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LEGO Rock Band - Review

Harmonix teases the future of Rock Band
Is there a song you really want to see in Rock Band? Request it
Stone Temple Pilots and Jimmy Eat World add new tracks to Rock Band
Move over Rock Band…let Jimmy take over!
R.E.M. and T. Rex hitting Rock Band next week
The Doobies and Anthrax highlight Rock Band DLC next week
Bob Marley’s Legend to grace Rock Band next week
Big country pack for Rock Band and 12 new RBN songs for next week
Rock Band going smash singles next week
Pick up The Vines DLC for Rock Band next week
Rock Band DLC features memorable rock tracks from Creedence Clearwater Revival
Rock Band DLC next week = Miley Cyrus?
Grateful Dead and The Smithereens tracks on Rock Band next week
Live tracks from Judas Priest on the Rock Band Network
No Doubt floods Rock Band Network with downloadable tracks
Rock Band serving up Coheed and Cambria and more next week
Rock Band DLC next week: short…but sweet?
Rock Band gets punked next week
Get your Mother Hips Disturbed next week
Next week’s Rock Band DLC features Otis Redding and Chemical Brothers
Tom Petty Live and Phoenix hitting Rock Band this week
Rock Band DLC gets chained up with Alice
Rock Band also adding Blink 182 and others in addition to Sir Paul
Paul McCartney singing onto Rock Band sans The Beatles
Chuck has got a fever and the only thing that can fix it is more Weezer
Double scoop of Rock Band DLC news
Rock Band teams up with Old Navy for some Thanksgiving promotions
Rock Band stats are staggering
Rock Band adding more Nirvana, and introducing Night Ranger
Rock Band DLC – live and LEGO
Rock Band getting Bangles, AFI and more next week
Rock Band DLC overview for next week
Plastic blocks play music in Lego Rock Band launch trailer
Get your block rock on in new Lego Rock Band trailer
LEGO Rock Band gets some Queen appearances
Blur coming to Lego Rock Band
All the songs for LEGO Rock Band
Iggy Pop joins Lego Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band officially announced....*sigh*