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posted 3/14/2006 by Charles Husemann
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To say that Kaemo: Elements of power has a long history would be an understatement.  Originally slated to come out for the Gamecube the purchase of developer Rare by Microsoft seemed to indicate that the game would be powered by the big green X of the original Xbox.  Instead the title went under the scope knife again to re-emerge as one of the launch titles for the Xbox 360. 

As with most games, the first level introduces you to the controls of the game as well as introducing to the plot of the game.  At the start of the game  you find yourself in the midst of a large scale assault on your home castle by the trolls who are attacking the castle to regain control of the Wotnot and the Elements of powers.  The Wotnot acts as a container for the elments and you need it to transform into the various elemental warriors.  Unfortunately you are not able to stop them and they manage to capture the entire royal family as well as some of the elements of power.  It turns out it was an inside job as you were betrayed by your jealous sister Kalus.  You recognize early on that she’s one of the bad guys early on because she’s the one with the most décolletage.  After being knocked out at the end of the first level you loss control of the elemental warriors you have.  It’s then up to you to regain control of all ten elements of power as well, rescue your family, and stop your sister and the trolls from enslaving you and the rest of your Elvin brethren.

Kameo is your basic adventure game with the twist that you get to transform into various characters to solve the various puzzles in the game.  Rare has created some fairly interesting characters for you to play with.   You have Chilla the yeti who can climb ice walls by creating pikes out of the icicles on its back.  Chilla can also through these icicles at enemies from a distance sniper style as well as being able to “store” trolls on her back by impaling them his back for later use.  These trolls can either be hurled at opponents or used as a club.  You also have Major Aran ….errr.Major Ruin a pillbug like creature who can curl up into a sphere and roll around the map knocking down enemies and slipping into pipes.  These two characters plus a fire snorting dragon, an animated pile of rocks, a weed with boxing glove, and four other interesting warriors are at your disposal over the course of the game.  In some cases you’ll have to actually use two or more of the characters to get through a section.  For example you might have to jump a over a gap using Major Ruin and then stick to a wall using Chilla’s spikes.  It’s a nice system but in some cases it does take a bit of trial and error to figure out what you are supposed to do as well as getting down the timing for switching warriors.

In order to use the warriors you have to reclaim them.  They are either held captive by in the shadow world by a demon or trapped within one of your kidnapped relatives. The game is a little linear in this regard as some of the puzzles require certain warriors to complete them. 

As you progress through the game you can purchase or pickup Elemental Fruit which can be used to modify your elemental warriors.  These are usually adding new abilities, increasing the power of an existing ability, or increasing the spirit bar of the creature.  These are worth picking up as they can really change the way you play the warrior and are a nice touch in that you do have to choose what abilities you want to give you warriors.  A lot of the elemental fruit is hidden in out of the way places or are the rewards for completing the side quests which does give you come incentive for exploring the world. 

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