E3 07: Majesco Booth tour

Posted by: Chuck at 7/16/2007 10:15 PM
Whenever I think about Majesco I always think about Bloodrayne for some reason.  I’m guessing it’s the strong impression that the Bloodrayne booth babe they used to attract gamers to their booth with but either way the lineup at this year’s is vastly different than what they’ve shown in the past. Well, there was a Nancy Drew game but I don’t think Nancy is going to be flashing two miles of cleavage while she kills vampire Nazi’s.

Blast Works is an interesting side shooter for the Wii. The hook of the game is that all of the ships in the game are composed of geometric blocks. As you shoot down enemies you can run into the falling blocks and add on to your own ship. These spare blocks act as a shield so the more enemies you have the more of a shield you can build. The other interesting feature of the game is that you can create your own ships using the game’s built in editor. You can create all manner of ships both small and large. The game isn’t going to appeal to hardcore gamers but I think younger gamers will enjoy the ship building component and the fun shapes in the game.

Up next was import title Furu Furu Park for the Wii. The game is a combination mini-game collection/dating sim and the fame features 30 some odd mini-games that include original games as well as parts of old classics (like Bubble Bobble). The mini-games aren’t just for solo play as you can play most the games head to head  against another person.   Mini-game enthusiasts will love the wide variety of games when this game ships to stores later this year.

Nancy Drew: Deadly Secret of Olde Worlde for the DS is a game that I can see fans of the book flocking to. The story is an all new Nancy Drew mystery and the game is a combination of old school graphic novel game with a few mini-games tossed in for fun. One of the mini-games has Nancy trying to sneak around without being seen. Now this isn’t Nancy trying to be Sam Fisher but rather keeping Nancy in the shadows so she can get someplace she’s not supposed to be. The art for the game is very strong and modern and while I’m not in the target demographic I think the game could have an audience if the story is as strong as the graphics.

Zoo Hospital is another DS game that’s going to target the Justin Timerlake audience (that’s still a hip reference right?) .   The game has you working at the Zoo Hospital of a relative and you get to work with them to maintain the different animals at the Zoo. As the animals get sick you have to diagnose their problems by submitting them to a variety of tests. The caveat is that the more tests you submit the animals to the more nervous they get and sometimes you will have to calm the animals down. There’s not death in the games and you don’t have to worry about performing Trauma Center like surgeries as the procedures aren’t invasive.

The last game Majesco was showing off was Kengo: Legend of the Nine for the Xbox 360. This samurai game has you slicing your way through several semi historical settings (no giant crabs or massive damage though). The game isn’t in the same league as other fighting games but Majesco is value pricing the game at $39.99 which isn’t a bad price for a having the chance to hack through people with big swords.