E3 07: Sony Press conference (Chuck's take)

Posted by: Chuck at 7/12/2007 2:09 AM
John already did a great job of wrapping up what went down with Sony but I wanted to toss a few of my thoughts in as well.  After seeing the Sony debacle last year it was nice to see them rebound this year with such a strong showing.  While we didn't get dates on a lot of the games at the show it was nice to see that the games were the focus of the show and that we didn't get bombarded with hundreds of pie charts, bar graphs, and cute pictograms.  Instead Sony just showed off games and had their developers introduce them and explain why people should be excited about the games.  Using Home as part of the presentation was also a good idea as it killed a lot of birds with one stone as you get to show off the interface as well as demonstrating how well it works. 

I also appreciate the fact that Sony didn't take it'self too seriously and even made one Riiiidge Racer joke during the presentation.  I know Jack Tretton was a little nervous but I think his overall tone and presentation went over pretty well.  Overall a job well done but then again any presentation with Chewbacca is always going to get high marks in my book.