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Portal 2 - Review

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QQ: what was the most-played game this year?
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This kid's childhood is better than yours
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The cake is in another castle? The princess is a lie?
Free Portal 2 DLC incoming
Valve teaches elementary students with portals
Amazing live-action Portal video
Valve place their orange portal into mid-September (Everyone uses the orange one strictly for exits, right?)
Stephen Merchant on Wheatley
Portal 2 beta authoring tools now available
Dude plays Portal 2 like a boss
Portal 2 to get free DLC this summer
Definitely the coolest thing you'll see today.
A way to never finish Portal 2 unless you load a previously saved game
First Impressions: Portal 2
Now Loading for the week of 04/17/2011: The Cake is a Bloody Lie Edition
So how exactly does Steam work on the PS3?
Rumor: Portal 2 to be released early?
Portal 2 video series pretends all that cool stuff is real, for the lulz.
Portal 2 pre-load begins
New Portal 2 trailer bounces into view
Portal 2 does NOT have Move support
Portal 2 looking to make you Move
What better gift for Valentine's Day then to pre-order Portal 2
Portal 2 to bring user created content to consoles
Valve goes all out with Portal 2's PS3 version
Portal 2 reveals its cover
Portal 2 on April 21
Portal 2 delayed for another two months
Portal 2 co-op tease
Portal 2 sets a date
Valve trying to bring cross platform play to PS3
E3 2010: Portal 2 (Impressions)
Portal 2 trailer rises from the ashes, Sean is still skeptical
E3 2010: Portal 2 is PS3 bound, bringing Steam with it
Portal pushed back to 2011
Valve + Gaming Heads = empty wallet
Redesigning Portal 2
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Portal 2 set for 360 and PC, sorry PlayStation 3
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Portal 2 is in development