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The Elder Scrolls gets deep... really, really deep

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

As if the lore within the games wasn’t enough, Bethesda is taking the Elder Scrolls franchise to an even deeper level. If you are a fan of the lore behind the games, then you will love the fact that Bethesda is teaming up with Titan Books to launch two new series of books: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- The Skyrim Library.

The Elder Scrolls Online series consists of two separate volumes, one covering “The Land” and one covering “The Lore”. This will serve as the most accurate guide to to lore surrounding the game as well as give you access to a ton of never-before-seen art. The Skyrim series will consists of three books and allow players to get all of the game’s in-game text in actual book form.

The first volumes of these series will launch in March 2015. Come on, you know you want to have these sitting on your bookshelf...

Let's talk about that Far Cry 4 Season Pass for a moment

by: Sean Cahill - - 0 Comments

Yesterday, Michael posted up information released by Ubisoft regarding Far Cry 4, and the information continues to show a rather disturbing trend as we see more companies using Early Access and Season Passes to give players more content than those who just pay the regular amount of a game.

It took some deciphering, and most didn't catch on right away, but it would appear that if you don't pony up the $29.99 for Season Pass, then you'll miss out on PvP in the title.

Gamers aren't happy about this, as they shouldn't be.  It also hasn't been a great run for Ubisoft in the last few weeks, who managed to alienate PC gamers by saying that they'll no longer push for higher resolutions or framerates because they want to make a cinematic experience, though there has been some word that both Microsoft and Sony have been pushing developers to do so because consoles simply do not have the raw power that a PC can produce.

Getting back to the topic at hand, though:  What caused this?

DLC has always been a hotly contested topic and just how far is too far when it comes to what is offered.  Gamers on multiple sites are not happy with this news.  Here are just a few examples:

Taken directly from Ubiblog:

milking the cow ? as you created enough hype now you find different ways for asking for more money and [EXPLETIVE] this franchise up like the rest. i will cancel my preorder. thx bye

Horrible Idea, at least if this is what I think it is. Ubisoft, are you really expecting us to pay $30 to play multiplayer on top of the game price? Im sorry, but this might be the craziest thing I've ever heard before. Not to mention the terrible precedent you are setting for the gaming industry. I hope I am just confused about what I've just read, and you all haven't become this greedy.

From Gamespot:

Well, I think my pre-order deposit is going toward another game. about £20 to play online even after paying full price?!

This type of crap makes me not want to buy the game at all.

So to enjoy far cry 4 completely I need to spend roughly $100 bucks...

This time of year is booked for new releases, sorry.  Spring looks good, when the game drops to $30.

A little bit dodgy putting a standard MP mode in the season pass. Also at $30 is alot to ask , when we don't really know the extent of the content. How extensive is each content piece? I don't mind season passes, but it seems like the primary purpose is to sqeeze the maximum amount of dollars out of customers more than to provide them good value.

The list goes on from there, and it doesn't take long to search for the anger.  The bottom line is this, though:  It isn't going away unless enough people get angry about it.  We may very well be on the way to that happening, though.  Gamers have a big enough problem forking over $60 for a game that might be rife with DLC and feel as though they aren't getting the completed product, and that's reason enough to be angry.



Team Puuba and Mastertronic announce dungeon crawler The Weaponographist

by: Nathaniel - - 0 Comments

Doug McGrave, the famous demon hunter, is the star of The Weaponographist.  He's apparently just the best at demon hunting while also being just the worst at being a person.  So he's a jerk that's great at slaying monsters.  Sounds like he'd fit in very well in the National Football League.  Zing, I got you again, bald eagle-rules football!

Seriously though, The Weaponographist is a "high-speed" dungeon crawler that will be coming to Steam next year.  You can learn more after the jump.

Find Mastertronic on Facebook, and Team Puuba on the web

[Read More]

News Roundup - 10/20/2014

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

Nintendo Direct coming this Thursday and it's completely dedicated to Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

First thing I'm gonna say is that Nintendo Direct's are amazing. I have watched all of them so far and anxiously await what the next game or games will be that they will show off. The great news is that Nintendo will be holding a new Nintendo Direct this Thursday, October 23rd at 3PM PT and it will be completely dedicated to the Wii U version of Super Smash Brothers. 

I am assuming that they will be showing off some of the exclusive features of the Wii U version, like the rumored Board Game mode and I hope we get to see some Amibos in action. 

The 3DS version of Super Smash Brothers has been getting great reviews but I think I am going to skip that version. I didn't think that we would be getting the Wii U version until 2015 but when they announced that it would launch in November, I figured that I could wait a few months. Plus I want to play the game in glorious HD on my 40 inch television. 

Speaking of the 3DS version, be sure to check out Sean Colleli's review.

More pre-alpha footage from scrapped Battlefront 3 has been released

by: Chapel - - 0 Comments

Even more pre-alpha footage from Free Radical's Battlefront III was released, showing us all what could have been.

The game looks like it would have been very much like the other two games in the series, which I'm afraid may have made it feel dated, even at the time. I love the Battlefront series, but this footage is from 2007, the year of Call of Duty 4. If it had been released, it probably would have been swept under the rug like every other shooter was and has been since.

It's probably a blessing that things have worked out the way they did then, because now, of course, we have a new Battlefront being developed by DICE, which makes me giddy just to type out. Since the game will be released right around the movie, and movies love to be gritty these days, maybe we can hope for a down and dirty, war-is-hell take on Star Wars that DICE is known to do with Battlefield.

I could theorize about Star Wars all freakin' day, but I'll leave you now with the footage. It's very obviously pre-alpha, but if Star Wars is your bag, it's worth checking out.

Far Cry 4 season pass announced

by: Michael - - 0 Comments

Ubisoft has revealed a season pass for Far Cry 4 that will run gamers $29.99. 

The season pass packs five pieces of additional content that includes a day one mission, a co-op prison break, a brand new PvP multiplayer mode, and... a yeti. 

Look below for a more in-depth round up.

The Syringe – The day one mission will see players preventing the game's antagonist, Pagan Min, from retrieving a recipe that is useful against the rebellion. The mission is playable in both single-player and co-op.

Escape from Durgesh Prison – This mission will allow players to "team up with a friend to escape Yuma’s prison after being locked up and tortured."

Hurk Deluxe Pack – This pack will give gamers access to five additional missions starring Hurk, three of which are titled: Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and Hurk’s Redemption 

Overrun – This PvP mode will allow players to play as either the Rakshasa or the Golden Path and work towards capturing territory around Kyrat while also stoping that territory from being taken over by the opposing team.

Valley of the Yetis – This game mode finds the game's main protagonist, Ajay, crash landed on a Himalayan ridge "in a strange new frozen landscape". Players will scavenge for tools to upgrade their campsites while fighting off attacks from a mysterious cult. This content also has singe-player and co-op options.

Besides the extra mission that is available on day one, no additional dates were given. 

Be sure to check out the new co-op gameplay footage that was released earlier this month.

Only 1 day left to guarantee access to the Evolve Big Alpha

by: Rob - - 0 Comments

With just 10 days remaining until Evolve's Big Alpha test launches over Halloween weekend, you only have until tomorrow to guarantee alpha access by pre-ordering the game. Pre-Ordering will also net you the Monster Pack expansion, including the Savage Goliath featured in the trailer below and a yet-to-be-named monster that will be announced nearer to the release date. The Big Alpha is the second such test for the game following the PC-only test last July. This one opens on October 30th for Xbox One and the 31st for PS4 and PC and will shut down for all systems at the close of the weekend, November 2nd.  More info about the Big Alpha is at this link.

Evolve was originally slated for release tomorrow but has been pushed back to February 10th of next year. While it's a disappointment to have to wait, the game is looking great and I applaud 2K and Turtle Rock for making the tough decision and make the game right rather then just make it fast. 

Now Loading for the week of 10/20/14

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments

I never thought the day would come when:

a) The Nintendo Wii U would be exclusive home to a week’s biggest title in the midst of a busy season.
b) That title would be Platinum Game’s Bayonetta 2.

Well, that day is here! This week features another stellar lineup of releases and the biggie is undoubtedly the return of the umbran witch. Bayonetta 2 is actually here and as Matt told us last week, it is incredible.

This week’s full lineup:

  • Bayonetta 2 for Wii U
  • Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved for 360 and Xbox One
  • Escape Goat 2 for PS4 (via PSN)
  • F1 2014 for PS3
  • Fantasy Life for 3DS
  • Fluster Cluck for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Just Dance 2015 for 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and Wii
  • The Legend of Korra for PC, 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 (via PSN)
  • Pokemon Art Academy for 3DS
  • Race the Sun for PS3, PS4, and Vita (via PSN, Cross-Buy)
  • Samurai Warriors 4 for PS3, PS4, and Vita
  • Shadow Warrior for PS4 and Xbox One
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth for PC
  • The Voice for PS3
  • The Walking Dead: Season 2 for PS4

Weekend News Roundup - 10/19/2014

by: Jeremy - - 0 Comments



  • The Humble Store is having a huge sale on most Devolver Digital's titles this weekend


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