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P.O.D. brings three tracks to Guitar Hero 5/Band Hero
Megadeth joins the Guitar/Band Hero franchise
Latest Guitar/Band Hero DLC spans Weezer career
Guiter Hero gets Used
Guitar Hero: a look at August's line-up
Disturbed tracks make an appearance on Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero
Three Avenged Sevenfold tracks now available for the Hero franchise
Summer Guitar Hero tracks and track packs sale
Activision's July DLC line-up
Hero DLC brings more pop to the track list
Time for All Time Low DLC on Hero franchise
Alice Cooper Track Pack now available
Get select National Anthems for free for Guitar Hero 5/Band Hero
Get your Plush Sex Type Thing out of my Guitar Hero
Hero franchise readies DLC for June
Aerosmith and Band Hero track packs coming to you this week
May downloads for the Hero rock line go classic, alternative, and legendary
Black Sabbath comes to the Hero franchise
Phoenix makes a debut on Hero franchise
Three new tracks for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero with a gameplay video
Fall Out Boy tracks come to Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero
Activision’s music line-up kicks off with Lynyrd Skynyrd
Activision releases April’s music lineup for the Hero series
Activision’s tribute to St. Patrick’s Day lets you rock out to Flogging Molly
OK Go download this week’s new tracks for Guitar Hero 5/Band Hero
First up in Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero: blink-182
Third Eye Blind track pack wishes you would step back from that ledge
March showers bring downloadable tracks to the Hero franchise
Breaking Benjamin comes to Guitar Hero
New 30 Seconds to Mars tracks on the Hero line
Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on burning
February downloadable songs announced for Activision’s Hero series
Vampire Weekend DLC arrives just in time for the .... weekend
Guitar Hero’s January calendar is jam-packed with jams
This week's Guitar/Band Hero DLC
Surprise! There is Guitar Hero DLC this week.
December's Guitar Hero/Band Hero DLC announced
KISS becomes a Hero
More song imports, KISS, and Lenny Kravitz coming to Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero has 1 million documented fans…on Facebook
Classic Rock Track Pack 2 now available for Guitar Hero 5
Wolfmother track pack featured in new DLC for Guitar Hero 5
Billy Squier Track Pack for Guitar Hero 5 is out and ready to be downloaded
Guitar Hero 5 DLC update
Guitar Hero 5 drums pushed back for Band Hero
New three-track pack DLC for Guitar Hero 5
AFI Track Pack DLC for Guitar Hero 5 now available
Guitar Hero 5 DLC: Street Sweeper Social Club
Courtney Love to "sue the s!@t" out of Activision
Guitar Hero scores Kurt and Smells Like Teen Spirit
Muse frontman Matt Belamy joins Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero 5 fans get 'satisfaction'
Get Van Halen for free with a purchase of Guitar Hero 5
Import songs into Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero
Guitar Hero V has many multiplayre modes, shows them off in new video
Guitar Hero 5 getting full 360 Avatar support
Last of the song list announced for Guitar Hero V
Shirley Manson joins Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero 5 new tracks and preorder goodies announced
The new drums for Guitar Hero 5
Activision shows off new Guitar Hero 5 features in video form
85 songs in Guitar Hero 5 only 24 are being announced today
Guitar Hero 5 band list revealed
Google your way to concert tickets courtsey of Activision