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posted 3/29/2007 by John Yan
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The NBA Street series has replaced my old love of NBA Jam for some over the top NBA action. EA Sports Big has just released their latest version with NBA StreetHomecourt and while I haven’t had that much experience with the other versions, I had a fun time with the latest one.

In NBA Street Homecourt, you strive to become a streetball legend and putting your homecourt on the map by starting out as an obscure player. You create a character and define the playing style you like. If you’re into just jamming the ball down, pickLebron James or Kevin Garnett as your style. Want to shoot from long range and handle the rock like a pro? Select Steve Nash. Depending on the NBA persona you pattern your game to determines the stats your player starts out with and the levels it can upgrade as you progress.

The face of your player is determined by a few factors. You start out with a few pre-generated mugs to choose from. You can leave it at that but you can also add two NBA stars in the mix and through a triangle setup, you can morph your face this way. By moving the indicator closer to one of the three faces in the triangle, your look will be more aligned to that face. If you want you can create some really weird offspring of two stars merging the features of the two in some sort of Conan O’Brien like if they mated scenario. There's a good variety of default faces to choose from and you can fine tune it more with the NBA faces.

After you create your player you embark on taking on various challenges from various players. You’ll start out with no names but soon NBA players will start to appear on the court you are playing and you can see how well you match up with them. The game pits teams of 3 against each other in a full court game so you'll have to pick up two players to be on your team. The games have different parameters to win such as only dunks allowed or a team has to be up by a certain number of points. Because you can't win all the games the same way, it forces you to build a well rounded team so that you will have strengths in each type of game. The most obvious choice would be to have one great shooter who can handle the ball, one great dunker, and one great defender.

You'll play the various challenges at some homecourts of some of the NBA players. You'll even get some back stories on some of the players as you progress through the game. Seeing the different homecourts of some of the NBA players can be entertaining as you see what some of the greats consider home and where they started out.

As you go through the challenges your player will build up stats in various categories. Dunk a lot during a game and watch your dunking skill grow. Put some moves on others and your handles skill will increase. It's a nice way to build your player and you can focus on a few aspects of the game if you want to really increase your skills in a certain area. Some of the challenges offer extra experience as well for completing a secondary task like grabbing three rebounds or getting five steals. Two times during the course ofHomecourt Challenge, you'll be able to max out a skill. This is a great chance to give your player 100 in their lowest categories. As you increase your skill level, the certain aspect of the game becomes easier. With a max skill in shooting you can rainbow threes in all day. A high level blocker won't just block shots but they will take the ball out of the air.

The different games give you various amount of experience points and also allow you to win some Jordan equipment. Some of the equipment when worn will add X number of experience on top of what the challenge has to offer so you can build up your character more quickly when sporting Jordan fashion.
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