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2K Games is heading to PAX and is bringing Big Guns, Big Monsters and Big News
Finally, a place for your Borderlands 2 slash fiction
Claptrap season 2, coming to a tube near you.
NFL Blitz sacks Sony’s Instant Game Collection (and brings discounts)
80% off Borderlands and other games this weekend!
Do you look like Lilith from Borderlands?
Borderlands patch fixes bugs, ups the level cap
Title update coming to all platforms for Borderlands
2K Games offering first access to Duke Nukem Forever demo to those who purchase Borderlands:GOTY
Claptrap New Robot Revolution gets new screens
Borderlands GOTY coming in October
2K (officially) announces new Borderlands DLC
Borderlands gets achievements on the Steam version
Steam attempting to steal my weekend: Borderlands 50% off
2K announces second downloadable content pack for Borderlands
Borderlands DLC gets a launch trailer
This week on Direct2Drive
Zombies to invade Borderlands
So you got Borderlands from a store on the PC early, yeah you're locked out of playing until three days from now
Borderlands to get Zombies in first DLC patch
Borderlands gets a TV ad
Borderlands party on October 17th
Borderlands coming to steam and will have a few extra features
The Crimson Lance make their first appearance from Borderlands
Borderlands on the PC getting a little bit delayed
Borderlands has characters, video to prove it
Borderlands gets a different kind of developer diary
Borderlands interview
Borderlands box art is pretty awesome
Five more Borderlands screens released, check them out here
New Borderlands trailer brings the fun
Borderlands due out October 20th
New Borderlands screenshots released, new look actually pretty kick ass
Borderlands trailer online
2K Games to publish Borderlands for Gearbox