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posted 8/30/2006 by Charles Husemann
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Platforms: PSP
Here's the scoop from Codemaster's on their upcoming PSP game.

In these modern times of games that are oh-so-serious, it's great when you can play a game with a smile on its face and a gun in its hand. And the rebirth of a great classic series is something to celebrate as well.

These things come together with the announcement of Cannon Fodder for PSP (tm) (PlayStation ® Portable). A new start for the well-loved series.

But how do you bring a game rooted in a previous era up to date? Well, we've got great art direction that takes what the original game's style - which combined a humorous cute look with gritty elements - and uses those principles to create a look that's both modern and unmistakably Cannon Fodder.

Gameplay is true to the original formula: players take command of a squad and complete missions using guns, wits, and maybe the various vehicles you might find scattered around like tanks, trucks, APCs, jeeps and more. Completing these missions usually involves causing as many explosions and as much destruction as possible..

The move into true 3D will also allow some new gameplay elements to come into play, such as the importance of higher ground or the ability to stay hidden in a gully, all adding depth to the original game, but without fundamentally altering what it's about.

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