E3: Hands on with Bioshock

Posted by: Chuck at 7/12/2007 3:26 AM
The other game I got some QT with at the Games For Windows event tonight was Bioshock from 2K Games.  The game has a tremendous amount of hype behind it and after spending time with it tonight I think it's safe say that it's all justified.  What you really don't read in the previews or see in the screenshots or trailers is how well the mood of the game is set.  Matching the cool art deco side of the game is some very cool audio effects and music, both of which really set the mood and tone of the game.  The game starts with a nice long decent from the site of yoru plane crash down into Rapture, the city below the city.  I was reminded of the long monorail sequence from Half-Life as the introductory part of the game immediately sets the overall plot and tone of the game, shows you how big the city is, and gives you some idea of what you are up against.

If you've seen the trailers and screenshots from the game then you have more than likely seen images of the gene splicers and of the creepy little girls that harvest DNA.  What you don't realize is how creepy they are when you actually hear them talk.  This really took the game to another level for me because the voice acting adds so much to the game.  I actually forced myself to get up from the game after playing for fifteen minutes because I didn't want to spoil any more of the game for myself and I could start to feel the game sinking it's hooks into me and I didn't want to get overly invested in a game that I would have a limited time with.  That said I've now circled August 21st as a potential sick day because I have a feeling I'll be 18 fathoms under the sea exploring the nooks and crannies of Rapture.