E3 07: Boogie Hands on

Posted by: Chuck at 7/13/2007 2:32 AM
Boggie is a game that my girlfriend was really looking forward to and that I was a little meh on.  After playing the game today I've changed my mind about the game and I think EA might have a winner here.  We didn't get to see all of the game but we did get to check out the dance portion of the game and the karaoke singing portion of the game.  Boogie is a rhythm game but instead of having to time hitting arrows or pressing buttons at a particular time you just have to flick the Wii remote to the beat of the song.  It's simple, easy, and even no rhythm guys like myself can do it.  You can move around the 3X3 stage by using the thumbstick on the nunchuk.  You earn extra points by moving with the beat.  While you play you can build up boost to pull off special moves as well as earning tokens by moving in front of these little demons that show up during the game.

The karaoke mode uses the included USB microphone to record your voice.  What's nice about the karaoke portion is that you can have the game mute your voice while you sing.  This is great as the game still picks up your voice without inflicting your voice on those around you.  While one person sings another person can use the Wii controls to make the character dance which is a nice touch.  We didn't get to see any other parts of the game due to being the last appointment of the day but what I saw showed a lot of promise.