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Tera - Review

Factions, new zones, and an evolved political system coming in the next update for TERA
TERA joins in the Halloween fun with Masquerade Mayhem
TERA update gets a release date
Take a free 7-day test drive of TERA
Still on the fence about Tera? Play for free for seven days.
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E3 2012: Tera becomes the third MMO to be offered on the Gaikai cloud streaming service
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Now Loading or the week of April 29, 2012: Portable Punching Edition
The World of Tera Is Opening Early For Pre-Order Customers
En Masse details Tera's villains, the argons
Beta plans announced for new MMO, Tera.
TERA comes to North America May 1st
En Masse Entertainment announces launch timing for TERA
TERA publisher signs agreement with Atari for North American distribution
Last race and classes in TERA revealed; TERA to have a new hands-on demo at GDC
Two races and one class revealed for TERA
New Tera screenshots are holiday themed, feature giant scary reindeer like creatures
Meet the sorcerer and mystic classes from Tera
New Tera video hints at plot
TERA talks about achievements, the Amani and the Lancer
Get TERA-ized with this new "spooky" trailer
Meet Tera's Slayer, he's got a big sword and a bad ass soundtrack
TERA PAX 2010 behind closed doors
TERA at Pax means assets for us
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Tera gets some new screenshots
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E3 2010: Awesome new trailer for TERA
E3 2010: Tera (Impressions)