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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Review
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Review

Axl Rose sues Activision over Guitar Hero III
New Guiness Record for GH3
Through the Fire with homemade drums
Metallica Death Magnetic album hits GH III via DLC this week
DragonForce coming out with three for you to fail
Flyleaf, AFI, and Manson (in spirit) downloadable this week for Guitar Hero III
World of Warcraft comes to Guitar Hero III for gratis
Coldplay to debut new single on Guitar Hero III
Guitar Hero III DLC channels the 2007 Isle of Wight festival
Witness Dragonforce completed on Expert without any missed notes
Guitar Hero record broken
Rock around the clock
Keep your fingers limber with Guitar Hero browser game
You won't find this A-muse-ing
Def Leppard to release new single as Guitar Hero III exclusive
Activision buys its way into the Rock N' Roll fall of fame
Hero of Guitar: Fistful of Axe?
Guitar Hero III DLC sees the Dropkick Murphys freely celebrating St. Patrick's Day
Get some No Doubt for Guitar Hero III
Some lucky Guitar Heroes are going to the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame
New GH III Content on XBL
Guitar Hero Franchise: Millions of Millions Served
Rock your Party weekend with Guitar Hero III February 1st through the 3rd
Guitar Hero III DLC tracks now up
New Downloadable content coming for Guitar Hero III
Mac owners can finally Rock to GH III
DLC for Wii GH3 next year
Guitar Hero III Wii fixes coming in 2008
Red Octane disses Rock Band guitar
GH III Wireless Guitars on shelves Early 2008
Pretty cool LED Guitar Hero 3 guitar you can do yourself
Boss battle songs now available free for Guitar Hero III on the 360.. soon for PS3
GH III: $115 million dollar behemoth
Through the fire at 95% on expert
Guitar Hero III coming to stores October 28
Guitar Hero 3 nabs a boatload of exclusive brand recognition
Guitar Hero gets cross-promotion on iTunes
Guitar Hero III event and demo announced
Create your own Guitar Hero III demo disk
Get a backstage pass, earn groupies!
More Guitar Hero III songs revealed
September 26th is Guitar Hero Day in New York
Guitar Hero III gets a little anarchy
Get ready to enter those friends codes for the Wii version of Guitar Hero III
Tom Morello appearing in GH III
Brett Michaels to appear in Guitar Hero III
Crazy Guitar Hero III video
Activision reveals 11 more tracks for Guitar Hero III
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock to feature Slash