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Netflix Throwdown: PS3 vs Xbox 360 - Article
10 PS3 Prognostications - Article
In Defense of the PlayStation 3 - Article
Sony 2006 E3 Press conference notes - Article
PlayStation 3 - Preview

Sony announces streaming game service
New co-op multiplayer mode for Ace Combat Infinity
Sony and DirecTV pull plug on Sunday Ticket app for PS3
PS3's latest firmware update apparently bricking systems
#PlayStationMemories tops Twitter trends
PlayStation 4 may stream PlayStation 3 games
Sony's history of the PlayStation
Better late than never: PS3 gets Youtube app
PlayStation 3 Classic White Bundle
Crackle arrives on the PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3 4.30 update brings some new features but folds one away
As lifecycle draws to a close, Sony announces one more “new” PlayStation 3
Gamescom 2012: Sony revamps the Cross Play initiative
E3 2012: PlayStation 3 Sizzle trailer
E3 2012: Sony dedicated to defining cross-platform play
RUMOR: Could Sony be implementing cloud gaming? Announce at E3?
Raise your hand to Michael in the new PS3 ad
NFL Sunday Ticket now available on PS3
No cross-game chat for the PS3
DirecTV bringing NFL Sunday Ticket to PlayStation 3
Sony drops PS3 price on all SKUs
E3 2011: PlayStation Family montage
E3 2011: PlayStation 3 games montage
uDraw headed to other consoles
PlayStation support now available through Twitter
The PlayStation 3 getting cloud saving tomorrow for Plus folks
New additions to PS3 Greatest Hits available now
Official PS3 headset starts blending in
RUMOR: Sony sends your CC# as unencrypted text and they know the devices you attach the PS3 to -Updated-
Attention hackers: Sony has a message for you!
LG wants to block sales of Bravia and PlayStation 3s in the US
US console hardware sales shows growth for one system from 2009
Geohot just got served
PlayStation 3 really really hacked because of Sony's bad programming skills
New PSN forums online
Japan gets awesome PS3 Neo Geo controller
Sony PlayStation? There’s an app for that...
Sony switching up PlayStation community forums
Playstion 3 firmware 3.55 update being pushed out
PlayStation 3 3.42, 3.50, and more jailbroken
NHL Gamecenter Live coming to ... *grumble* PS3
Hulu Plus coming to all PS3 owners next week
Netflix going native (no disc required) on the PS3 on October 18th -Update-
If you haven’t noticed... October is insane!
Here are your new PS3 greatest hits
PS3 to PS2 compatability may not be dead
PlayStation 3 3D update coming on September 21
Folding@Home = real life achievements?
Android phones now able to hack PlayStation 3, HTC EVO used in this example
PlayStation's get firmware update to 3.42, not much to see here
PlayStation 3 not getting the 3D Blu-Ray update until October
Sony rolls out two new PlayStation 3 SKU's
360 console sales trump competition for first time since 2007
A new 3.41 PlayStation update is out, fixing hard drive issue
PS3 / Netflix going disc-free
Sony’s Move bundle looks awfully familiar
Blu-Ray disc gets a big jump in capacity
PS3 system update 3.4 on its way
First 3D PS3 games coming in 10 days
The US Air Force affected by Sony's removal of Other OS
Sony offering protection plans for PS3 and PSP
Sony gets sued for removing “Install other OS” from PS3s
Sony says PlayStation 3 supply will continue to be tight
Sony's nunchuk gets an official name
Geohot gets Other OS working with 3.21 PS3 firmware
Did you update your PS3?
Ten new additions to the PS3's Greatest Hits
PlayStation 3.21 firmware coming April 1, nerfs older PS3s from Linux
Interesting remote now available for PS3 from Hyperkin
PS3 Update: Mission successful
Oh PS3, where art thou?
God of War III gets a Kevin Butler ad
Sony now has access to movies from all six major movie studios
Sony thinks PlayStation 3s are back to normal
Latest info on the PlayStation bug and don't turn it on if you have an older model
Many PlayStation 3 consoles not working
Sony cuts down the OS by 70MB, gives it to the developers
PS3 and Cell powering the USAF
PlayStation 3 maybe hacked
Sony and Michael Jackson prepare to storm Japan...
Super Street FIghter 4: Four more for the road...
Is this Sony's motion controller?
Pictures of the Sony motion control device
Digital Comics now available for PSP owners
Guest Stars in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Frag in style: Dual SFX Evolution hitting this month
Braid still rolling out, this time in Europe
November NPD sales figures show some unexpected results
The console battle is over! Metacritic has spoken
Sony’s Tretton a prophet? PS3 shortages appear to be here
PlayStation 3's 3.15 update
Sony sells 440,000 PS3's during Black Friday week
PlayStation 3 online getting subscription service
Sony celebrates three years of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network
Preview of Facebook on PlayStation 3
Facebook coming soon the to PlayStation 3
PS3 instant streaming disk for Netflix on the way
PlayStation 3 getting Netflix streaming next month
Sony offically unveils 250 GB PS3 for $349.99 for release on November 3
You Naughty Dog, you might have let slipped cross game chat coming to the PS3
In the Spring of 2010, you too can swing away with the Sony motion controller
Papa John's with that PS3?
PlayStation 3 firmware version 3.01 up, Kanye shouts 3.0 was better
Sony pushing 3D in the PlayStation 3 in 2010
Brand new PlayStation 3 slim for $199 with credit card
Sony 40GB refurbished PlayStation 3 for $219
PlayStation 3 firmware update 3.0 is running wild
Poll: Should Microsoft still be charging for Xbox Live?
That slim PS3 not only lost some weight, but uses less power too
New Sony ads full of win
The PlayStation 3 slim guts spilled out
PlayStation 3 slims in the wild
Kaz Hirai gives some interesting answers about the PlayStation 3
Does the gaming press hate Sony?
PlayStation 3 has an updated Cell processor
So what did Sony remove from the slim PlayStation 3?
Images for the slim PlayStation 3 .. and video
PS3 Slim finally official, available first week of September for $299
K-Mart links to PS3 Slim a little early
Do more than 50% of 360s fail?
German Amazon lists slim PlayStation 3
Cost to manufacture a PS3 is down about 70%
Sony posts quartery loss, not too surprising
Is Wizardry coming back?
An increase of PS3 components have been put on order
Sony gives more details on their motion controller
Be wary of the “New” Circuit City’s so called deals
Sony CEO Howard Stringer brushes off Activision's threat
Sony uber-PS3 bundle now on sale at Best Buy
A great PS3 bundle going on sale Sunday, Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 included
Jaffe showing off latest to Sony
Sweet Emotion
PlayStation 2.80 firmware confirmed, not much there
Sony lets loose some more details on their wand
Another day of PS3 Gold Box
Rumor: PS3 slim version pics?
PlayStation 3 firmware 2.76 now live
Variety's Cut Scene thinks Sony will debut new motion controller soon, maybe at E3
Rumor: New PS3 firmware will have skill statistics
PS3 firmware 2.70 out adding Text Chat even in game
EA hopes Sony figures it out for the PS3
Check out your trophies on starting March 3rd
PS3 Price drop coming soon? Not so fast
Details on PS3 2.60 firmware
Is Sony's PS3 a sinking ship?
PlayStation 3 firmware update adds full screen flash
Sony says you must put trophies in your game starting in 2009
Custom PS3 controller allows disabled to play and own you all in Resistence 2
New PS3 firmware available, not much to see
All instruments working in harmony on the Sony
PSN Releaes of the week
PS3 2.42 update giving problems to some
PSN Releases of the week
New firmware update out for the PlayStation 3
PS3 Greatest Hits now available
Two tons of new stuff and a sale at the PlayStation store
A new PlayStation 3 dubbed the Core Pack coming your way
No price cut planned for the PlayStation 3
Sony (re-)releases updated PS3 firmware
Firmware 2.40 pulled, problems pop up
Trophy video for the PlayStation 3
PS3 2.40 update due out Wednesday
Demonstration of in game XMB
Rumor: Sony to release in-game XMB during E3?
In-game XMB finally coming to PS3 along with in-game trophies
Good look at PS3 since the launch
Well, at least the Xbox 360 has the US
PlayStation 3 conference details
Sony says PS3 sales spiked with Grand Theft Auto IV
Sony knows your icons are slow loading in the PS3 store
Lots of good updates on the PS3 blog
New PlayStation 3 2.30 firmware w/ new store is out
Sony announces details of new PS3 firmware, still no in game XMB
Dualshock 3 unboxed
Minor firmware update released for the PlayStation 3
Sony unveils new PSP, PS3 Bundle and dates DualShock 3 controller
Sony DVR to be DRM free - Satan feels a cold breeze wafting through hell
Sony exec outlines PSN strategy
Another quiet week for the PlayStation Network
Sony confirms silver PS3 and Greatest Hits titles
Rumor: Sony Having a PS3 Identity Crisis?
Nice looking PS3 media center project
StreamMyGame to allow gamers to stream games to PS3
Sony thinning the herd in Japan
PSN Updates now available
Sony testing the waters on pay version of PSN
Playstation Daily Tips from the Official Blog: Wrap Up
Kid gets phonebook instead of the PS3 for Xmas
Playstation Daily Tips from the Official Blog
Counterpoint: No comfort to the enemy
Folding@Home gets patched
PS3 firmware could be due out tomorrow with Divx
PlayStation 3 hardware sales first year = 360 hardware sales first year
PS3 firmware 2.01 out
Sony still facing struggles with the PS3
New PS3 firmware "soon"
PS3 to get DivX, can the 360 be far behind?
The PlayStation 3's firmware finally hits 2.0
Sony offers four quality PSN titles for $4.99
Sony officially announces 40GB PlayStation 3 for the US, 80GB goes to $500
Sony gets new episodic content
Everyday Shooter to hit PSN store on Thursday
Hollywood Reporter says cheaper PS3 might be out Nov 2
The 40GB PS3 gets announced in London
Sony uses same guts for rumble from PS2 for PS3 controller
Notes from TGS - DualShock 3 announced, Home Delayed until 2008
One game on the PS3 already has options for playing music and sending IMs?
PSN finally gets some decent games
PlayStation 3 might get another SKU for the holidays, Chuck screams into the air NoOooOoOooO
Stupid PS3 tricks: Register your car's handsfree set with your PS3
Another day another PSStore update
PSN releases of the week, prepare to be disappointed again
Gamercard for the PlayStation 3?
PSN gets a new puzzle game and a bunch of trailers
PSN gets two demos an a Blast Factor expansion pack
Sony sued over Cell Chip....somebody is missing the bigger picture
Heavenly Blade demo (and a bunch of other stuff) now available on PlayStation Network
Would a price cut annoy you?
Firm that PlayStation 3 with version 1.90
PS3 sales up 135% since price cut
After US sells out of 60GB PS3, there will be no more
80 GB PS3 to be cold, Emotionless hunk of plastic
Sony finally makes the price cut official along with the 80GB model in the US
PlayStation 3 dropping $100 next week?
Sony promises 380 new PS3 titles in the next 9 months...
Another "meh" week on PSN
Hey, we might charge for PlayStation online play... someday
Sony unveils new blog
Trailers hit PSN
PS3 streaming solutions listed
Sony releases some new PSN goodies
It's PlayStation Firmware Thursday tomorrow
Sony and PGR3, the saga continues
80GB PlayStation 3 announed for South Korea
Playstation 3 sales still lagging
Unconfirmed PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.00 specs
Calling all Cars joins Rampart on PSN today
Rampart coming to PSN this week
PSN gets a ton of new content
Sony to cut pricing, not cut pricing
New PlayStation 3 firmware out
Sony officially pulls the plug on the 20GB PS3
Price drop for PlayStation 3 in October?
PlayStation 3 sales in Europe drop 82% in 2nd week
PlayStation 3 getting 80GB love? Only 40 GB short from the Xbox 360 Elite
Reminder: Folding@Home tonight
Sunday night Fold-A-Thon announced
Sorry for the delay UK, here's a PS3 and a 46" TV!
PS3 1.6 patch now available
PS3 background downloading to not suck
PlayStation 3 1.60 firmware details
March PS3 update to include Folding client
Cell processor gets smaller/cheaper
European PlayStation 3's backwards compatitbility needs a little work
Sony to bring Home home in October
NY Times confirms PlayStation Home
Sony and Immersion kiss and make up
Sony's left hand (Electronics) doesn't know what the right hand (PS3) is doing
Background downloading coming to the PlayStation 3?
Sony responds (kind of) to European PS3 issues
Sony to cut BC compatibility in Europe, is a US revision far behind?
A workshop for the Cell
flOw hits PS3 Store on Thursday
PS3 Firmware upgrade freezing Blu-ray playback?
Porn on your PS3?
Sony profits down on PS3 launch
Europe gets a PlayStation 3 release date
New PS3 firmware fixes old looking games
PlayStation 3 to win console wars, says Research and Markets
Gabe Newell of Valve says Sony should scrap the PlayStation 3 and start over
Analysts say PS3 to only reach 75% of global target that Sony set
Sony announced retro PS3 titles
PS3 grey market falls apart
PlayStation 3 locks up on purpose, says Sony rep
Woot's PS3 surprise
Something something complete, something something dark side something something never use the full power
PlayStation 3 in supply in Columbus Meijer
Sony denies delay in PS3 launch
Comparison of backwards compatbility for the PS3
PS3 a better DVD player?
PS3 manufacturing issues resolved?
PS3 Blu-Ray movies/games being ripped, disaster on the horizon?
More PS3's headed to stores
Penguin PlayStation 3
A moment of clarity
PS 3 launch prattle, as heard from the lines and the net
More PS3 launch woes...
Phil Harrison Q&A
PSM magazine shut down
Gamestop/EB screwed the pooch again?
PlayStation 3 sells 88,400 units in 2 days
PS3 has some backwards compatibility issues, Xbox 360 owners snicker silently
GameStop quantities are lower than expected, pre-order folks in an uproar
Does the PS3 feature an upgradable hard drive?
PLAYSTATION 3 manuals online
As launch approaches, PS3 game issues arise
Gamestop/EB Games NOT Cancelling eBay PS3 pre-orders
PS3 pre-orders on Ebay getting cancelled?
Sony cuts the numbers of PS3 units for Japan
I'm not a Toys 'R Us kid
Sony WILL replace dead PS3 controllers
Some more PS3 info from big Kaz
All the PLAYSTATION 3 details from Gamer's Day
PS3 menu in detail
Blog fight: Sony vs. Microsoft
Pre-order those PLAYSTATION 3s tomorrow
The Sixaxis is the name of the PS3 controller
PS3 to get price drop and HDMI?
Picture of the PLAYSTATION 3 devkit
PS3 Shipments cut in half!!
PLAYSTATION 3 delayed.... in areas other than USA and Japan
$600 PLAYSTATION 3 will not have HDMI cables
PLAYSTATION 3 shipment forecast gets a slashing
PS3 not in production yet, time to get in line
Jeff Minter rips into Sony
Sony talks up E-Distribution
Irony, thy name is Immersion
PlayStation 3 reactions from the Terminator and the X-Men
PS3 free online play
PlayStation 3 rumors for the week
PS3 + PS2 = backwards compatibility for PS3
Stupid Sony quote of the week
PS3 price expectations over the last two years
Kaz promises 15 titles at launch
Sony de-contenting 20GB PS3?
Sony Press Release on the PlayStation 3
Batting cleanup on Sony Press Conference
Sony having problems getting quality yields for the Cell?
Rumored Europe price of PlayStation 3 doesn't sound too appetizing.
PS3 to get new controller and launch lineup at E3
PlayStation 3 news from GDC
Sony confirms with Gamasutra, HDD is in!
Some more details about the PS3 online service
PS3 will come with a hard drive
Two tons of PS3 (and PSP news)
Surprising no one, Sony officially delays PS3
Sony loses patent case, could impact PS3 launch
PlayStation 3 might have downloadable PS2 and PSOne games
Sony puts in orders for PS3 PCBs
PS3 Delay official?
Sony says no delay in PS3 for spring but signs point to yes
Sony wants 100 million PS3s and says the Xbox is not a competitor
PS3's online service revealed?
Hands on with the PS3?
Will the PS3 confuse buyers?
The hype is beginning...again.. More PS3 information
Gamestop lists PlayStation 3 games for pre-order
PlayStation 3 online service in the works
Silence on the PS3 grows doubt
Is Sony changing their online strategy?
PS3 launch titles revealed
Another analysts' take on the PS3
The PlayStation 3 to be pricey.. maybe
PlayStation 3's dev kit is currently 10X slower than it should be
Sony to lose $1 billion+ on the PS3
Sony says HD era starts with them
PlayStation 3 power consumption down 40%?
Sony to present PlayStation 3 at CES 2006
Sony denies pricing in Fortune article
Fortune asks: Should you wait for the PS3?
PS3 gets Grand Theft for eight months
Sony unveils new/old online service
Sony PS3 a likely 2006 launch, with an HDD?
No unified Sony online service
Ken Kutaragi, Sony PS3 to run at 120 PFS, will make your eyes bleed
Developers poo poo on the PS3 dev tools
Your parents can lock you out of Metal Gear Solid 4
Kotaku thinks you might be able to play the PS3 in two weeks