E3 07: Godzilla Unleashed Hands On

Posted by: Chuck at 7/15/2007 9:34 PM
I managed to sneak over to the Atari booth Friday morning after our Midway appointment to fulfill a promise that I would come back and play Godzilla: Unleashed.  It seemed only right that we ran an interview with Mark Crowe last week and it was only appropriate that I go back and actually play the game with him. 

The game looks a lot like Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters which is certainly not an insult to the game.  What I was really interested in was seeing how the Wii controls worked.  Mark did mention that they were still working on fine tuning the conrols a bit but what they had in the build wasn't that bad.  The thumbstick on the nunchuk controls movement while the Wii remote controls the various attacks.  Jumping is done by lifting the nunchuk up and you can grab items by reaching forward with both controllers.  The control scheme worked for me after I got used to it and I can see being able to pull off combos with a little tightening up of the control scheme.

What I really liked was the controls to control your breath weapon.  You can charge the weapon by holding down the Z button on the Wii remote and then fire by pushing down on the D-pad.  A short tap sends out a fireball but holding it down generates a steady stream of fire.  Moving the Wii remote allows you to aim the direction of fire.  It's a nice system and it's very satisfying to unleash a little fire breath on your opponents.  Mark said this was very useful in stages where you had to take out military units on the ground and in the air.

Graphically the game looks to be a slight enhancement over Destroy All Monsters but Mark indicated they were still working on a few things.  I guess we'll see how everything works out when the game ships later this year.