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Xbox One, PlayStation 4, both, or neither? - Article

PSN Update 1.70 lets you create and share videos easily and allows for pre-loading of games
PlayStation 4 hits the 7 million units sold mark
Pepsi augments reality, throws meteors, aliens, and attacking robots at bus commuters
Why isn't Starr Mazer a real thing? Somebody make it a real thing!
Updates coming to turn off HDCP and add sharing capabilities to the PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 hits 6 million units sold
Sony announces that PS4 has sold many millions worldwide
PlayStation 4 system update 1.60
Sony announces streaming game service
CES 2014: PS4 1 (point two million) ups XBO
Fork Parker and Devolver Digital want to give you a PS4 and Hotline Miami 2
Welcome to the age of voyeurism
PS4 sells 2.1 million units worldwide
Welcome to the next generation
Initial PlayStation 4 impressions
$381 is how much it costs to build the PlayStation 4
Trend Micro reminds us of scams using PS4 and XbO as bait
One million PlayStations 4 sold in 24 hours, Sony's forum post about the blinking blue light
On this day, November 15, 2013, the PlayStation 4 launched in North America
Naughty Dog reveals next-gen Uncharted and The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC
Jimmy Fallon, Ice T, robots and the PlayStation 4
Sony releases new phone app ahead of PlayStation 4 launch
All PS4s ship with $10 PlayStation Store credit and more
Watch the PlayStation 4 get torn down to its bare bones
How easy is it to do remote play between a PlayStation 4 and a Vita?
Meet the Dualshock 4
Day One downloads? Pfft no problem with PS4
Wal-Mart taking additional PS4, Xbox One pre-orders
Sony reveals free PlayStation App
PS4 systems on display at select Sony stores
PlayStation 4 has a day one 300Mb patch
The DualShock 4 will work on the PC
Win a Xbox One from Doritos and Mt. Dew every 2 minutes later this year
Yo quiero PlayStation 4
How to upgrade some PS3 games to the PS4 version
Sony says the camera will allow for gestures and HDMI is unencrypted for games
The PS4 camera will let you use voice commands and has facial recognition
Gamescom: Twitch coming to the PlayStation 4
Gamescom: PS4 to retailers on November 15
Pool Nation FX will be released for Playstation 4
Sony to Microsoft: anything you can do, I can do cheaper
Mark Cerny talks about the PS4
Amazon breaks record with next-gen console pre-orders
Third-party publishers to dictate their own DRM terms, Tretton says
E3 2013: Nyko announced accessories for next generation systems.
E3 2013: PS4 to support used games
E3 2013: Games, games and more games for the PS4
SOE reveals some F2P plans for the PS4 [DC Universe and PlanetSide 2]
That rumored Vita support for PS4 games? Mandatory!
Sony teases the PlayStation 4 a day ahead of the next Xbox reveal
NVIDIA passes on providing hardware for the PlayStation 4
PhysX and APEX support for PlayStation 4
Screenshots of the PlayStation 4 user interface
The PlayStation 4 is all AMD
The PlayStation 4's controller and camera up close and personal
The PlayStation 4 WILL be able to play used games, Gamestop employees rejoice
Rumor no more: PlayStation 4 revealed
PlayStation 4 may stream PlayStation 3 games
Sony's history of the PlayStation
Kotaku posts some interesting rumors about the next PlayStation