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Diablo III - Review

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Jay Wilson steps down from Diablo III
Team deathmatch going back to the drawing board for Diablo III
Blizzard's working on the expansion for Diablo III, Heart out next year
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Patch 1.04 for Diablo III being
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Yes, Diablo III sold like gangbusters
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Demonic 2D animated short "Wrath" released for Diablo III
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How Deckard Cain's name came to be
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Diablo universe chronicled in upcoming Book of Cain
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Diablo 3 prohibits mods
Diablo 3 is online only
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Diablo III beta starts sometime in Q3 2011
Be a Demon Hunter, the fifth and final class revealed at Blizzcon
Here's the female barbarian for Diablo III
The female Monk of Diablo III
Draw a female monk for Blizzard
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