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New map pack incoming for Homefront
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Apparently developing a million-selling game = kthxbi
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Homefront ships 2.4 million units and sells about 1 million units world wide since launch
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Home is where the war is: Homefront launch trailer
Now Loading for the week of 3/14/2011: Viva La Resistance Edition
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Kaos Studio's relocation still possible even with Homefront being THQ's biggest pre-ordered game
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Homefront to feature "The Second American Revolution"
Homefront hits a speed bump
Homefront Online Pass Revenue To Allegedly Fund Dedicated Servers
THQ Gamers Week Coverage - Day 3
THQ Gamers Week Coverage - Day 2
Major Nelson drops by THQ Gamer's Week with Homefront DLC news.
THQ bringing Online Pass to Homefront
New Homefront trailer shows off the characters and differentiators
Homefront gets a new single player trailer
Kaos Studios provides more info on the backstory of Homefront
Homefront to invade homes on March 8th in the US, March 11th in Europe
THQ signs deal with Random House for Homefront novel
PC version of Homefront being developed by Digital Extremes (plus new screenshots)
Homefront backstory explained