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Bulletstorm - Review

Even People Can Fly blushed at the amount of swearing in Bulletstorm
Kill with skill, purchase with purpose: Bulletstorm offers new DLC
Bulletstorm's Gun Sonata Pack now available on PC
Bulletstorm demo for the PC now available
Bulletstorm already putting DLC in the chamber...
Bulletstorm launches today
Now Loading for the week of 2/21/2011: “Take your pick” Edition
Bulletstorm demo PC is going to be out after the game
Whip, kick, BOOM!
No Unreal Editor support in Bulletstorm, for now...
Cliffy B reminds you that Bulletstorm is good for the environment
Skillisode #4 shows off new Bulletstorm weapons
Duff’s impressions: Bulletstorm Demo
Skillisode #3 released
Bulletstorm demo gets a video
Now Loading: New Releases for the week of 1/24/2011
The weapons and modes of Bulletstorm
A few more kills with skill
Win a Bulletstorm nutcracker
Bulletstorm media blitz in full swing
Bulletstorm skill-kicks its way onto PSN and XBL
Bulletstorm’s got skillz!
How much gusto does your PC need for Bulletstorm?
Bulletstorm "Bulletpoints" trailer released
Bulletstorm dev diary not for those with sensitive ears
Bulletstorm reveals its multiplayer side
Four new Bullestorm screens released
The characters of Bulletstorm; plus, a new gameplay trailer
New Bulletstorm screenshots feature giant spinning wheel of death
This is your Bulletstorm cover
Bulletstorm... it looks like a "Hekaton" of fun
Gamescom Bulletstorm screenshots still lack bullets and/or storms
Gamescom bringing a flood of news next week
Cliff B. walks you through E3 Demo of Bulletstorm
E3 2010: Bulletstorm (Hands On)
E3 2010: Bulletstorm hitting stores on 2/22/11
Bulletstorm to debut on GameTrailers this week
First trailer for Bulletstorm
First Bulletstorm screens feature neither bullets nor storms
Official word of Bulletstorm from EA
A storm is coming.... a storm of bullets