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Darksiders II - Review
Darksiders 2 - Review
Darksiders II Argul’s Tomb - Review
Darksiders II - Review
Darksiders II - Preview
Darksiders II - Preview

Creep out all your friends with new Death and Despair statue
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Oh hey there, I'd like you to meet Death. What's that, you've two already know each other?
Darksiders II gets a survival arena and new game plus
Death is the last salvation in the new Darksiders II TV commercial
Death comes for all (and you can't say "not today")
Wanna harvest souls? There's an app for that.
THQ releases a new Darksiders II trailer
Death will make an appearance at Comic-Con
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THQ reveals a new Darksiders II trailer
Behind the Mask: Death's World
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It will take all four horsemen to score all these pre-order bonuses
Darksiders II getting a book to coincide with launch
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Darksiders II behind the scenes trailer featuring Death
Darksiders 2 trailer reminds us that Death lives
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THQ announces Darksiders II coming in 2012