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A look ahead to the PlayStation Vita - Article

Sony announces slimmer Vita
How easy is it to do remote play between a PlayStation 4 and a Vita?
The new Vita and the old Vita screen comparison
The PS Vita gets smaller, more power, and six colors
Gamescom: PlayStation Vita gets a price cut to $199
Sony introduces the *inhale* Playstation Vita Summer Select Playstation Store Event *exhale*
That rumored Vita support for PS4 games? Mandatory!
Free games added to Vita anniversary Sale
PS Plus heads to Vita next week!
PS Plus coming to Vita this November
Gamescom 2012: Sony prepares for new Vita features
Gamescom 2012: Sony revamps the Cross Play initiative
Study finds that most mobile gaming is done at home
E3 2012: Vita Sizzle trailer
E3 2012: PlayStation One Classics support headed to Vita
E3 2012: Sony dedicated to defining cross-platform play
E3 2012; Hulu Plus and Crackle announced for Vita
RUMOR: Could Sony be implementing cloud gaming? Announce at E3?
Let the Vita variations begin!
PlayStation Vita firmware update hitting soon
Atlus drops prices for re-vitalized PSN
Vita sales break 1.2 million
Amazon lets you pick up 1 Vita game free when you buy 2 of them
Now Loading for the week of 2/19/2012: Vita Launch Week
Now Loading for the week of February 12, 2012: Vita Overload Edition
Americans, your PSP UMDs won't be transferrable to the Vita
Taco Bell and Sony join forces for burritos and PlayStation Vita
CES 2012: Sony Gaming on the Floor
CES 2012: Netflix coming to Vita
PlayStation Vita second week sales nosedive in Japan
Sony Vita Japanese launch hitting some snags
The Vita sells over 300,000 units in the first two days
How's the Vita look inside?
If the Vita doesn’t break the bank, the memory cards will
February 22nd is the launch date for the Vita for everyone else
The PlayStation Vita has a 20MB cap on 3G
PlayStation Vita POV video
Sony PlayStation Vita will be launching December 17th in Japan
No cross-game chat for the PS3
Sony's Vita won't be available this year in the US or Europe
Vita bringing a new level of social gaming
E3 2011: PlayStation Vita montage video
E3 2011: Vita release windows and price announced
E3 2011: PlayStation Vita is official