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posted 12/7/2006 by Dave Gamble
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Dear Mom:
I don't know how much of this will get past the censors, but hopefully they will leave enough in so you can get some idea about what my first week in combat has been like. It didn't take long to get to know the guys in my squad - they're pretty much the same as all of the other troops I've met. They're sarcastic and grumpy, but they stick together in a fight, and that's what is most important. Well, there's one guy that got into it with Sarge and nearly got his head blowed off, but they're a good bunch for the most part.
Most everyone at home will want to know what it's like to fight in a battle. Well Ma, it's loud and it's confusing and it's just so frightening that in my first couple of battles all I could do was follow the guys in front of me and try to shoot at anyone that looked foreign. There is so much going on all at once, and there's so much to hear, and shells are bursting around you and showering you with dirt, and guys are getting shot right and left of you, and it's all just happening at once! I don't want you to be scared for me Mom, but in just the few days that I've been here I've been in a truck wreck, I've been blown off the back of a tank that I was sitting on, and I've been stunned by close hits a couple of times. I've had a hand-to-hand fight to the death with a German soldier, and I've been pinned down my machine guns, thinking that there was no way I could move without getting shot. You know what, Mom? I was wrong. Go ahead and be scared for me - real scared!
But I'm learning Mom. I'm learning what it will take for me to stay alive as we defend the gains we made last week. We know that we cannot allow ourselves to be pushed back out to the sea. We know that if we don't put everything into beating this enemy now , we will have to come back and do it again later after he's gotten even stronger. If we lose this battle, we will have wasted the effort of all those guys that stormed the beaches. Plenty of mistakes were made during the landings, and most of our post-invasion plans were shot to hell by the unpredictability of war, but we keep ourselves motivated by thinking of you folks back home and how important it is for us to defeat this enemy before he can do damage to our families over there at home. We know all of you support us and our mission over here, and we're proud that even those people that thought we had no business over here, those that thought we should just ignore Hitler and let him take Europe, have banded together to stand behind us as we fight this ugly fight. I don't think we could win this thing if we didn't know that our Countrymen were united in supporting us and have put aside their differences to present a united front to this tireless, ruthless, diabolical foe.
I was thinking about all of that as my squad was pinned down in front of a big building. The Germans had placed a bunch of machine guns in there, and every time I tried to take a shot at one, the ground around me erupted with the hits of hundreds of bullets. It seemed that the Germans could keep replacing any of their guys that we hit with no problems. I realized that we were going to run out of ammo if we stayed put, and to retreat was to forfeit any gains we had paid so dearly for. I don't know what made me do it, Mom, but I tossed two smoke grenades out in front of us and as the thick covering smoke they provided blocked the view of the gunners in the building, me and a couple of the guys snuck around to the side. We were able to get in and sneak up on the gunners as they fired on our buddies. After seeing them swing their guns back and forth in a killing arc aimed at my pals, I didn't feel even a seconds worth of guilt as I shot them in the back. I know that's hard to hear, Mom, but that's the way it is here. It's violent, it's dirty, and it's Hell. But it has to be done. It has to.
So, Mom, that's what the first few hours of Activision's Call of Duty 3 on my Xbox have been like. When's dinner?
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