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Deadmau5, Benny Benassi and Yolanda Be Cool arrive on DJ Hero 2 today
DJ / Guitar Hero DLC isn’t dead yet
Pendulum track pack available for download for DJ Hero 2
Three new trance tracks hit DJ Hero 2 today
Activision drops price on DJ Hero 2/Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock
Best Buy puts sale on select Activision titles
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DJ Hero 2 brings back the old skool with a new mix pack
DJ Hero 2 catalog growing again
Coca-Cola collaborates with Activision to hand out free DLC codes for DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Activision releases The Hit Maters track pack for DJ Hero 2
Tiesto's new music video contains purely in-game DJ Hero 2 footage
DJ Hero 2 planned for two mix packs in November
Two DJ Hero 2 demos available - virtual and Best Buy
DJ Hero 2 pre-order and gift-with-purchase deals revealed
Amazon offers two mp3s for DJ Hero 2 pre-orders
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A-Trak and Diplo debut on DJ Hero 2 alongside a few encore DJs
Music Demos hitting Xbox Live
RZA joins the DJ Hero 2 crew
Mommy, where do DJ Hero tracks come from?
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Tiësto announced as the latest playable character in DJ Hero 2
DJ Hero 2 to feature DJ Qbert as a playable character
DJ Hero 2 has a 100 + artists and Jay-Z isn't one
New DJ Hero 2 footage shows off Deadmau5
It's official: DJ Hero 2 in Fall 2010