 4.0 update as you can roll back to 3.55 anytime. If you don't like it, just revert back and you're good to go. Signups will close once the beta starts, so I wouldn't wait if you were thinking of trying to get in.

Eurogamer reports that the Nintendo NX will be a portable powerhouse

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Eurogamer yesterday threw down a ton of info on the upcoming Nintendo NX system. Many things mentioned have been rumored for a while, but we won't know if this report will be accurate until Nintendo comes out with their official unveiling.

For starters, the system would be like the Razer Edge where it's a screen with controllers on each side. The controllers would be detachable and it would be powered by the mobile chipset, Tegra from NVIDIA.

The NX is also going to be using cartridges, a step back it would seem from something like a DVD. The rumor is Nintendo is looking at 32GB cartridges for the games with support for digital downloads. And you can probably forget about backwards compatibility on this one as well.

It sounds like Nintendo's banking on portability rather than another home dedicated console, although you can plug the NX into your TV if you want to play on the big screen.

We might get word on the system in September, so we'll have to wait and see if what Eurogamer reporting is accurate.

Gwent soon available to play through Beta and at Gamescom

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A spinoff from CD Projekt Red's wildly successful conclusion to the Witcher franchise, Gwent is a collectible card game that originally appeared in the game itself. Now it's being flushed out into a standalone product and will first be available for public consumption at Gamescom 2016. In addition to that preview and for those of use who can't make it to Germany in August, sign ups for the open Beta are also going on at the official Gwent website. The open Beta should start sometime in September.

Gwent was a fun diversion within an already incredible game in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and I am intrigued to see how it evolves to justify breaking it out into its own. I've been missing a card game in my life since I found the Hearthstone playing community too distasteful for my liking, and in many ways find that Gwent introduces a layer of real strategy over RNG luck that many other similar games are lacking in that the game is played with a single deck over three rounds. This allows for some interesting play where even with a weaker draw you can string out your opponent and sacrifice one round to flip the tables in the next.

Gwent will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Catherine de Medici replaces Napoleon as French leader in Civilization VI

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There will be a new leader in charge of the French forces for Civilization VI.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who has been a mainstay in the series with just a couple of exceptions, will be bowing out of the latest chapter in the Civilization series to make way for Catherine de Medici. If you aren't a history buff and aren't aware of Catherine's history with France, here's a good reminder of why she is a great choice:

Catherine was born as an Italian noblewoman and eventually married King Henry II of France. She was officially Queen of France from 1547 to 1559, which is when Henry II died. During her time as Queen, she would give birth to three boys, all of which would go on and become King of France in their lifetimes. While these are good reasons, they pale in comparison to the real reason she's on here.

Catherine was known as one of the most ruthless individuals in history. When her husband passed, she banished anyone who was an enemy to her (including Henry's mistress) and went on a tirade of manipulation and treachery to anyone she had deemed to have slighted her in her lifetime. That list was a long one, but the ultimate act of this woman's reign was an event known as the Massacre of Saint Barthelemy. I won't get into details, but let's just say that the body count was more than 3,000. I would highly recommend reading more about her and that event if you enjoy history.

The special ability for Catherine, which is talked about in the preview below, will grant a bonus to players who need to build wonders of the world mid-game. We're sure to find out more about Catherine and what she brings to the table in-game, but for now we'll leave you with the trailer and wanting more information for the October release.

Prequel Trilogy characters DLC for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Get your Star Wars prequel trilogy fix in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Available now is a raft of DLC characters plucked from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. This trailer kicks off with everybody's favorite character to come out of the prequel trilogy, Darth Maul. It then shows off a Hayden Christensen-aged version of Anakin Skywalker. There's also a laser blaster-toting Padme, a fruit-juggling Jar Jar Binks, and that elephant-bug-looking guy, Watto. 

Our review of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens just went up (GN score: 7.4). The series is as charming as ever—we're just losing patience with the poor save-game settings, which exasperate the game-stopping bugs. But hey! It's LEGO Star Wars, so it'll always have that going for it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available now on every platform under the sun.

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