E3 07: John Woo's Stranglehold hands on

Posted by: John at 7/14/2007 11:26 PM
I finally got to get my hands on John Woo's Stranglehold at Midway's booth and I want this game now. If you ever want to live through a John Woo movie then this game is it. It's the ongoing story of Inspector Tequila of course so that means tons of enemies to kill, tons of environments to destroy, and tons of blood being shed.

Controlling the game was pretty simple. The left trigger made Tequila perform dives and slides while the right trigger shot the gun you held. Depending on where you character is in the level and what objects are near by, the left trigger will perform different moves. If you're near a railing you will slide down it. Near a wall, you'll run up a little and dive backwards. Of course you'll be shooting most of the time you're doing this. It wasn't hard to mimic all the acrobatic moves Chow performed in the movie.

There are four sort of super moves you can perform when you built up a meter by causes havoc and destruction. First off you can heal yourself and you'll be needing to do that often with the amount of gun fire you'll absorb. Secondly, you can perform a more accurate aim on an enemy and you'll see the enemy react according to where you shoot him. I shot one of the Triads in the eye and it showed a nice animation of him grasping his now blown out eye socket with blood spewing about. A bullet to the neck resulted in a nice spray of blood from the jugular. Before you ask, yes they will react to crotch shots as well.

Another super move lets you go on a rampage and shoot multiple bullets very quickly. When a large group of enemies are heading towards you, this is a good way to take them all out quickly. Finally, the spin around with guns out and killing all enemies in the room is the last move available. There's even a flyby of doves when you perform thismaneuver . I don't know how doves can get into some of the areas that you perform this move in but hey Tequila must keep them in his back pocket for such anoccasion.

Mexican stand offs are another trademark of John Woo movies and one shown went to a mini game where you are surrounded by a group of people. You had to quickly dodge each bullet and put one into the guy and do that for each one that surrounds you. Sure it's unrealistic and over the top but it's fun nevertheless.

When playing through a few levels, you'll see a ton of objects fly up in the air as you are shooting it out with others. You'll leave every level in a heap of ruins before it's done and you can be sure that your path of destruction will leave nothing left that's recognizable or untouched.

John Woo's Stranglehold will have a making of featurette and interviews as other special features for the Xbox 360 version. The PlayStation 3 version doesn't get any of that but does get Hard Boiled uncut in high definition. Tough choice but I think I'll go the PS3 version as I don't currently own the movie. The game was a lot of fun with the small amount of time I had with it and it's due out in the Fall.