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Update 10 enabling Offline playing is now being deployed on SimCity servers
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SimCity finally getting an offline mode
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Big SimCity patch coming out today
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Free games for those that activate SimCity by March 25th.
Sales of SimCity reach more than 1 million at launch
What We're Playing This Weekend for March 15, 2013
Hey, there's good news for SimCity players in the area of traffic congestion
User unlocks debug mode, offline play and editing highway outside the boundary possible
Developer talks about how SimCity can be engineered to do single player and how the server doesn't do all the calculations
EA's going to offer you a free game for your SimCity troubles
What We're Playing This Weekend for March 8, 2013
SimCity problems and patch notes, probably not happy news for folks
Now Loading for March 4, 2013: Take Your Pick Edition
SimCity trailer showcases Digital Deluxe Edition extras
EA and Maxis head to Washington DC to show not all games are violent
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EA hasn't learned from others in forcing always online DRM for SimCity
SimCity pop up video style
SimCity set to to hit stores and ruin social lives on March 5th, 2013
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Maxis Live Broadcast reveals new details on The Sims 3 Seasons and SimCity
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SimCity coming to the Mac next February
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E3 2012: SimCity (impressions)
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Ladies and gentleman, meet Glass Box. Glassbox, meet the world!
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EA donates SimCity to "One Laptop per Child"