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Arma 3 - Review
Arma 3 Alpha - Preview

Laugh at the Arma 3 Karts DLC announcement from a Van Damme-alike doing splits on moving go karts
Latest Arma 3 video showcases guerrilla warfare
Final Campaign episode of Arma 3 will air on March 20.
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Great Zeus! This free DLC is going to make me buy Arma 3
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Episode 2 of Arma 3's campaign now available
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Second campaign episode for Arma 3 coming in January
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Arma 3 - Community Guide: SITREP II video is terrifying
First campaign episode for Arma 3 deploys on Oct. 31
First post-release update for Arma 3 has been released
New Arma 3 community guide video focuses on combined arms warfare
New Arma 3 launch trailer has been deployed
Now Loading for the week of September 9, 2012: “Delivered Promises” Edition
Latest Arma 3 community guide video showcases snipers and launchers
Arma 3 to release on September 12
Arma 3's campaign will launch in three episodes
Arma 3 enters beta
Arma 3 Beta available on June 25
E3 2013: Arma 3 (Impressions)
Learn how to become a better teammate in Arma 3's latest video
Arma 3 protip: don't fire wildly from the hip while screaming
Arma Arma Arma Arma Arma chameleon
Arma 3 will launch exclusively on Steam
Arma 3 postponed to 2013 due to "unexpected circumstances"
E3 2012: Arma 3 (Hands-on)
E3 2012: Arma 3 & Carrier Command
Bohemia Interactive to showcase titles at E3
New Arma 3 video focuses on the game's improved lighting features
Bohemia Interactive reveals some new info for ArmA 3 in 2012