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LittleBigPlanet - Review
LittleBigPlanet - Review

Finally... a LittleBigPlanet wiki!
Play as LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy in the new 3D Dot Game Heroes update
More super heroes for LBP
Press X for cuteness
You got your Incredibles in my LBP
More Sackboy goodness to be had...
Welcome to the 2009 Sackies!
LittleBigPlanet's Pirates of the Caribbean content packs now available
LittleBigPlanet getting Watchmen Sackboys, somewhere Alan Moore feels sick
LittleBigPlanet gets a game of the year edition
Marvel partnering with Media Molecule to give us Marvel Sackboys
LittleBigPlanet hits one million user created levels, 45% of which are phallus free
LittleBigPlanet getting Ghostbusters costumes this Thursday
Is LittleBigPlanet a failure?
Sony comments on the LittleBigPlanet moderation
Sony deleting LittleBigPlanet levels that aren't even offensive, but reference other IPs
LittleBigPlanet DLC starting up, both pay and free
LittleBigPlanet now dated
LittleBigPlanet delayed worldwide, internet (ok, mostly PS3 owners) weep
LittleBigPlanet does math
LittleBigPlanet's Z-Axis controls annoys Media Molecule co-founder at times, might be fixed later
GN logo created in LittleBigPlanet
Release date of LittleBigPlanet confirmed
Here is the LittleBigPlanet manual for you to read
Watch Little Big Planet get made
LBP trailer from Sony Day warms the dark cockles of Chuck's heart
Rumor: Little Big Planet coming to the PSP
LittleBigPlanet CES 2008 demonstration
No Little Big Planet demo this year