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posted 3/16/2007 by John Yan
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After a few months, NVIDIA is finally releasing some affordable high end cards. Foxconn, somewhat new to the video card market, sent us their implementation of the Geforce 8800 GTS with 320MB of ram. There's two versions that Foxconn is putting out and we have their overclocked edition today.

GeForce 8800 GTS

The Foxconn FV-N88SMCD2-ONOC, or GF8800 GTS 320MB OC as we'll call it, features a GPU clocked at 575MHz and memory at 1800MHz. A normal GeForce 8800 GTS is clocked in at 500MHz with the memory at 1600MHz. 96 stream processors running at 1.2GHz with 320MB of ram round out the specs. If the memory and GPU speed seem familiar, they are the exact same specifications for the GeForce 8800 GTX. Differences, besides memory amount, are the 32 less stream processors and the 96 stream processors are running 150MHz less.  Some of the initial GeForce 8800 GTS cards were great overclockers and some people were able to push the card to close or matching the GTX GPU and memory speeds so seeing this card run at the same specifications as the GeForce 8800 GTX isn't too much of a surprise. Foxconn's offering of an overclock edition will give people a guaranteed speed increase over the original GTS offering.

Every feature that the first GeForce 8800 cards support is also in this card. From DirectX 10 to GigaThread to Lumenex Engine, you can be sure this card is ready for the next-generation of games on Vista. The only differences are really the memory amount and the omission of some memory helps cut the cost down to a more reasonable price. It's still a pretty expensive card at around $300 but it's a lot more affordable than the PlayStation 3 like price of the GeForce 8800 GTX.

Lengthwise, the GTS card isn't too long at 9.5 inches. Unlike the GTX version which can be a hassle to put in some cases, the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB OC card should easily fit into most cases. The card also features one power connector that faces right. The GTX cards have two that face up for easier access. For cooling, the card features the same cooling unit as a reference GeForce 8800 GTS card but with Foxconn's branding on the front. The cooler makes this card a two slot solution. In contrast to Foxconn's GTX card, the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB OC card doesn't feature blue LEDs that line the cooler. The bracket has the standard Dual-DVI as well as one video out connection. Overall, it's a standard looking card with the Foxconn branding.

Like the previous Foxconn graphics card reviews, the GF8800 GTS 320MB OC card comes with a bundle of a USB gamepad and two utilities: RestoreIT and Virtual DrivePro. The gamepad is not too bad while the two utilities can come in handy. Foxconn's bundle is different than others and no game is included in the pack. The normal set of cables and adapters are also included such as component attachments, DVI to VGA adapters, and a power cable converter. If you don't have a six pin power cable, Foxconn includes an adapter that turns two Molex connectors into one.
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