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Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Review

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Review

Final PS Plus games for 2015 revealed

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

Tomorrow we will roll into the final month of 2015 and Sony is set to release the last group of free games for PS Plus members. Tomorrow’s PlayStation Network Store update will add the following games to the Instant Game Collection lineup:

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for PS3
  • Freedom Wars for Vita
  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition for PS4
  • King’s Quest: Chapter 1, A Knight to Remember for PS4
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for Vita
  • SSX for PS3

In addition to these free games, you can probably expect a few special sales to coincide with the holidays. Plus, this announcement also means that you only have about 24 hours left to grab November’s free titles.


Sony working on a remote play app for PC and Mac

by: John - - 0 Comments

Remote play's a nice feature to have and we do have it on all consoles. While the Xbox One can only stream to another Windows 10 client, Sony's going a little different route.

Yes, the PlayStation 4 can remote play to a Vita and some Sony phones, but Sony's going to bring that functionality to the PC and Mac according to Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Entertainment. So it doesn't matter what computer you have, you'll be able to play you PlayStation 4 games on your computer brand of choice sometime in the future.

There are hacked ways to do it now, but an official way to do so is a nice present for us who may want to play the PlayStation 4 in another room without moving it.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: Jamie Vardy gets a record breaker card.

by: Sean Cahill - - 0 Comments

Something incredible is happening this year in the Barclays Premier League. Leicester City have been at the top of the table against all odds, and it's largely due to striker Jamie Vardy's incredible run of form. Today, against Manchester United, the striker broke a long standing record by scoring a goal in his eleventh straight league match. 

FIFA 16  wasted little time in getting a special record breaker card to honor Vardy, which will be available until Monday in all packs.

You can play over 900 arcade games in your browser right now

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

Bored of killing time on Youtube or flash based games? Why not play some classic arcade games instead? currently has over 900 classic arcade games available to play in your browser right now. 

Here is just a tiny list of all the games available 

  • Bionic Commando
  • Defender
  • Food Fight
  • Frenzy
  • Joust
  • Hang On
  • Super Hang On
  • Lady Bug
  • Marble Madness 
  • Mr Do
  • Mouse Trap
  • Paperboy
  • Street Fighter II
  • Tron
  • WWF Superstars
  • Arch Rivals
  • Thundercade
  • Xenophobe
  • Championship Sprint 
  • Zaxxon
  • Tapper

and I could go on and on and on. Now most of these games are running through JSMAME, which means that some of them are buggy and some of them work better than others. Some like Thundercade work perfectly but when I ran Outrun, it was really slow and practically unplayable. They also recommend that you use Firefox to play these games although I have been playing them in Google Chrome and they have been fine. 

Check out Frog Mario in Super Mario Maker...sort of

by: Russell - - 0 Comments

While scrolling through Reddit's Nintendo sub-reddit I saw an interesting video that was over on Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel that shows off Frog Mario in Super Mario Maker...well, sort of.  It shows the SMB1 Mario turning into Frog Mario as a Mystery Mushroom costume, so sadly it doesn't have any of the actual Frog Mario functionality, but sprite-wise it looks great including the hopping animation when "walking" and the sprites used when underwater.  The stage completion music is also the music from SMB3 for when you clear a fortress or airship.  While I'd love to see an actual Frog Mario suit for the Super Mario Bros. 3 stages, this is still pretty nice to see.

Rainbow Six Siege beta postponed less than a week before release, citing network issues

by: Chapel - - 0 Comments

In a less than stellar omen for a game set to be released in merely 6 days, Rainbow Six Siege's open beta, slated to have been available as of now, has been delayed so that Ubisoft can fix the matchmaking issues currently keeping people from playing.

According to many people who played the previous closed beta for the game, the matchmaking wasn't up to snuff then either. It's a little disheartening to see that so close to release, the matchmaking still isn't working as it should be.

But, never fear! Ubisoft's community manager broke everything down on Ubisoft's forums, assuring everyone that they had already found the issue and that it should be fixed within a few hours. Most importantly, Ubisoft also promised that the issue would not affect the game's official launch on December 1st.

If for some reason the beta still isn't working soon, check here for updates on the status of the maintenance.

Far Cry Primal gameplay to be shown at The Game Awards 2015

by: Chapel - - 0 Comments

Far Cry Primal, the next entry in the Far Cry series will take players back to prehistoric times. Anyone who has played the past couple of entries in the series immediately understood what an incredible idea it is for the series' open world gameplay, infused with a bit of survival and stealth. However, it also seems like it could be an incredibly risky move, which in a way is a part of the brilliance of the thing.

Ubisoft will show the gameplay for the first time at The Game Awards, which take place next Thursday, December 3rd at 9 P.M. Eastern, according to Geoff Keighley on Twitter.

If you can't wait until then, read our other article about some behind the scenes footage from last month.

Xbox Live Games with Gold for December revealed

by: Chapel - - 0 Comments

A little earlier than usual, Microsoft announced what games will be available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers next month. This month there are five games instead of the normal four, laid out as such:

Xbox 360

Castlestorm - December 1-15

Sacred 3 - December 16-31

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - December 16-31

Xbox One

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - December 1-January 1

Thief - December 16-January 15

Thief was previously available on the Xbox 360, and Castlestorm was previously available on the Xbox One, so if you are just dying to revisit them on a different console now is your chance to do it for free again.


Newest SMITE patch introduces some divas and some demons

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

SMITE is getting a new patch soon and brings with it tons of new skins and some balance changes going into the SMITE World Championship

First up we have the "Demon Soul" and "Ebonsoul" Serqet. The Ebonsoul skin is only available via a bundle that will include both skins. The bundle is limited and will only last until December 15th. After that, the Ebonsoul skin will never be available again. 

Next up we have Lady Gaga "Diva" Aphrodite and there will be MANY Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and references to other pop stars. 

The newest Odyssey item as also been revealed and will be "Steel Scarab" Khepri. A new skin that could be added to the mech family like "Metal Carnage" Fenrir and "G.E.B. 1" Geb

Isis will also be getting a rework of her mastery skins to bring them more in line like the newer Gold, Legendary and Diamond skins like Bellona's and Anubis's. 

Finally we have "Father Time" Chronos. Chronos is now and old man and if you have never picked up the Chronos voice pack, now is the time to do so as it's hilarious. When he rewinds, he turns into a baby during the rewind. Seriously it's amazing. This skin is available via the "New Year's" chest, meaning it will be going away once the chest expires. 

As for the rest of the changes, there were some balance updates going into the SMITE World Championships including some surprising buffs and nerfs to gods that are usually not seen in this section. Anhur got a buff and Hel and Xbalanque will be suffering some nerfs. 

For the full patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official website. 

New Video Released for Europa Universalis IV: Cossacks

by: Michelle - - 0 Comments

Major changes are coming for Europa Universalis IV players! Project Lead Martin Anward goes through the improvements that have been made to diplomacy, culture, domestic politics, nomadic steppe nations and more in the latest dev video.

Europa Universalis IV: Cossacks will be available on digital storefronts, including the Paradox Store, on December 1, 2015.

Check out this this six minute video that will get you up to speed on the latest on Europa Universalis IV: Cossacks!


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