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SMITE - Review

Wake up Kumbakharna, It's time for battle!
HI-Rez announces their plans for SMITE eSports for the rest of the year
Bastet pounces her way onto the Battleground of the Gods in the newest SMITE update
Full schedule for SMITE's $200,000 tournament this weekend
Hi Rez releases an official cinematic trailer for the launch of SMITE
Hi Rez releases a developer diary for SMITE and their long road to launch day.
Ullr, The Glorious One, arrives on the battlefield tomorrow in SMITE.
I just got my first Legendary God in SMITE and it was one of the most rewarding gaming experiences I have ever had
SMITE's newest god is... a creepy little girl
Agni gets a major overhaul in the latest SMITE patch.
Lets take a Facebook Look Back at Sun Wukong from SMITE
Nemesis slices and dices her way onto the Battleground of the gods in SMITE
Release the Quacken!!! New SMITE patch brings new skins and other goodies to the game.
Don't delay! Play SMITE Today!
Geb rolls onto the Battlefield of the Gods in the latest SMITE patch
Chaac is gonna make it rain in SMITE
Kali, the goddess of destruction, returns to the battlefield in SMITE
Nu Wa falls from the heavens and onto the battleground of the gods. New god added to SMITE
Let the waters rise! He-Bo gets a total overhaul in SMITE
OH GOD NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES! Ah Muzen Cab buzzes his way into SMITE
Ever wonder what goes into creating a god for SMITE?
Get ready to raise some Hel in the latest SMITE patch
FLASH, AHHHHHH! Mercury joins the cast of SMITE
New god coming to SMITE in the next patch
Odin gets a major overhaul in the latest SMITE update.
A new Chinese god joins the cast of SMITE!
Hi-Rez teams with Tencent to bring SMITE to Asian gamers and tons of new content coming soon
SMITE's conquest map gets a massive overhaul in the latest update
Now Playing: Mega Man Unlimited SMITE Edition
Get ready to lay down the law! Tyr, The Lawgiver joins the cast of SMITE!